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Fishing for roach in the summer

Fishing for roach in the summer, possible a variety of gear, of which the most commonly used ordinary float rod. All coastal shallow waters rich in aquatic vegetation, teeming with roach and Rudd, speaking about the reservoirs. The same situation and on the rivers. In the coastal area is always dominated by roach and perch. Therefore, the fishing float rod in places most appropriate. But given that a big fish is keeping to the coast, it is reasonable to apply in such places the float rod, capable of throwing the bait and the nozzle at a relatively great distance from the shore, for example, twenty meters-twenty-five. Such gear can be Bologna rod equipped with a reel and a massive float with a long antenna, and also matches the rod. Match refers to the even more severe category of float tackle. And the casts match rod can reach forty meters or more. Special floats like “WAHLER” having a stabilizer as arrows as well as heavy ogruzka facilitate distant casts.

But often the largest roach caught on the tackle, reminiscent of winter bait, and often are such. To tackle the use of all of the elements of the winter fishing rods: short spinning, reel, nod, jig. This catch is only possible from a boat. So fishing with this active side rod starts at the end of the spring spawning prohibition.

The principle of fishing differs little from the winter catching roach from the ice. Bait is tossed under the boat to the bottom. Then the jig with a crank, a worm or maggot drops to the bottom and then with a fine game of bait checked all horizons in the water column. Often, the roach is kept in the middle layers of the water or even at the surface. But sometimes it takes only from the bottom, especially on cloudy days.

The jig is better to use a tungsten light, especially at great depths. Often in the middle of summer success bring black or green jig, apparently imitating the greens of Shelkovnikov. Moreover, the nozzle can serve and the greens, growing on piles, stones, drift wood on the bottom.

Fishing from a boat on the jig can be successful mainly in deep reservoirs rich in large roach. For effective catching roach so we must always look at the bottom of the curb that separates the shallow area and the pit.

Fishing for roach in the summer with the shore is impossible without a market. Like Bologna, match tackle, feeder is designed for long casting. Often English is the Donk gets a real roach lakes and reservoirs up to a kilogram. It is called the roach. The success of such fishing roach on the feeder largely depends on the choice of location. For a precise definition of promising catchability point should be before fishing to make a few casts with a marker weight. On the coastal plateau there are no noticeable section between depths. Meanwhile, the roach is kept at a certain distance from the shore. Usually its the Parking lot of the blue depths fall on the boundary between the muddy bottom and clay or sand. Also the habitats of roach-sarogi often you can find on the net Donna spit in front of the limestone or grassy strips along the shore. All these features can be determined by the movement of the sinker along the bottom. On the muddy cushion cargo goes with an effort, falling and crawling from the mud. Sand slides freely and quickly, and on stones and shell even after the line passed the second and tremors. That is, if there is at least some experience it is possible to study the details and features of the behavior markers of the sinker on the bottom.

When you find a boundary between different patterns and types of bottom sediments, at this distance, the fishing line is inserted into the clip on the coil, then is a landmark on the opposite shore of the pond. And then it is necessary to overfeed the intended point of active fishing. To do this, in this place is tossed without catching a few of the feeders of bait. After twenty or more casts at the bottom formed a spot from which all sides diverge attractive to fish particles, smelling different fragrances. And then you can throw the manger, above which the hook was already baited with maggots or a “sandwich” of worm and maggots. Summer is often the most attractive to the roach attachment is black bread, semolina Prater Park or steep semolina. Also barley in some cases it is effective showerheads.

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