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How to catch perch at first ice

Pergolide is the perfect time for catching fish very different. And perch here – the main trophy. This lively good fish can be caught year round, helping out even in gluhozime. And on the first ice perch are very active and eagerly grabs almost any bait. So if you miss this time, good catches are virtually guaranteed. The main thing – to choose the right location, tackle and bait well and apply it to the fish.

The contents

  • Behavior of perch
  • How to choose a place for fishing
  • The timing of the fishing
  • The choice of gear
  • Selection of lures
  • Fishing methods for parvaldu
    • On mormyshka with a planting and basmatic
    • Perch fishing on a spinner and rocker
  • The technique of perch on the first ice
  • Video of perch fishing on the first ice

Behavior of perch

In the first few days after the formation of ice perch reduces its activity. Fish need time to adjust to the new conditions. The ice at this time also not strong enough to be able to go. A week after freeze-up begins the period of active biting of a perch, which lasts 2-3 weeks.

Pinstripes at this time profit – continuing a period of active feeding, which begins in autumn, on the open water. 2-3 weeks after the reservoirs covered with ice, its activity decreases, as the oxygen in the water becomes less.

Well caught right after the ice formation trophy bass. You can expect to capture specimens weighing from a pound of that feed as actively as small whales.

Throughout the day during this period, flocks perch constantly go from place to place. Therefore, we must be prepared for the fact that the fish have to constantly look. Perch going in small flocks of approximately 10 copies. So after the fish was found at one point on a long bite count, most likely, is not necessary. After the flock is partly caught and partly frightened away, will have to look for the next.

Fishing on the first ice, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. On arrival at the reservoir it is possible to detect both unusually large even by the standards of pervolakia the activity of the perch, when the size of the catch is kilograms in the first hours of fishing and a very weak bite. The behavior of the fish at this time is quite changeable. Change it can, and for no apparent reason.

How to choose a place for fishing

It is best just after the ice formation to catch near the shore. At the depth of the ice cover is thinner, and the risks of failure in the water more. Near the shore he rises early, and here in early winter there is a sufficient number of fish.

The rest of the recommendation on finding a perch on the pond standard – it is necessary to seek it where it can find a lot of food:

  • on the ridges and pits;
  • near the thickets of aquatic vegetation and snags;
  • in the confluence of tributaries into the main pond.

Attention. Where are the ice algae, and at the points of confluence of tributaries of the ice cover is thinner. In such places need to be especially careful. General precautions is one of the most important moments of fishing in the early winter. If you forget about it in the fishing excitement you can sink into the water. In this case, at least the fishing will be spoiled as high – endangering of life.

Catch at depth makes sense in that case, if you want to hunt for trophy bass. Such fish at any time of the year stays mostly away from the coast. Fry in winter, sinking into the pit, and the whale hunts mainly at these points. But at pervalidus large bass out periodically in shallow water, where at the beginning of winter is still holding quite a lot of stuff, which would be his desired prey.

To quickly find the point where a day of fishing holds perch, it is necessary to keep an eye on other fishermen, or to make a large number of holes, checking all the interesting places. Very useful when searching for fish is the fish finder.

The timing of the fishing

The best time for fishing is mid – day. Good bass bite in the morning. The evening is suitable for fishing worse, but sometimes in this time you can have a great atlavitsa.

Small and medium bass in his hunting focuses mainly on sight. So it is very important good lighting. A small whale better bite in clear days. Large bass focuses more on the sideline, and for him the light is not so important.

A fish can fish for parvaldu at dusk and even at night . In the dark, fry falls into a daze and becomes a perch-Humpbacks easy prey. Therefore, large whales are often aktiviziruyutsya in low light.

The choice of gear

For perch on the first ice use small winter fishing rod with a length of 15-25 cm. Than larger the bait and the fish, the longer must be a tackle.

The line can take thicker. Perch on the first ice is not so cautious, as in gluhozime. Thick monofilament will help to quickly pull out of water stranded on the fish hook without fear of breakages and thus contributes to high-speed fishing.

As the first-ice perch are still very active, you have to be prepared for a strong resistance. For fishing on the first ice as the main line will approach a monofil thickness of 0.12-0.25 mm. Leash to do of monofilament with a breaking load of 20-25% less than the main fishing line.

Selection of lures

Since the perch on the first ice is very active, he willingly enough all the bait:

  • jig with a planting;
  • besttelki;
  • spinner ;
  • balance weights;
  • live bait and so on.

Therefore, you can choose any bait, based on their preferences, and to extend the list at will. For example, it brings good results for sea bass fishing in early winter at Balda. This bait is clearly visible to fish under water and attracts active fish. Depending on the size of the bulldozer to take it can the small and large perch.

There are some important nuances that are worth considering. They are connected mainly with the fact that the bass fattens and missing almost everything.

  • Anyone who knows how to animate besttelki, you can prefer their jigs with a planting. In this case, you do not have to spend time to change the bait on the hook and you will catch more fish. This is the first ice differs from gluhozime when bait with a planting clearly preferable because they are much easier to lure a passive fish. Bezmetallny bait on the first ice is especially relevant in cases where the perch are very active and catches everything that moves. On the other hand, it is always necessary to focus on the situation. If bezmetallny fishing does not bring good results, should promptly go to bait with purpose.
  • Balance weights on the first ice is preferable spinners as they work well for active predator. It was on this bait you can catch at this time a real trophy. Spinners performed better than the rocker, in the middle of winter. But you can try and on the first ice.
  • To catch bass in early winter-live bait is possible, but such bait is rarely used. With this bait for a whale hunt, in principle, infrequently. By pervalidus when the predator grabs any bait to mess with live bait is not worth it.
  • Bait on the first ice it is necessary to take larger. Fattening predators attack them with confidence. In gluhozime when the bass is passive, or in the spring when the fish’s belly filled with milk and eggs, need smaller bait. The way the size of the balance weights and lures in early winter – 30-40 mm, but you can use and model with a length of 50-60 mm.

For successful fishing for perch on the first ice enough a dozen proven lures, a pair of rockers and one spinner. To bring more baits, but not necessarily.

Fishing methods for parvaldu
On mormyshka with a planting and basmatic

Catching pergolide to the jig, you can expect to take bass of any size. Those eager to take the bait as the smallest and the largest whales. Bite of specimens weighing a pound or kilogram in this time is not uncommon, if this fish present in the point of fishing. The size of the trophies when fishing with a jig depends primarily from how well the chosen place.

Perch fishing on a spinner and rocker

Balance weights and lures – the best lures for medium and large perch. Small model, size 2-3-4 cm, suitable for catching small whale, if he reacts badly to the jig.

To put or not to put a metal leash when fishing for perch on the balancer on the first ice – a private matter. This element of the snap-in reduces the number of bites whale, but, if peck pike, she won’t bite the bait. As a rule, at the beginning of winter perch are not much deterred by such a leash, so it should be used.

The technique of perch on the first ice

If bass are active, and it usually turns out for parvaldu, pick up the wiring a snap. Will fit almost any options. But in any case it is necessary to experiment with different wires and techniques of animationto choose the best. Than passive fish, the more you need to experiment.

A standard technique for the animation of the jig in pervalidus:

  • lower the bait to the bottom and then slowly lift up to a height of 30-40 cm, asking her small fluctuations in the spinning (bass prefer fast oscillations – 150-300 per minute);
  • after such transaction, hold the bait on 15-20 cm and perform a lift.
  • thus it is necessary to consistently check different water layers to determine where it now holds the bass when the desired horizon is found, it will be possible to focus on the harvest.

When fishing with lures and balancers the main technique of posting a quick, but smooth podbrey to a height of 20-25 cm After each toss, the spinning should be immediately lowered, giving the lure is free to plan in the water column.

Attention. Redfish is quite curious, and while pervolakia he’s usually not afraid of anything. The noise that occurs when ice or not successfully, often draws him in early winter. Therefore, on arrival fishing is just to sh all punched and drilled holes . It may be that the noise of the ice will act as bait, and it is going bass even from afar.

When the correct version of the posting found, you can use it for as long as it brings results. Since the behavior of perch at pervalidus quite often changes during the day can change and preferred methods of animation.

If the bait is properly brought in the fish and then the bite is over – maybe change equipment transaction will help. In addition, it may be that for different points , the best would be the different techniques of animation.

Perch fishing on parvaldu interesting and gambling. If you know the habits of minke whales during this period and be able to find it on the pond, choose the right bait and correctly apply it to the fish, the catch will be great, and leaving the pond will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Video of perch fishing on the first ice

Winter fishing on the first ice on a perch in the video below:

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