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Groundbait for roach and bream in winter

Winter fishing has been and remains one of the most popular Hobbies for men. That is why so important to know some features of its behavior, for example, how to make a lure this time of year, suggesting to go to catch certain species of fish.

The content of the article:

  • Tips on bait on ice fishing
  • How to make bait for bream and roach with their hands?
  • Those anglers who intend to catch a roach, you should pay attention to some of the recommendations given by the professionals.

    Good bite the fish when only came the first frosts and water are just covered with icy crust. Only at this time be very careful, observe the rules of conduct on the ice, so fishing is not turned into a tragedy.

    Tips on bait on ice fishing

    At this time roach perfectly responds to almost any bait, if correctly pre-exercise feeding. Further, the bite worsens and it is important not to miss the moment. When preparing, you should pay special attention to both the quality and quantity of ingredients. Varieties with large particles is not too well suited for this purpose. So which is more appropriate boiled cereals and cereal. It is also desirable to additionally chop these products (for example, through a meat grinder).

    You must take into account the fact that at low temperatures water smell spreads efficiently enough, and the bait is not too soluble. That is why you should blend all the components better and mixing turn them into a homogeneous mass.

    Modern types of lure

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