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Fishing on leech: how to catch them and on what kind of fish to hook?

Leech – an excellent nozzle and the opportunity to collect bait fish right on the fishing. She lives at the bottom overgrown with sedge and algae ponds. Collecting such bait does not require the fisherman is nothing but imagination and skills.

How to catch leeches?

To catch leeches in different ways. Here are some of the most common ones are:

In using a conventional rake. For this you need to get to the bottom of the pond algae with sludge, clean up that mess on the shore and wait until the leech starts to get out of algae. It remains only to collect them some stick in the jar.

The lure of a piece of stale meat wrapped with seaweed. Throw the bait to the bottom and wait. You can throw in the evening and in the morning to collect the catch.

Also, leeches can hide under rocks in shallow muddy areas of the pond. Useful if you are looking to flip these stones and examine them for the presence of leeches.

The same result gives the inspection of all kinds of driftwood and stalks of reeds in a standing or weakly running waters.

When crossing a shallow pond in a rubber boat leeches can adhere on the bottom of the boat. But this is not a focused collection of leeches, and a nice bonus in the form of a supplementary bait for an angler.

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