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Fishing for carp and carp tackle “killer carp”

For catching carp and carp uses a lot of different gear . But one of them stands out with its original design. For excellent efficiency, it received the name of the killer carp.

The main part of this tackle – special installation with multiple feeders-springs, which is located on the end of the main fishing line.

Killer carp made taking into account the dietary habits of this fish. Due to the special design of snap hooking when fishing with it is not required. Very popular among anglers it also has killer carp – reduced analogue of the killer carp. Principles of the structure and principles of operation of these gear are the same.

The contents

  • Device gear, the advantages and disadvantages of
  • To buy or make yourself
  • Tackle the “killer carp” with their hands
  • Bait
  • Nozzle
  • Especially catching equipment
  • Useful video

Device gear, the advantages and disadvantages of

The killer carp is a kind of bottom tackle . At the end of the main line there are several feeders of the springs and a few leashes with hooks .

Usually in the manufacture of such snap-in mount 3 feeders and 3 leash, but you can do more or less at their discretion.

The principle of operation of the killer carp:

  • before you throw in the water trough-the springs are filled with baitand hooks must be mounted on foam beads;
  • carp fits on the smell of feed and starts to eat her, while sucking into the mouth of the water;
  • hook falls into the mouth of the fish, and then she tries to spit it out, and pinpoint.

The killer carp many advantages, because of which tackle this is to pay attention to.

  • When fishing with it does not require cutting fish overreach themselves. Thus, it is not necessary to reside near the abandoned fishing rod waiting for the fish to bite. The angler has the opportunity to do other things or just to relax in nature. In addition, it is possible to use simultaneously a large number of gear that allows you to increase the catches.
  • To make a tackle, don’t need any special rod or reel . You can use any that is available. The main thing – that they were quite durable and could withstand the resistance of large fish.
  • The gear is pretty universal. In addition to carp and carp mentioned above it is possible to catch and another white fish. Well the killer carp on bream. Much less her caught roach, IDE, Chub, Rudd and tench.

I have this tackle and disadvantages.

  • Killer carp are not attracted active supporters of sport fishing. The bite it can only be seen once the fish is spotted. For this reason, many anglers choose other gear.
  • Due to the fact that the snap-in is several leashes with hooks, the increased risk of obfuscation of the installation.
  • Also for the reason that tackle contains several leashes with hooks, it is suitable for fishing in all situations. In many places, spawning prohibitions, which are introduced in the spring, assume you can only use one fishing tackle with one hook.
  • Conventionally, the disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that when fishing killer carp the fish is badly injured, as deeply swallows the hook. Therefore, for angling on a “catch and release”, it will not work. But this use of it and is not intended. Anglers who adhere to the principle “catch and release”, choose other more sports equipment.

To buy or make yourself

If you use them, will have to catch the cargo that was selected by the manufacturer. In addition,the ready killer carp may not be appropriate for other parameters – length and diameter of the leash, hook size and so on.

Given the pros and cons of ready-made snap-ins that are sold in stores, odnoznachnaya to say that it is better to associate this installation yourself. Make it easy, and a lot of time its production will not take.

It is possible to select any item of equipment and its parameters on their own and to receive a result of the killer carp, which will perfectly match your requirements and approach for fishing in those or other conditions.

Tackle the “killer carp” with their hands

To tie this snap-in, you need to take:

  • sinker, the weight of which is chosen for the conditions of fishing – the more the force of the current, the heavier it needs to be, usually used of a weight of 30-50 g;
  • the swivel clasp;
  • 3 feeders-spring without the load;
  • 3 hook;
  • meter manolescu with a diameter of 0.5 mm or a braided line with a thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm;
  • rubber stoppers;
  • line for production of leashes.

To one end of the meter cut the fishing line it is necessary to attach the swivel claspto which is attached sinker. Then you need to put on the thread of the spring-feeders, capturing their stoppers. The distance between them should be about 10-15 cm Next step is to bind to each of the feeder leash length of about 5 cm with the hook. After this it remains only to tie on the end of the line, opposite of the sinker, a loop for attachment to gear, and installation ready.

Important! The distance between the feeders and the length of leads can be changed at their discretion. Ongoing experiments allow us to determine the most efficient design of equipment. The length of leads should always be chosen in such a way that they couldn’t get complicated between them. For example, if the leashes are located at a distance of 15 cm from each other, the length of each of them together with the hook should not exceed 7.5 cm.

It is a well kept spring at the time of casting. You can use:

  • mastyrka;
  • Hominy;
  • porridge.

Mastyrkais a tasty bait of peas and semolina. To prepare it, you need to take:

  • 1 part chickpea flour;
  • 1 part monkey;
  • 2 parts water;
  • 1 teaspoon unrefined sunflower oil.

In order to obtain pea flour, enough to pass the peas through a coffee grinder and then sift. A large part of which remained in the sieve, it is necessary to grind in the grinder again.

To prepare mastyrka for fishing tackle carp killer better in a water bath:

  • it is necessary to pour pea flour and semolina into a small saucepan;
  • fill them with water and mix thoroughly;
  • then you need to put the pot in another large pot with water;
  • bring to the boil and cook for about 25 minutes.

Then mastyrka need to get out of the pan and knead by hand, until it becomes thick and elastic. After this it remains only to add vegetable oil, and optionally a flavor, and bait for catching carp and carp ready.

Hominy is a head of corn-based . For its preparation you need to take:

  • 3 parts cornmeal;
  • 1 part wheat flour;
  • flavors and flavoring – you can use honey, chocolate, sugar and so on;

To cook Hominy for fishing tackle killer carp, you need to:

  • lightly fried corn and wheat flour;
  • pour them into one container and slowly add water, stirring constantly, until until the Hominy does not acquire the consistency of thick cream;
  • future to put the bait in a plastic bag, put it in another bag, tie and cook received the bag about 40 minutes.

Another option is to prepare for fishing killer carp porridge with millet. You will need:

  • 1 part of millet;
  • 1 part of pea grits (it is better to chop, having passed through a meat grinder);
  • 4 parts water;
  • 2 tablespoons unrefined sunflower oil.

To prepare such a mess, you need to:

  • pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil;
  • to fall asleep in her millet and peas;
  • cook, stirring constantly, 3-5 minutes;
  • pour in the cereal, sunflower oil and again mix thoroughly;
  • remove the pan from the heat, wrap up in a blanket and leave to cool.
  • Bait for carp and carp
  • How to make bait for carp with their hands


Hook baits usually do not stick. Ball of foam, which is put on it, ensure this element of the snap-in buoyancy, and the fish easily pulled it in. But you can impose on him any bait. This best suited:

  • corn;
  • peas;
  • barley;
  • maggot;
  • the worm;
  • anyway .

These nozzles are well kept on the hook and not fly off on long casts.

Especially catching equipment

In the technique of catching the killer carp there is nothing difficult. After arriving at the pond it is necessary to choose the place and throw him snap, after which it remains only to wait for a bite.

When fishing from killer carp to determine when the fish came up to smell the bait and start to feed on it, as a rule, impossible. After it will intersect, usually followed by a strong leap, after which the fishing line is slack. When it happened, you can begin playing.

Attention! The carp is a strong fish, which can easily drag into the water all set. Therefore, in order to leave gear unattended on the beach, you must either use a coil with beltranena, or to tie the main fishing line to trees or other objects located on the shore.

Some fishing killer carp a completely passive way. In this case, you can throw the gear in the water and not to follow them, periodically, every hour or less often, checking and pulling out stranded on a fish hook. But then the catches will be less as after samozasiti she may be released from the hook.

Useful video

How to make a tackle “Killer carp”. The upgraded Donk-gum

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