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Fishing for carp and carp in August

Traditionally August is considered to be one of the best months for catching carp . With the advent of this month the temperature regime shifted in the direction of cooling, dissipates the heat of July, and the overall weather conditions are ideal for intense feeding of this fish.

The contents

  • The behaviour of carp in August
  • Weather conditions and time for carp fishing and carp in August
  • Where to look for carp. A place for fishing
  • Bait
  • What to catch carp and carp in August
  • Why can’t peck carp? What to do if the carp aren’t biting
  • Tips
  • Useful video

The behaviour of carp in August

In anticipation of the onset of cold weather, the last month of summer carp began to eat and gain weight. Small carp weighing up to 500 g drifting on the water in search of food in flocks, whereas large specimens are kept in small groups of no more than two or three individuals.

At this time the behavior of carp is completely dependent on its appetite – fish intensively quenches the feeling of hunger lingering in those areas of the pond where the feed supply is richer.

Experienced fishermen use the “pig” the habits of the carp, when it adheres to places with an abundance of food. If possible, they deliberately lure the desired plots in the water area of the reservoir, thereby defining a space long stops carp.

Weather conditions and time for carp fishing and carp in August

When fishing for carp in August, definitely need to pay attention to the influence of weather conditions and time of day on activity of fish.

In hot weather during the day will be a lack of bite. The same can be said of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, strong winds, thunderstorms, torrential rains, and prolonged or sudden cold.

The best weather conditions for intensive feeding of carp recognized the following:

  • Steady clear, warm weather;
  • Breeze with variable cloudiness;
  • Rain in calm warm weather;
  • The time intervals with invariable during several days of atmospheric pressure.

Help! As for the time of day – in August, the most intense biting of a carp comes at a time after sunset and sunrise, while during the day the bite will be slightly weak or may be absent completely.
Where to look for carp. A place for fishing

In August, the carp holds of water areas with a depth of 3-4 m. it is Particularly attractive for locations with uneven bottom elevations at the deep stations, the boundaries of riparian vegetation and deep zakoryazhennyh places areas with the undercurrent. In the last month of summer, the carp are actively drifting in the water in search of food, stopping where you see her abundance. Fit it to the coast with a sharp care of the bottom deep.

Routes that carp should be on the water in search of food, remain constant from day to day. They can be found in rising to the surface of the water air bubbles, the “wildness” of water. Also sometimes when feeding carp floats to the surface, sometimes jumping out of the water.

Attention! Despite the fact that carp fed a sufficient depth is a very cautious fish – he’s frightened of sharp sounds, shouts, work vehicles. Therefore, when choosing a place for fishing it is better to avoid such places.

You need to pay proper attention and visual masking – in August terminated the bloom of water, it becomes transparent, so it will be better if place for fishing equip seat, you should also not wear clothes of bright colors.


Much of the success of carp fishing in August depends on the bait. It can help to not only lure the fish from the other areas of the reservoir, but also to force her to stay tame.

However, do not overfeed the fish – bait mixture should not saturate carp, well fed otherwise he will not respond to the bait on the hook. To this end, the bait mixture is mixed with clay and formed from it the balls the size of a medium orange – so she quickly reach the bottom, not spilling, and will only whet the appetite of the carp, provoking the search for the most accessible tidbits.

The bait you can use, industrial production, but you can also cook it myself .

At the end of the summer the carp prefers plant-based ingredients – corn , potatoes, and oilcake from sunflower seeds, peas. It is desirable that the bait contained some of these elements.

Recipes bait mixtures for carp fishing in August can be the following:

  • In equal parts to measure the following ingredients: millet, sunflower meal, peas, wheat, barley, maize and semolina.
  • Add all ingredients except semolina and millet in the boiling water and stir, boil until then, until the ingredients begin to soft after boiling.
  • Add the semolina and millet and cover. Leave it, the bait mixture until it is completely cooled. You can also immediately add the clay – so it will be easier to mix with the bait.
  • You can use other recipes , for example:

  • Mix the following ingredients in such proportions – 2 parts of oatmeal cookies, 2 pieces of bread crumbs, 2 parts of corn flour, 3 parts corn, 2 parts oats, 1 part roasted peanuts.
  • Pour the components with boiling water and cover with a lid, let stand to cool.
  • Add flavours – honey, anise, garlic, vanilla.
  • Attention! It should not be too grind the ingredients for bait best fit large fraction of its components, it longer will keep the carp in one place.

    Bait for carp and carp

    What to catch carp and carp in August

    In August, the food preferences of common carp is not particularly different from the previous two months – this fish also likes plant tips. As bait you can use green peas, canned corn, boiled potatoes, barley.

    However, in the second half of the last month of summer, when the temperature slightly goes down, the carp is an increasing demand for animal attachments, of which the most preferable for carp are worms.

    A good result also when fishing for carp brings use buterbrodiin which combined plant and animal baits, for example, corn with a worm. Quite often, this nozzle is tempted with trophy fish.

    Quite effectively in August and caught carp on baits – both factory and made by hand.

    Why can’t peck carp? What to do if the carp aren’t biting

    It happens that in the reservoir, which is obviously a carp is not observed bites. The decrease in the intensity of biting of a carp or a complete lack of bites may occur for the following reasons:

    • Bait buries itself in mud or bottom vegetation, and carp can not find her. To avoid this, you should use a less severe shipping tackle and also the trough with a flat bottom.
    • Carp can’t find the bait because of its weak odour. To do this, it is recommended to use flavours. And the reverse version – the fish might scare too sharp smell of the bait.
    • Carp frightened by noise on the shore. While fish can hear the vibration even from the quiet steps on the beach. You should equip the place so to have everything at hand, without having to walk along the coastal area.
    • Carp “gets used” to the different nozzles, and in the end they don’t call it interest. In stock at angler should always have several different baits.
    • For night fishing carp are deterred by bright lights. Should as little as possible to illuminate without the need for the fishery to use sound detectors bites.
    • Nozzle damage smaller fish. In this case it is better to change the bait, interested in “detail”.


    For successful carp fishing should observe the following niceties:

    • The total mass of the starting mixture for bait shall be not less than 1 kg, otherwise the fish will quickly leave the lured place.
    • With a light twitch of gear should refrain from cuttings – this movement suggests that the carp are just trying nozzle. Hooking should only be in a confident bite.
    • When fishing for carp in August, the depth to which the nozzle is thrown, shall not be less than one and a half to two meters. On smaller sites at this time, the carp fed extremely rarely.
    • When playing carp in case he makes a strong spurts, you have to let him go and give tired. Power towing often leads to gatherings of fish.

    Useful video

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