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Crayfishing with special traps – lure selection and installation method

Rakolovki is an effective way of catching crayfish. Anyone can easily learn the exciting process of catching crayfish with special traps.

Usually adaptations for catching cancers represent two metal rings connected to each other at some distance and covered with chicken wire mesh on the outside. As bases there may be do not have rings, it could be a frame, including square shapes. The principle of operation of these devices is very simple, inside it is placed the bait, and the whole structure falls to the bottom of the river or pond.

Special traps fishing continues all year round but the best time for fishing vibrohvost from June to November. If all actions are executed correctly, you will get a good catch!

How to put rakolovki

Often, the approach to water in rivers and lakes overgrown with reeds, so much easier to produce the balance of special traps from the boat. To further avoid difficulties with finding a place to install the trap, you have to bind a float (for example, a piece of foam or any other sinking object) to the rope and secure it to the top. If the installation is done from the shore, then you can use a long-legged pole. Rakolovka with the help of signal macaleese rope on the spear, the pole can be adjusted from the shore and then gently drops the signal cord and she is on the bottom of the reservoir in the desired position. If the installation is with a slingshot from the shore, float tied to the end of the rope signal is not required. Secure the end of the rope for any snags sticking out of the water or reeds.

Using several traps at the same time, keep the interval between them is 10 — 30m. If the terrain is new to you and you are not familiar with the actual performance of catch, place them at different depths. Cancers can arrange a feast, both at depth and at the water’s edge. To check for a catch, on average, should be 2-3 hours after their installation.

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