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Fishing for carp and carp on the potatoes

Classic bait for carp fishing or carp , especially of captured specimens is an ordinary boiled potatoes. Many fishermen-carpatica use this vegetable along with expensive bits of industrial production to catch carp, for example, handle, and properly cooked potatoes on the effectiveness does not inferior to the latter.

The contents

  • Why potatoes?
  • What kind of potatoes you need to use
  • How to boil potatoes for carp and carp
  • Form potato for the nozzle
  • Tackle for fishing for potatoes
  • How to plant potatoes on the hook
  • Fishing with mashed potatoes
  • Bait when fishing for carp on the potatoes
  • Useful video

Why potatoes?

Carp is a lover of starch – often as a binder component it is added to a variety of bait , and the potato contains a large amount of starch. In addition, potato has a high nutritional value, and its smell is very attractive to carp.

Besides the fact that the root is of interest to carp, it is ideal from the point of view of the angler is able to not speak, as for the technical part – from the boiled tuber, you can cut the nozzle of different sizes to catch carp, or carp of different sizes. Also, such a nozzle can be attached to the hook, keeping even long-distance casting.

What kind of potatoes you need to use

Great importance is the selection of potatoes for carp fishing – this depends on the number of bites and, as a consequence, the result of fishing.

In no case should not take the tubers from rot, rotten, greenish in the sunlight and stood frozen. Toronalod should be firm and juicy, not have an unpleasant smell. The size may be different, but the easiest way is to cut bait from tubers about the size of a ball for tennis.

In the summer many anglers there is a logical question – what kind of potato is better – old or new crop. If the root is well preserved; not wilted and was not frozen, it is better to use the old tuber, as it contains more starch and nutrients, which plays a crucial role in its attractiveness to carp. Besides, potatoes are less dense and will be much worse to stay on the hook.

How to boil potatoes for carp and carp

While boiling potatoes is a very simple process, it is important to know and observe some of the nuances in its preparation. Recipe cooking potatoes for carp the following:

  • Select large smooth tubers and wash them with the skin. Clean the potatoes is not necessary, as water will make it loose.
  • Throw potatoes into boiling water and to cook almost to readinessI. Toothpick should enter the tuber with some effort. It is better not to cook the tuber than to digest it.
  • Drain water and cool potatoes.
  • Clean the potatoes peeled and cut into the nozzle.
  • Fry the nozzle in refined sunflower oil until light Golden brown. Roasting is not a mandatory process, but the bait is better to stay on the hook, and the smell of sunflower oil will increase its attractiveness to fish.
  • Important! Fried potatoes, in any case should not prevent its burning, as the smell will scare away the carp and will significantly reduce the number of bites.

    Some fishermen use natural flavors, adding to the water when cooking the garlic or the dill. You can also use concentrated flavors – anise, strawberry, chocolate and other, selecting them according to the taste preferences of the carp at certain times in different waters.

    Sometimes the potatoes are stained in different colors, believing that such a move will increase their attractiveness to carp, but many carpaticum noted that the color of the potatoes plays a role only on some particular water bodies. Also the risk exists that the smell of the dye would be bad for the carp.

    Attention! In spring and autumn to use dyes for potatoes is not recommended.
    Form potato for the nozzle

    In order to give the nozzle of potatoes the desired shape, you should cut the peeled tubers into smooth cubes with sides from 10 to 30 mm depending on carp what size you plan to catch.

    Also from the sliced potatoes to form a cylinder tube of appropriate diameter. Perfect for that syringe, cut off at the attachment point of the needle. With the help of the ready piston head is easily removed from the syringe.

    Tackle for fishing for potatoes

    As for potatoes, well caught a pretty big carp will take the rod with the dough, enough to make long-distance casting because trophy fish rarely come close to shore. The length of the rod, as a rule, should be 2.2 m.

    Leashes it is better to take the thickness of approximately 0.15 mm, preferably from nylon yarn because it is softer and carp would not alert the resistance gear when you bite. Length main line must be sufficient not only to make long-distance casting, but a bit to let go of the carp in order to bore the cut of fish that you need to remember that carp and carp are very strong fish, providing powerful resistance when towing.

    Hooks need to use carp, with a short forearm. The size depends on the expected fish size, however, often come from No. 3 on the European classification or No. 10-12 in Russian. Some fishermen use a tee for a more robust serifs.

    How to choose flies for carp

    How to plant potatoes on the hook

    Usually the lure of potato is placed directly on the hook. While the sting of the hook should be in the diagonal of the cube. When using the tee, he’s all hiding in the nozzle. Stinger hook should be slightly peek out from the nozzle for better sasakamoose carp.

    When fishing for trophy carp or carp, be aware that it may scare off nozzle with hidden hooks in it, so in this case, the best will be the hair accessories. The potato is very well kept on the hair and easily changed if necessary.

    Fishing with mashed potatoes

    Carp fishing on potatoes is possible not only in cubes, but made from mashed tubers. It is cooked for this recipe:

  • A few untreated tubers cooked during 15 minutes until tender, depending on their size.
  • When ready, the potatoes cleaned peeled and rubbed on a fine grater.
  • To grated potatoes add a little butter, one tablespoon of honey and incomplete teaspoon of salt. Everything is stirred until a homogeneous mass.
  • With continuous stirring, the prepared mixture is vsypaya flour until a thick mass resembling dough.
  • From the mass of formed pellets of the required size, which are thrown into boiling water and cook for about 20 minutes.
  • Attention! The nozzle of potatoes for catching carp should be freshly prepared. It is recommended to cook them no earlier than the day before fishing. Long-term storage may reduce the number of bites.
    Bait when fishing for carp on the potatoes

    When fishing for carp on the potatoes need to pay attention to the following caveat – bait fish should be less attractive than the nozzle, so it is best to use for feeding boilies or pellets, the flavor of which is much stronger than kartofelya.

    For the preparation of bait mixture will fit the following ingredients:

    • Meal from sunflower seeds.
    • Canned corn .
    • Bran.
    • Various cereals.

    In the bait need to add a certain amount of mashed potatoes. In this case, the nozzle on the hook will be more natural and beneficial to look for carp, who came to smell the bait mixture.

    Potato is a budget and effective nozzle for catching carp and carp, successfully competing among anglers with expensive bits – its simple and fast to cook without unnecessary time and cost.

    Useful video

    Fishing for carp on boiled potatoes.

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