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Remington Fishing II Suit


Indian summer has passed, with each passing day, the average air temperature begins to fall, and in the morning the display screen on the panel board of the car shows that from +4 to +6. Taking into account the cold wind, one wants to pull on a jacket of a winter suit, but first of all there is a desire to take stock of this year on the use of a Remington Fishing II Suit suit on fishing trips.

Water Reports: Remington Fishing II Suit

In the summer, you should not wear a suit when the air temperature is 22-24 degrees above zero, but in the morning, especially when fishing was carried out from a boat, I always used a jacket without overalls. He appreciated the windproof abilities of the suit, which in combination with an adjusted hood create comfortable conditions for fishing, both during movement on the water and in performances when catching the place.

Water Reports: Remington Fishing II Suit

Excellent rain protection performance, let me remind you that the waterproofing of the Remington suit is 18,000, the vapor drain is 13,000 drops. In shallow, drizzling rain, drops simply slide off the surface of the fabric, without creating the effect of a systematic distribution of moisture.

Water Reports: Remington Fishing II Suit

At the team predator fishing competitions organized by our hobby colleagues, we were able to fully test the costume; from the 8-hour tour, it was almost 4 hours average – heavy rain accompanied by a gusty wind that drove us into reeds for half an hour, where gone from zero.

Water Reports: Remington Fishing II Suit

They entered poorly, but checked and believed in the declared characteristics of the fishing suit. The only reason that I often got up and sat on a wet bench, the fifth point was wet, so there should always be a “podzhopnik”, I think that strengthening the material will not save the situation, a matter of time.

Water Reports: Remington Fishing II Suit

Cold nights stood out in early September, so as not to freeze under Remington Fishing II Suit put on thermal underwear and a fleece suit. Open areas of the body froze, especially when changing fishing places, but it pleased the completely non-blown property, and the ingress of cold air through the sleeve cuffs was also excluded.

The only negative that I encountered was the soiledness of the trouser-legs of the overalls, the fabric seemed to collect all the dust and dirt, although he tried not to get dirty and always used a rag and often washed his hands. After each fishing, I wiped it with a clean damp cloth, once a month I asked my wife to wash it.

Water Reports: Remington Fishing II Suit

In conclusion, I will say that Remington Fishing II Suit is suitable not only for fishing, hunting and mushroom trekking in inclement weather, but also for walking around the city, thanks to its beautiful design, to all LFNs with respect Sergey Egoist.


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