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Fishing for carp and carp night

Night fishing for carp is a pastime for real lovers of fishing and, in particular, carpfishing. Although night fishing and is connected with certain difficulties, it is justified – often the capture of captured specimens of carp and its wild relative of the carp is possible only in the dark.

The contents

  • Features carp fishing night
  • What’s the best time to catch the night
  • Choosing and preparing locations
  • Equipment
  • What tackle to catch the night
    • Alarm bite
  • Bait and bait
  • Tactics and technique of fishing by night
  • Tips
  • Useful video

Features carp fishing night

Night fishing for carp has a number of advantages over fishing in the daytime:

  • On many bodies of water in period bathing day gets noisy with vacationers, swimmers. While cautious carp refused to feed in the daytime. Night in this case, is the only time possible to catch carp, especially of captured specimens with a small concentration in the pond.
  • At night, the carp are more active, as it are not afraid of noises, coming closer to the shore, actively combing the pond in search of food.
  • In the dark the carp looking for food, focusing only on your sense of smell. While it will not alert the fishing line, and other visible pieces of gear.

However, fishing for carp in the night complicated and some inconveniences:

  • Limited visibility. In the dark it is more difficult to make an accurate cast, as well as to bring large specimens of carp.
  • Requires additional hardware and equipment.
  • Night on the water much bother mosquitoes.
  • Should advance preparation of fishery – in the end, night fishing requires considerable time.

What’s the best time to catch the night

Night fishing for carp is possible from June to October, however, the most successful she’s in the hottest time of the year. In the afternoon the water is heated to the maximum temperature at which the carp ceases to feed, and can often be seen swimming carps, which remain active, but flatly refuse to offer bait. The only option is fishing for carp at night, when the temperature of the water falls down, and Pisces awakens the appetite.

Choosing and preparing locations

Cultivated in the stocked ponds, where the number of big carp, it is not particularly difficult, but in conditions close to natural, need to take care of the preparation and choice of location for carp. As in the night to find the place quite difficult, you should worry about this back before dark.

Favorite places carp remain REskie changes in depth, borders the vegetation and clean the bottom and snag the place, but at night, the carp can swim close to the shore, so you should pay at such places and in the coastal zone. Also in a night-time carp can swim to feed on smaller areas up to 0.5-1 m, especially in the quiet, windless night. In windy weather, as a rule, carp and remains at depth.

It is very important to clean the Bank from the grass and branches of trees, which may become tangled fishing line in the preparation of tackle, casting and playing a fish. If the bottom of the reservoir in the coastal area abundantly covered with algae, it is better to remove them in advance.

You also need to take care of unimpeded access to the gear, if it is supposed to spend the night in a tent or car – they need to be located as close as possible to the gear without obstacles on the way to them. At hand needs to be “first aid kit” for quick repair gear in case of breakage.


Not to do when night fishing on the carp and without additional equipment.

In order to exclude gatherings of carp off the hook when approaching fish to the shore, you should prepare a net, which must be wide enough not to miss in low visibility conditions.

Special attention should be paid to lighting – when playing a fish will need lighting. In this case it is advisable to have two flashlights, even if you intend to catch alone.

Night is the time of activity of mosquitoes, so you need to prepare anti-mosquito tools, otherwise fishing can still long to remind myself sometimes itchy bites. You should also not forget that nighttime can significantly decrease the temperature, so do not be amiss to bring warm clothes. Not be amiss to set the evening up a tent in case of rain.

Important! Experienced anglers are advised when playing carp to use a flashlight with a red filter, whereas the illumination of the camp, you can use a normal led. Red light does not frighten the carp, and he behaves more calmly when applying to the Bank.
What tackle to catch the night

For catching carp and carp night best suited the following gear:

  • Feeder . Classic tackle for carp fishing at night.
  • Match the rod. Most often used on short casts, so as to follow a small dot in the distance is very tiring for the eyes.
  • Centrifugal float rod. Night carp often comes close to the shore, however, such fishing should be strictly respected.

Alarm bite

The great value has correct selection and configuration of detectors bites for night carp fishing. Tuning electronic detector of bites, it should be remembered that in the silence of the night loud sound could scare the carp. It is also desirable that the light from the alarm fell on the line to determine whether it is unwound and at what speed.

For match fishing rods you can use glowing floats, but their light must also be bright, especially when fly fishing in the pond with clear water.

Attention! Highlighting an ordinary flashlight floats very undesirable because it will scare the carp.

How to choose flies for carp

Bait and bait

The bait mix for carp is made from the same components as in the daytime, for example, the basics of cornmeal, breadcrumbs, meal, bran, rolled oats, wheat Farina in certain proportions, to which is added flavors – honey, garlic, anise oil and others.

But with the delivery of bait in place cast may have some difficulty, because in the dark it is quite difficult to throw bait balls accurately in the location of previous feeding. Therefore, it is recommended to bring the lure with the RC boat or catapult.

Help! As in the silence of the night the sound throw the lure can scare the fish, it is recommended to make starting the feeding before dark, and the rest of the bait to throw when after a lull of a bite.

As for bait – in the summer in hot weather the carp prefers vegetable nozzles. Good canned corn , peas , barley or steamed corn. Great result anyway – in this case for night carp fishing decisive is not the color of the bait and its smell. When fishing for bait animals, which are more relevant with the approach of cold weather, then the user should choose those that are present in the natural diet of the carp in a particular body of water is bloodworms, leeches, crustaceans, worms.

  • Bait for carp and carp
  • How to make bait for carp with their hands

Tactics and technique of fishing by night

First of all you should take care of the choice of benchmark, which will be perezapisi gear. It can be as luminous objects on the opposite shore, and specially neglected for these purposes, the buoys are equipped with reflective elements.

On the line when you first cast you need to leave a mark with a permanent marker or marking thread, to the subsequent perezapisi to get to zakormlen place.

When preparing the space and starting complementary feeding carp it is recommended to measure this distance, and then to drive near the fishing place two markers at a distance of one meter from each other. In the event of breakage of the gear it will help to quickly restore the marker to the desired location after recovery of the gear.

After hooking it should be possible to immediately divert the carp away from the abandoned gear, because the unraveling of the gear in the dark can completely disrupt the entire fishing trip. When playing, you should focus not on the line and the rod tip – or rather it will point to the location of the carp.


  • It is best to go night fishing with a group of two or more people, because in the dark often need help, especially in catching trophy carp.
  • Carp are very cautious fish, so smokers should cover the light from the jump matches or lighters.
  • It is not recommended once again to use flashlight , not only for the reason that you can scare the carp are after a bright light, eyes will get used to the darkness for a long time.
  • Even in the moonlight should take care of visual masking – silhouette of fisherman on the water can not go unnoticed by carp.
  • Bait and head for carp should be placed in inaccessible places for rodents, which are much more active at night.

Useful video

How and what to catch carp at night.

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