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Choose a reel for carp fishing/carp

Quality reliable reel is one of the most important conditions for the success of carp fishing . If you are going to catch very small carp up to a kilo, the choice of this item of equipment is not necessary to go very carefully.

But generally, this fish is serious, and size is known to exceed 5 kg. and 10 Reel for catching nice carp should provide light accurate cast without beards, and not to fail when dealing with trophies. Consider how to choose the right model for this kind of fishing.

The contents

  • Key features of carp reels
    • Inertial and spinning reel
    • Size
    • Gear ratio
    • Speed clutch
    • The front and rear clutches
    • Baitrunner in carp reels
    • The shape and capacity of the spool
    • Number of bearings
    • Clip
    • Foot of the coil and the particular geometry of the handle
  • The top 6 manufacturers of coils
    • Shimano
    • Daiwa
    • Banax
    • Fox
    • Allux
    • Wychwood
  • Top 10 carp reels
    • Sniper Strike Pro Baitfeeder
    • Daiwa Black Widow
    • Daiwa Emcast
    • Allux Ruthenium Cast
    • Wychwood Riot Big Pit 65
    • Shimano Aerlex
    • Fox EOS 12000FS
    • Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTD
    • Fox 12000 XT Reel
    • Daiwa Infinity-X 5500 BR
  • How to set coil after purchase
  • The nuances of the use of the coils beltranena
  • Care coils
  • Transportation
  • Useful video

Key features of carp reels
Inertial and spinning reel

For carp fishing , use powerful spinning reel.There are many models from which to choose a suitable for any budget. From the inertia reels for this fishing may be suitable multipliers. They are strong and powerful and allows you to confidently deal with carp of all sizes.

But carp rods, designed for use of multipliers, sales no. That is bezynertsionnoj is the best type of coil for carpfishing.


For serious carp fishing fit powerful bezynertsionnoj size from 5,000 to 12,000. For catching medium-sized fish can be used and models of smaller size from 2000. But the models the five thousand meters and larger can be considered a real carp reels.

Gear ratio

The higher the gear ratio the faster the reel podnachivaet line. On the other hand, increasing transmission leads to a decrease in power, which is very important when fishing for carp. In a fishing trip commonly used bezynertsionnoj with a ratio of from 4.2:1 to 5.3:1.

Important! Due to the fact that carp bezynertsionnoj have large spools, and even the model with a small gear ratio reel line fast enough to exceed the speed of smaller spinning, float or feeder models with the same transmission.
Speed clutch

All clutches can be divided into fast, medium and slow. In the case of first enough to make one turn the adjusting nut to a fully relaxed position, fully tighten the brake. To fully tighten the clutch slow, on the contrary, you have to scroll nut a few times.
How fast and slow the friction brakes are not too suitable for carp fishing.
First it is difficult to accurately adjust particularly problematic to do it during the fight with the fish trophy. In the end, the carp can always break a snap due to the fact that the clutch drag.

Slow friction brakes to set uncomfortable. The best choice would be an intermediate option — the average clutch.

The front and rear clutches

The front friction brake is more sensitive than the rear. It can always be subtly adjusted to one or another situation that proves very useful when fishing for small fish. The disadvantage is that it is harder to adjust while playing fish.

Another disadvantage is the spare spool for the coils with the front clutch, which can be purchased separately are more expensive. Rear drag is not as sensitive, but it is easier to tighten or loosen while fighting a fish, because fishing line does not prevent to reach the adjusting nut.

If UltraLite high sensitivity of the front friction brakes can be indispensable, for carp fishing is enough rear. He is better suited for carp fishing.

Help! But most carp reels back is baitrunner and its adjusting nut. Accordingly, the friction brakes in such models are still in front.
Baitrunner in carp reels

In addition to the regular friction brakes on each model, bezynertsionnoj can be equipped with beltranena.

This is the mechanism by which one can shift a special lever to enable and disable free running spool. This lever is located at the rear of bezynertsionnojand it is always easy to reach when the pole is on the stand or in the hands.

After casting snap when fishing with katushka, equipped with beltranena, it is necessary to include free running of the spool. Carp, interested in the bait, it is easy to pull together with her desired amount of fishing line.

If the stroke of the spool will not be free, this large and powerful fish can take the bait into the water. Baitrunner much easier to catch.

If not, it is necessary after casting to loosen the friction brake to a minimum by using its standard setting, and then again tighten before the cutting and the beginning of a fight.

This takes time and creates unnecessary complexity, and to make the clutch has always been set exactly, quite difficult. Cons baitrunner that this device is somewhat heavier coil, but also increases its price.

The shape and capacity of the spool

For carp fishing you can use:

  • bezynertsionnoj with standard straight spools;
  • reels with long spools in the form of a reverse cone type long cast – they provide long casts, so useful, if the track is catching more than 100 m;
  • models from the spool in the form of a reverse cone (such as ABS) – when fishing with them reduces the throw, but the probability, that the line tangling on the cast and formed beard, will be minimal.

Spool carp reel, designed to catch serious fish, should contain 200-300 m fishing line thickness 0.3-0.4 mm. Is sufficient reserve, which is just enough for such fishing.

Well, if the kit is the second reel spool. This spare tire will never be over fishing. On it you will be able to reel the other line, making your possibilities will expand significantly. If a spare spool included with the reel is not, it is possible to buy separately.

Number of bearings

Than more number of bearings, the smoother the coil works and the better it puts the line.

But chasing the maximum number of not worth it, especially if you are buying a budget reel.

The bearings in these models can be a lot, but, if they are low quality, in bezynertsionnoj pretty soon there will be interruptions.

For a good enough reel 4 bearings:

  • bearing roller line bale;
  • the bearing of the rotor;
  • 2 pinion bearing.

In line bale roller bearing should be required. In this case, it will put the thread on the spool, minimally twisting it, and the risk of beards during casting and premature wear of the fishing line in the process of fishing will decrease.

From the purchase of the coil, in which line bale roller bearing no, it is better to refuse at once. No one in the store will not allow you to disassemble bezynertsionnoj to check its availability. Therefore, you need to study the description of the coilthat can go with it included or available on the Internet to learn is roller bearing or not.


On the spool of bezynertsionnoj usually there is a clip. It can help to fix the distance of fishing. If, after casting to get the line into the clip before exhausting snap-in, in all subsequent shots the snap-in to fly the same distance. Thus it is necessary to choose the reference point on the opposite Bank, to make casts towards it. Then the snap will repeatedly land at the same point.

Well, if the clip is there, but in carp fishing it is not typically used. The fact that this strong fish can easily break a snap if after the strike it will make the leap, and the scaffold will talipanan. To fix the distance of the cast when fishing for carp, you can make a thread, mark it with marker after the snap is delivered to the desired point.

Foot of the coil and the particular geometry of the handle

Foot reel should fit the rod, his reel seat on thickness and width. Also when choosing you need to pay attention to the shape of the handle — the handle should be comfortable to use when bezynertsionnoj mounted on a fishing rod. It usually is, but better check this by putting the reel on the rod, to make sure that everything is in order.

The top 6 manufacturers of coils

This Japanese company needs no introduction. It is well known anglers-beginners as a manufacturer of a wide range of tackle for all fishing methods. It has a range of and powerful reel, ideal for carp fishing.


Another Japanese company, which shares with Shimano the title of market leader in fishing gear. Among its products there are quite budget carp reel, superior and expensive models.


The Korean company, which was founded in 1973 with the active participation of Daiwa. Later became an independent firm that is primarily known for his spinning, but produces and other fishing products, including carp reels.


The British company, which was founded in 1967. Specializiruetsya on producing gear and clothing for carpfishing.

Allux is the brand under which produces their gear Italian company Italia srl Fishing. The products of this brand characterized by an innovative approach to performance and design, but also excellent value for money and quality.

Another British manufacturer, which specializiruetsya on the issue of tackle and accessories for carp fishing. Wychwood reels are renowned for their reliability and durability.

Top 10 carp reels
Sniper Strike Pro Baitfeeder

A budget coil, which, however, suitable for carp fishing. Equipped with beltranena. The body is made of graphite and the spool is made of plastic. Gear ratio is 5.2:1. It comes with a spare spool.

Is this coil from 1 200 rubles.

Daiwa Black Widow

Powerful bezynertsionnoj from renowned company. Clutch front, baitrunner no. Weight for size 5000 and 5500 is 672, the Gear ratio is 4.1:1.

Is this coil over 4 000 rubles.

Daiwa Emcast

Another model Daiwa, which is $ 5,000 weighs 480 g Holds such a coil 370 m fishing line with a diameter of 0,32 mm. the Gear ratio is 4.6:1. The reel has beltranena. In the series there are models of smaller — 3500, 4000 and 4500.

Price — 6 500 rubles.

Allux Ruthenium Cast

Coil this series can be used in the feeder , and carpfishing and sea fishing. This powerful bezynertsionnoj with a ratio of 4.6:1, which weigh from 600

Is this coil from 7 000 rubles.

Wychwood Riot Big Pit 65

Large powerful bezynertsionnoj without baitrunner. Gear ratio is 4.8:1. Made of precious wood finish arm accents and complements the original design of this model.

The price of this coil is from 8 000 rubles.

Shimano Aerlex

Bezynertsionnoj middle price segment. Gear ratio version with a size of 7000 with 5.3:1 and 8000 size is 4.6:1. The weight of these models is respectively 705 and 745 g. Baitrunner no.

Price — from 9 000 rubles.

Fox EOS 12000FS

The real carp reel, which perfectly meets the requirements. Has a simple stylish design with no frills. Gear ratio is 4.2:1 and a weight of 843 g. With these parameters, this reel is perfect for catching trophy carp of all sizes.

The price is 15 000 rubles.

Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTD

Powerful bezynertsionnoj from Shimano without baitrunner. The front clutch, complete spare spool. Gear ratio is 5.3:1, weight — 500 g.

Is this coil 16 000 rubles.

Fox 12000 XT Reel

The top coil from Fox, which pleases impeccable workmanship and a job well done. Included is a spare spool, which, like the main, made from aluminium. Gear ratio is 4.5:1, weight — 670 g. For smooth operation of the coil meet the 16 bearings.

Price — from 25 000 rubles.

Daiwa Infinity-X 5500 BR

Superior coilwhich is suitable for those who want to get the most out of their gear and ready to save on this. Gear ratio is 4.2:1, weight 765 g

Is this coil from 25 000 rubles.

How to set coil after purchase

To adjust the clutch, it is necessary after winding the fishing line on the spool pulling it. On the one hand, the force of her descent from the spool must be large so the fish didn’t wind up too easily.

On the other hand, it should not be too large so that you can break the leash.

By tightening the clutch you need to find for each specific tool, and it depends primarily on the breaking load of the leash.

If you make the effort, in which the rigging breaks, for 100%, then the friction brake needs to be tightened to 80-90%. Customize it better in the fully assembled gear, the rod should be laid out.

Better, if the setting angle between the cutting line and form close to the one when playing about 90 degrees. After the friction brake exposed, it is necessary to configure and baitrunner, using a special adjusting nut.

The nuances of the use of the coils beltranena

Coil beltranena differ from the ordinary only by the fact that after casting you can switch the device to free running. When this is done, it is always possible to move away from the tackle on business, leaving her unattended. Do not have to guard near the abandoned fishing rod, just to take it in hand at the moment.

If the carp take the nozzle, he freely pulled from the spool of fishing line as much as you want, and the rod will lie on the stand. After the bite has occurred, it is necessary to take the Donk off the bar and hook in. In this case you need to pull the stick coil, in this case, baitrunner will turn off automatically, and a vanishing line from the spool will control the front friction brake.

Care coils

To reel for carp rods were long and did not fail in difficult situations, for her to properly care for. Leaking model it is not necessary to lower or drop into the water. Also it is undesirable to put them on the ground, otherwise the inside can get sand and dirt, which will interfere with the mechanism and will eventually lead to premature coil failure.

Periodically bezynertsionnoj need to disassemble, clean and change the grease in it. This should be done once a season or when experiencing noise and disruption in the mechanism. This files most often starts to hiss bearing roller line bale, which collects sand and dirt. Sometimes it is enough just wipe with a dry cotton swab, but also there is a possibility that you will need to remove it and little to hold in a jar of solvent.

Attention! All manufacturers coils release and lubrication. For each model it is better to use the native oil. You can take some more, but first you should inquire about its properties. A lubricant designed for metal, corrode plastic parts.

How to care for a spinning reel


When properly transporting the coil can easily be damaged. The probability that it will have strong impact, which will lead to complete failure of the system, not so great, although this is not excluded.

But on the side of the spool of bezynertsionnoj can scratch, if you just throw the coil in a backpack or bag with fishing supplies, or in the trunk of the car.

If that happens, at the time of casting the fishing line, stepping down from the spool, will quickly deteriorate and deteriorate. To avoid such problems, you need to buy or sew a tight cover for the coil, which will protect it from such damage.

It’s all the highlights you need to know to choose the right coil and to ensure its long and trouble free service. A good model with proper handling and care will be for many years to delight you with its excellent work. Not to be mistaken with the choice, remember:

  • for carp fishing best suited powerful bezynertsionnoj;
  • the optimal amount is 5000;
  • gear ratio — 4.2:1 to 5.3:1;
  • it is better if the spool capacity is not less than 200 m fishing line diameter of 0.3 mm is the coil well suited for serious fishing;
  • bezynertsionnoj with beltranena is more expensive, but it will provide a more comfortable fishing.

Useful video

Features reels for carp in the video below.

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