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Fishing for burbot, the choice of bait and tackle

Ichthyologists believe that the burbot, a fish of the family Gadidae, and the only inhabitant of freshwater ponds. But many peoples from the Baltics to Kamchatka, especially the small peoples of the far North, burbot is not a fish is the hero of myths, legends, tales and the unusual, sometimes scary stories. Who knows what part of them plausible?

Burbot is a very stealthy predator and its relatives the cod, the summer lead a sluggish, sedentary lifestyle. Burbot asleep! Sleeping on a pure-jet the rapids, burrowing into the mud of deep pits, under the driftwood or the roots of the old, flooded trees, a pile of large stones covered with moss. Finding after a sluggish bite on the hook strange, a bit like fin group at catfish, fish, you know — you just got lucky! This accidental catch. But on a dark night, and in changeable, windy weather, hero myths goes hunting, and only when really hungry.

On what bait to catch burbot?

Menu gluttons, almost anything that moves: the unwary fry, crustaceans, insects and larvae, tadpoles, juveniles younger. Of these, a well-known professional anglers features is made up fishing techniques for burbot in the summer: the fish are biting on live bait. This is the main, the correct bait. Please note that live bait needs to be “spelled out” in the same pond. Burbot are not a fan of exotic cuisine. Live bait najavljen through body, solid, dark hook № 7-8 Sudakovo type (long shank);

Burbot fishing on the feeder

Feel free to weight spinning rod or spider, pre-wound a solid line across the diameter of at least 0.25 mm. At a for choose a weight 90 — 140 g. Burbot not Chub, he does not like to eat at the surface and persectued the day, so the leash with fishing line 0.2-0.25 mm calculated so that the bait was at the bottom. Since night fishing, do not forget about the rattle with the Firefly.

Fish strike at once, confident but not an abrupt movement from the bottom to the top. Burbot are not the most active fighter and to draw out its not difficult, you should only fear a primary, quick jerk of production at the bottom to “go to hook”.

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