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Fishing barley and wheat carp and carp

Due to the diverse diet of the carp and carp, as well as the high popularity of carpfishing for catching these fish used a variety of tools and baits of industrial production, to date, presented in a very wide range.

Nevertheless, quite effective for catching the fish, and therefore remain relevant and traditional baits, such as barley and wheat.

The contents

  • Using wheat and barley as a nozzle for carp and carp
  • When and how best to catch carp on barley and wheat
  • Wheat and barley as a bait. How to lure
  • Mounting the barley and wheat
  • Useful video

Using wheat and barley as a nozzle for carp and carp

Wheat and barley have been successfully used for catching carp and carp due to its following advantages:

  • Data cereal bait is readily available and inexpensive, the cooking is straightforward;
  • Wheat and barley are more natural than artificially made baits, and therefore do not cause fear at carp and carp, provoking a strike even careful of captured specimens;
  • The use of attractants and flavors allows us to give the grass different flavors depending on preference of fish in any specific body of water.

Preparation of wheat or barley is possible in two waysboiling or steaming. In the first variant of the cereal cook for 10-15 minutes when steaming the grains filled with boiling water and placed in the flask, after which the water is drained through the passage of time.

Important. When cooking the wheat and barley is very important to calculate the amount of water so that the grain does not burn, as the smell will scare away the carp and carp.

In the bait it is better to add the attractant or flavoring to make it more attractive to fish – for example, honey, garlic, dill, fruit syrups, caramel.

Pearl barley after cooking covered with mucus – while it is not necessary to rinse, because this is starch, which is the nutritional value for carp and carp. On unwashed barley the fish will bite harder.

It is also possible another way of making wheatfermentation. While cereal culture is placed in a container with a little salt and podsushennoy water at room temperature for a few days until the grains will not swell.

Attention. For carp fishing and carp it is better to use durum wheat as its grain less than boiled and is best kept on the hook .

Also barley and wheat as bait, are not without some drawbacks:

  • She likes the small “white” fish — therefore it is necessary to enlarge the nozzle, putting a few grains on the hook;
  • This bait quickly loses its smell when you use flavorings, so do not want to leave her on the hook for more than 20-30 minutes.

When and how best to catch carp on barley and wheat

Carp and carp greatest interest to plant nozzles show in the summer warm months, leaving unattended animals bait – maggots, worms, and bloodworms. At this time fishing on barley and wheat will be the most effective.

Also in the heat, the fish readily comes to different smells – using a variety of flavorings that can be added in the finished nozzle, can achieve a significant increase in the number of bites.

It is important to remember that certain smells can attract small fish that will knock the grain off the hook – in this case, you should experiment with different flavors.

Help. Sometimes the rates are better when fishing shows painted wheat and pearl barley. Therefore it is useful to test the grain, painted in various colors of food dyes.
Wheat and barley as a bait. How to lure

Use as a lure for carp and carp clean wheat or barley ineffective – much better results give the mixture using the data of grains and other ingredients. As components for the bait mixture will fit the following additives:

  • Millet;
  • Corn ;
  • Peas ;
  • Meal from sunflower seeds.

Ready, the bait mixture is better to mix with soil taken from the shore of the reservoir, where fishing, and form balls the size of a tennis ball, to make it easier to deliver the bait in place cast.

Mounting the barley and wheat

As the kernels of whole barley and wheat are small, one impaled on the hook, the grain is hardly noticeable to carp, but can also attract small fish. So on the hook it is better to wear a few grains, from three to six. Good results give and “sandwiches” — when the hook is placed a grain of wheat or barley and, corn for example.

For catching trophy specimens of carp and carp is used and the following technique – Packed needle threaded floss, which consist of a few grains of wheat or barley. Then, from the thread with the strung beans formed a ring, then in the same way there is a second ring.

Then the free ends of the thread tie a simple knot, holding two rows of beans and of them forming a dense clump. To put on such lumps as boilies on the hair , the ends of which contact with dental floss.

Useful video

How to prepare the bait of barley in the video below:

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