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Fishing for carp and carp on the Donk

Donka – the best tackle for carp fishing and carp from the shore. A successfully catch them and float, but the donkey has undeniable advantages. This rigging provides a comfortable and efficient fishing. Consider how to collect a ground rod for carp and carp and how to catch it.

The contents

  • The advantages of bottom gear on carp and carp
  • Types of market for carp and carp
  • How to build a Donk
    • The rod
    • Coil
    • Fishing line
    • Sinker and feeder
    • Leashes and hooks
    • Alarm bite
  • Bait
  • Nozzle
  • Fishing technique
    • Complementary feeding
    • Fishing
    • Bite and sweeps
    • The fish
  • Tips on how to catch carp and carp on the Donk
  • Useful video

The advantages of bottom gear on carp and carp

The donkey has significant advantagesthat make it the best choice for carp fishing:

  • it allows you to make long castswhen necessary by sending a snap of 100-150 m from the shore;
  • on the bottom for rigging falls to the bottom and can stay in one spot indefinitely;
  • when catching a ground rod for carp with the feeder hook bait is in the vicinity of the bait, the likelihood that the fish will find it, max.

When fishing on the Donk do not have to constantly monitor the tackle, you can install the buzzer and just to be nearby. This is very convenient in carp fishingbecause the bite can occur quite infrequently – every few hours.

Types of market for carp and carp

For carp fishing and carp you can use:

  • the Donk-zakidushku – in its simplest form such a set consists of a reel and fishing line, at the end of which is attached sinker and leash with hooks, but you can attach a fishing line and the fishing rod with the coil ;
  • gum – snap this donkey involves a long section of rubber, the advantage of gear that you can over and over again silently to put the bait in the same point;
  • the feeder is the most versatile of athletic bottom gear, which consists of fishing rod, spinning reel and fishing line with the feeder and hook;
  • carpfishing tackle – a powerful rod for bottom fishing with a spinning reeldesigned specifically for carp fishing.

How to build a Donk
The rod

For carp fishing is well suitable feeder or special carpfishing the rod length from 3.2-4.5 m Suitable for fishing such a test range from 60 to 140 g. If fishing takes place in the river in good flow, and it is here that often holds large carp, you may need the gear with the test up to 150 g. This rod should have a plug design. Telescopically rod is not rigid and durable.


For carp fishing are used mainly powerful spinning reel. When talking about small fish, it will be enough size 2500-3000. But good fishing for trophy carp involves the use of bezynertsionnoj size of 5000.

The interim version of the model from 3000 to 4000 – universal, they are well suited for fishing as of Carpiquet and other fish on the ground. It is better if the coil will be equipped with beltranena, then fishing will be more comfortable.

Multipliers, which due to their high power and excellent driving performance is also excellent for carp fishing, are rarely used, as not suitable for carp fishing rods designed for fishing with them.

Fishing line

As the main line , you can use the monofil braided or fluorocarbon. This files most often for carp fishing applies to monofilament. Due to the high extensibility it perfectly extinguishes jerks of fish, helping the fish. The advantage of braids is that it provides long casts and high sensitivity tackle. But to draw out the fish with her much harder. Fluorocarbon occupies an intermediate position between the monofil and braided lines for stretch.

Help! For carp weighing up to 10 kg will be enough monolescu of 0.3 mm thickness. If the expected catch of larger fish, and you can harnessed large diameters – 0,35 or 0,4 mm.
Sinker and feeder

For catching carp and carp on donou bait you can use:

  • sinker;
  • the standard feeder;
  • the feeder-spring (type method).

Sinker is often used when fishing for carp and carp on boilies . If a normal bait is not used, the feeder becomes useless. Bait baits cast into the water separately from the snap.

If the usual bait is still needed to tackle is to substitute standard feeder feeder. For fishing in the river model is rectangular in shape, which will not drag on the bottom. In stagnant water form does not matter, you can use the round feeders.

But instead of the standard feeder can be used methoden feeder. Its advantage is that you can put the nozzle directly into the bait, clogged in the spring. Thus, the fish will find and swallow it sooner or later.

Leashes and hooks

For making leashes for donkey for carp you can use:

  • monolescu;
  • fluorocarbon;
  • the network;
  • special potoczny material for carpfishing.

Hook size must be chosen primarily under the nozzle, and then under estimated the size of the trophies. Most commonly used hooks 6, 8 and 10 rooms according to the international classification.

Attention! For fishing in places where a lot of grass, the best fit model with a concave tip that will less cling.

Alarm bite

The role of indicator when fishing for carp and carp can perform:

  • bell;
  • feeder tip (quivertip);
  • electronic buzzer.

You can use any of these options. Quivertip has a significant disadvantage – not to miss the bite, it is necessary to keep it in sight. In carp fishing this option is not very convenient, as the big fish bite is quite rare. Sometimes you have to wait for several hours, until the fish are interested in the nozzle. So many when fishing for carp I put on the feeder and a bell.


A good bait is the key to successful fishing. Carp – a voracious fish that eats a lot and is gaining weight well. So you need to offer him a treat that he will be able to appreciate.

In fishing stores sold ready-made baitdesigned for carp fishing. Another option is to make a mixture with your hands. It will probably be a bit worse purchase, but cost much less.

To cook the simplest bait, you need to take in equal proportions:

  • millet;
  • peas;
  • barley.

They need to boil, stirring thoroughly and making sure they don’t burn. If at least one grain burnt, the whole pot could become unusable. It is possible to prepare porridge for carp in a water bath, this will avoid such trouble.

Another recipe for making a delicious bait for carp and carp:

  • 2 kg corn grits;
  • 1.2 kg of semolina;
  • 1.2 kg of bread crumbs;
  • 500 g of dry granulated food for cats and dogs;
  • 500 g of ground cereal – oat, wheat or corn;
  • 400 g ground toasted sunflower seeds or oil cake;
  • 400 g roasted ground peanuts;
  • 400 g of milk powder;
  • 300 grams of sugar.

No matter what the recipe is preparing bait for carp and carp, it is necessary to add a number of nozzles. Then the fish will bite much more readily.

  • Bait for carp and carp
  • How to make bait for carp with their hands


As an attachment you can use:

  • corn ;
  • peas ;
  • worms;
  • maggots and other insect larvae;
  • anyway .

Nozzle that can slide around on the hook – the dough, mastyrka, bread, pasta – it’s better not to use. Carp and carp often to catch at distances of 60-80 meters and more. Fishing in such conditions it is necessary to do quite abrupt power transitions. Nozzle, which is poorly kept on the hook, will not be the best choice, she will often fly.

Fishing technique

First thing after arrival at the reservoir it is necessary to find a promising point, where it should hold fish. It can be:

  • edge;
  • pit;
  • border herbal undergrowth;
  • the confluence of tributaries;
  • the plots lying on the bottom of flooded trees.

To locate fish you can and it bursts to the surface. Most often, the carp plays so at dawn and at sunset. The fact that the fish splashing on the point, doesn’t necessarily mean that she is here feeding.

But in any case it is better to fish where the carp are. It is important that the selected fishing point was convenient to make casts from the shore. Need to find a site without a little clump of bushes, trees, tall grass or other obstacles.

When the place is chosen, it is necessary to mix the bait and while it settles and absorbs moisture, camping on the Bank all necessary equipment – stand under the rod, net, chair and so on. By the time when the first cast, it should be in their seats.

Complementary feeding

To put reached the desired condition of the bait, it is better to use special for bait feeder big size. You can use regular, but then have to do a lot more casts.

Help! The mix for the starting sukarma need to score loosely, so that it is easily released at the bottom. If it is not Packed too tightly, after dropping the snap on the ground enough to make a sharp stroke of the rod, similar to cutting that feed loose.

Usually make 10-20 casts for starting complementary feeding point. Each bait is poured from the trough to the bottom, and the gear is exhausting.

Then need to put the Donk on a conventional feeder and leash with a hook, and you can start fishing.

After casting tooling is necessary to choose the coil the slack of the fishing line, so that it was tight, and expose the rod on the stand. The landing net needs to be nearby.

If you use a coil with beltranena, it should translate into the working position. The bait better seal and leave in a cool place – for example, in the shadow of the car.

If no bites, periodically it is necessary to exhaust the snap, check the nozzle on the hook, if necessary, to change it and make a new cast. How often to perform such an operation is questionable. Some carpatica believe that it is better to do it less often, every hour and a half to less scare the fish.

Others prefer to do frequent perezapisi, every 15-20 minutes. For most situations the best choice will be an intermediate option is to perezapustit snap once in 35-45 minutes. The more active the fish, the more it makes sense to perezapustit snap-in.

Bite and sweeps

If the installation sinkers or feeders not sliding, and the deaf, the fish is often samozaschita. When you use moving installation, be sure to do a good sweeping cutting. When fishing with monolescu, which is used most often, the amplitude of the jerk needs to be large enough to compensate for its elongation, only then the fish will reliably intersect.

If you are using bezynertsionnoj with beltranena, when cutting it is necessary to make the revolution of the handle coil. Then free the vanishing line from the spool will be turned off and the clutch will start to work as usual less often, which will allow to hook in the fish, and start towing.

The fish

Carp is a great fighter, so you will need good technique and playing, to make it to the landing net or to pull ashore. Fighting fish is often delayed by 10-20 minutes or more. If you hook a big fish of the village, to take her on the spot just will not work. Attempts to do so will only lead to the breakage of the snap.

Boost is not worth playing. The friction brake must be configured so that when poticaj he passed the line with the correct stress, not too big and not too small, then fight the fish much easier.

Attention! The rod when fighting the fish it is necessary to raise higher, so that it is not reached 15-20% to the vertical position. In this case, the blank will be loaded in an optimal way. If the fish will make a dash toward the shore, it is necessary to raise still higher form, parallel podmetina line. If the carp or the carp will rush from the angler, the tackle need to be lowered.

If the fish behaves calmly, dresidual to gradually pull it closer to shore, while avoiding the appearance of slack line. Another option is to apply a power pumping: it is necessary to lower the rod to the water, simultaneously rotating the handle of the coil, then raise the tackle, bring the fish closer to him. This operation must be repeated step by step.

Tips on how to catch carp and carp on the Donk

Before heading out on an unfamiliar body of water, definitely worth to restore.

We need to mingle with the local fishermen – for example, it can be the sellers in the stores to see them in the nuances of fishing in a particular pond, lake or river.

To achieve the best catches, best to use at the same time not 1 but 2, 3, 4 or donkey. When increasing the amount of gear abandoned in the water, significantly increases the likelihood that the fish will quickly find the hook bait.

For those who are already caught in a Donk the other fish – for example, the same carp – carp fishing will not create great difficulties. Although, of course, catching such a big and strong fish requires a special approach.

All tackle must be strong, all the knots were tied carefully and without undue haste. Donk on carp and carp must be reliable, in this case, do not have to worry that she might fail at the most inopportune moment – during the fight with big fish.

Useful video

Simple and catchability tackle for carp, carp, carp.

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