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Fishing for Chub in early spring – the choice of tackles and baits

Chub (Squalius cephalus) ichthyologists related to the family Cyprinidae, but as soon as we begin to get acquainted with the future production, going on a fishing trip, it turns out a lot of strange. First, the Chub is not very respected family. For example, IDE and the hero of this article — do not coexist in a single pond. Second, unlike congeners, the Chub are omnivorous fish and do not mind to have Breakfast with the animals, and not only the moth or larvae, but even their own offspring, as a worthy predator. The habits of the fish pose surprises — gear on his capture differ from the traditional carp.

When and on what’s getting caught?

At the end of the ice, and when the day becomes longer, and the bottom layers begin to gain oxygen, the predator comes to life and going under shrubs and trees. This time of year the fish still feed from the bottom, so mormyshka tackle attractive at the time of separation from the bottom or at the bottom. In early spring, Chub — no home production in our water and decent fish (300 gr. or more) are caught mainly on two types of equipment:

Marysechka. Gear collected at the spinning or 4-5 m. Bologna (clearomizer) rod. On a strong fishing line 0.25-0.3 mm lower than the standard cargo olive “locomotive” tally light jig (3-4 PCs) according to the principle: the closer to the bottom, the easier it is, and as a nozzle — traditional bloodworms or larvae. When you bite the fish will have to “move” – as it is — without a fight not giving up, it means that the stock of the line required. Releasing in open water tackle away with the current 8-10 m. the train, after falling to the bottom of the short movements with unequal period of time, twitching slightly and again lowered;

At this time of the year leaving winter can make a parting gift to lure the whirlpools. It is recognized that the Chub prefers spinning lure dark amber colors or whales and again, noticed that it is this time of year can be caught quite close to shore.

In April and may begins the spawning fish. In reservoirs in the Midland the water warms up to 10-12 degrees. Chub in early spring goes to the rapids under steep cliffs with flowering shrubs in the watershed streams. By the way, since the affected fishing in the months of April to may, we suggest you to read about spring fishing for bass. Real gurus know fishing, Chub, who becomes the predator, remains cautious and shy. What does it mean?

  • First, if you are lucky and the fish on the hook, then continue not wait. Fish fighting to the last, and during a struggle as it warns the flock of danger of death. To catch Zadok the Chub without, could not be anyone.
  • Second, he sees perfectly. Warming it rises to the surface in search of insects and if you are in a field of view immediately rushes off.
  • Fishing for Chub in spring has small features:

    • in the spring the fish bite better in low transaction against the tide at sunset;
    • “rattles, turntables, noise maker” set to attract the predator, Chub only deter. The fisherman should not wear bright clothes, to scream, to act on shore;
    • hooking the fish have much, but slowly, waiting for a bite after 3-4 sec. Chub gets rid of the hook in a jiffy;
    • oblavlivaemye wooded areas near the river, better with steep banks, and even safer if the next bend of the river. It is a real “golfline”;

    What bait and lures to use?

    Tactics spring gear does not require special baits. Bait is better to choose animal, especially if the target is a large specimen. Dragonflies and larvae, fry and beetles, worms-Nightcrawlers-grown maggot, and even frogs — menu fish. Because Chub are omnivorous, there is a great variety of baits. It’s hard to believe, but the German fishermen use homemade liver as bait, and bait, okutyvaya his meat into balls. In our waters have successfully used the chicken intestine or liver. Yes, fishing for Chub on the liver – a very plodotvorno! Nobody knows what smell, sight or taste, but chicken livers Chub respects! Frozen liver slices, not the most stable on the hook bait, so requires skill. Sometimes, the pieces of chicken liver held out longer it pour over boiling water, and sometimes – for a double hook № 7-8. Leash tackles can be done 40 and 50 cm, but the risk of “off the hook” increases.

    In the southern regions of the liver, or rather its meat, cook a special bait — baits. Traditionally carp at the end of the spring begin to lure and catch balls especially cooked Hominy (corn flour). Such balls with a diameter of 0.8 — 1.2 mm. consist of a mixture of Hominy with minced chicken liver and early morning in calm water on long cast the Chub are biting well on them.

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