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Fishing on the pasta

Fishing is one of those activities that requires not only physical effort, but also creativity. Especially great success reach the people who know how to think outside the box, always trying something new. Thanks to them, was designed tackle, bait and groundbait, giving a better result.

Certainly, few could imagine that to attract the fish not only can a worm, insects, technofunctional or small fish, but also flour products, in particular pasta.

Surprisingly, the fishing on pasta is really effective.

How to fish on pasta?

So, for the preparation of this lure will only have a handful of regular pasta and water. Boil this food product preferably on a very slow fire but not until fully cooked, what they used to be, but only until the moment when their consistency will resemble rubber. Next, you should turn off the stove, carefully pour the “broth”, using a colander or fine sieve, to part the bait didn’t run with water. If the pasta is too big or long, it is recommended to chop, but not before. and to such an extent that the individual pieces were easy to stick on the hook. The optimal length is 3 to 5 cm, which also depends on the kind of fish you want to catch. It is desirable to use hooks No. 4 to No. 7.

It should be noted that especially good pasta fit if fishing use bottom fishing rods.

You can make the preparation process more simple, if you visit the Department of fishing products where commercially available special products in which the holes in order for them to be easier to put the bait. The most common maccaroni made in the form of fish, wheels or sprockets. Probably, this is done not so much for fish as for the fisherman to give the creative process the color. By the way, most likely bought it with the last two options. The time of cooking does not exceed three minutes, and is easier to cook them by placing in a bag of nylon fabric or plain gauze. Total cooking time should not exceed three minutes. Then the algorithm is known: to seize the bait from boiling water, spread out of the bag, spread on paper in order to once the water has evaporated, and the individual noodles do not stick together.

Products made in the form of wheels and stars – universal, that is, they can be used regardless of what the hook will be used for fishing. In the process the bait does not come off, it is recommended to consolidate its huge grain cereals.

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