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Carp recipes hot smoked for home and camping

Hot Smoking of common carp does not require a long training and special skills. Spending a not much time, you will receive a high quality product, comparable to the purchase by their taste properties.

For the preparation of smoked carp fish, pre-salted, and then smoked for several hours in the hot smoke.

Important! Carp smoked should not be stored for a long period of time, particularly longer than 2-3 days.

In order to smoke carp, you’ll need:

  • Prepared fish.
  • Properly chosen wood.
  • Smokehouse.
  • The contents

    • Preparing fish
    • The choice of wood
    • Smoked carp in the smoke house.
    • Carp smoked at home without a smokehouse
    • How to smoke carp in field conditions
    • Carp smoked: video recipe

    Preparing fish

    Before you can smoke carp, previously it should be pickle in a whole or gutted.

  • If you decide to smoke neporotovo carp, whole carcasses are washed, rubbed with coarse salt and kept in the refrigerator for a day or two depending on size, the bigger the fish, the more time it takes to prokalivanie.
  • Smoking gutted carp it is cut along the ridge, will animalt ridge internally. From the scales can not be cleaned. Expanding the carcass in the section, the fillets, make horizontal and vertical cuts, taking care not to damage the skin. The meat is then rubbed with coarse salt and leave the workpiece in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
  • Help! Hot Smoking is better suited to large fish from 1 to 3 kg.

    After salting fish it has been washed, well dried and you can start Smoking.

    The choice of wood

    For smoked carp should choose the wood of deciduous trees, which do not contain resin. Suitable wood of willow, poplar, chestnut, maple, alder, oak. If you add a juniper with berries, it will give the fish a beautiful Golden color and special flavor.
    Should not be used for Smoking conifers and birch.
    To smoke will need small branches, shavings and sawdust. They must not be rotten, with mold or fungus.

    Attention! Use for smoked sawdust fruit trees will give the fish a special taste.
    Smoked carp in the smoke house.

    The easiest way to smoke carp on their own – smoked it in a homemade smokehouse.


  • Prepare the fish, sasalu her.
  • Pour on the bottom of the smokehouse, a layer of wood chips and sawdust.
  • Lay the carcass on the grill to avoid contact.
  • Close the box and put it on the fire.
  • Fish weighing 1-2 kg smoke about 25 minutes. Carcasses greater or lesser weight should be smoke, respectively to increase or decrease the time interval. If when you remove the cap you will find that the fish was smoky enough, the process can continue.
  • After Smoking, open the lid to dry the carcass, allowing excess moisture to evaporate.
  • The willingness of carp is determined by its appearance and breakdown. Carcasses should acquire a brownish-Golden color and appetizing aroma. Break one carcass – if there range is no blood, the meat separates easily from the skin, and between them there is a small amount of juice, so carp is ready.
  • Help! The smokehouse grille is recommended to cover with foil. If not, the fat will drip on the chips, burn, and the product will succeed with soot.
    Carp smoked at home without a smokehouse

    To cook carp smoked at home and possibly in the absence of the smokehouse, replacing it with a large cauldron.


  • Salt the fish.
  • Lay on the bottom of the cauldron foil.
  • On the foil lay out the chips with sawdust.
  • Install the stand for the fish, so as to avoid contact of the carcasses with wood chips.
  • Wrap foil standso that the fat does not drip on the chips, and the cauldron lidto prevent the exit of cauldron smoke.
  • Lay the carcass on the stand, tightly cover the cauldron with a lid and put it on a strong fire for half an hour.
  • After half an hour remove the cauldron from heat and allow to stand for 2 hours with the lid closed.
  • How to smoke carp in field conditions

    Smoke freshly caught carp may directly into fishing.


  • Salt the fish, clearing it from scales.
  • Dig into a cliff a hole, not less than half a meter in depth and width and a height of about 70 cm.
  • The top will strengthen nasality branches of trees, on which lay the prepared carcass.
  • At the bottom of the niche build a fire of twigs, adding wet leaves to create smoke that will envelop the carcasses.
  • Turn the carcass during cooking. Depending on size, your catch will be ready in 1-3 hours, when you get a Golden color and pleasant aroma.
  • Your home-made carp smoked eaten quickly and without residue. You have the opportunity to verify this, try one of the suggested ways of cooking.

    Carp smoked: video recipe

    Easy way cooking the carp smoked.

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