How to properly clean fish from the scales

To make life easier for all Housewives, we’ll talk about how to clean a fish properly. In fact, nothing incredibly difficult in this process no, but you realize it only when they see the plate cleaned, gutted fish. And when in your hands the first time a large, live carp, you look at him in confusion.

In fact to clean a fish is not difficult

The contents

  • Clean fish from the scales
  • How to gut the fish
    • Served in the restaurant
    • What to do with frozen fish
    • Cut the fins
    • How to make raw fish fillet
    • Skin removal
  • Video about how to clean a fish
    • What you need for perch
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Clean fish from the scales

If your hands were live fish, it must first “disarm” and only after that to clean. For this you can contact Tom who caught it and hit something on the head (not the fisherman, but carp). For some hostesses this process is the most difficult, therefore, to not complicate your life, you can put a catch under the freezer – you’ll have svezheokrashennoj fish, which is also still waiting to be cleaned.

If you buy fish in the market, it is important to choose fresh – it is not slippery, with no unpleasant color and smell, and the meat is held tightly, without separating from the bones.

The first stage of cleaning – rinsing the carcass under running cool water. Now you can start to clean a fish and well, if there is a special knife (it is inexpensive and is sold in the market or in the fishing stores). Very popular special fish scalers, which are similar to scrapers.

But if this tool is not suitable, and an ordinary kitchen knife, but he needs to be careful and clean the blunt side to cut. Some Housewives in order to avoid injuries cleaned in any convenient object – a spoon, fork, etc. Cleaning is best done in the same sink where you wash the fish. Be prepared for the fact that the scales will fly in all directions. So many Housewives put the fish in the bag and clean it as if “the package”, and on the location of the drain in the sink, put plastic or metal mesh. Here each hostess your recipe. Someone puts in the sink in a big bowl and does everything in her to stay up there all the scales.

The fish should hold: the head must look at you, and you hold it by the tail and brush from the tail slowly toward the head, the scales at this time, flies off to the side. After you completed the task, again rinse the fish under running water.

How can watch you fish while cleaning

Tip: If you chose the fish, which is very tight scales, lower it by two seconds in boiling water.

How to gut the fish

For gutting, you’ll need a kitchen knife and a cutting Board. If the Board is wooden, the smell will not wash off over time, therefore we recommend to cover the Board with newspaper or ordinary package. This technique will get rid of the fishy smell immediately after completion of the evisceration of a carcass and to quickly remove the work area. By the way, this advice is also relevant for plastic boards.

Put the carcass on a Board with a ridge down and belly up. A kitchen knife or scissors, cut the belly from the head almost to the anus (near the tail), so that it is easy to get all content out of it with a knife, while trying not to touch the gallbladder. Don’t forget in addition to guts to remove a red-brown film located on the walls of the belly.

The process of evisceration

Go to the head. If you decide to leave, you have to remove the gills to the future dish bitter. If the head is too small or simply not needed, cut it and do not suffer. Then again wash the fish and you can start to do stuff.

As you can see, the process is not complicated, but after that you will be overwhelmed with a sense of pride that you were able to cope on their own. By doing this at least once from beginning to end, you will be able to tell her friends how to properly clean fish from the scales.

If you still don’t know what to cook, look at recipes on our website. You can, for example, to cook fish in batter or if you have cleaned the carp, grease it with sour cream, salt, pepper and send to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour – it will be tasty.

Served in the restaurant

Fish can be cooked many dishes, not just soup and fry. Fish cakes, aspic, snacks Housewives require more careful preparation of fish, than lifting of scales and gutting. The above method is suitable for home use when you cook fish for yourself. But if you have to prepare a festive table, fish requires a completely different preparation. You need to courageously go through some steps such as removing scales, remove the fins, gutting, skinning, butchering the fillets.

What to do with frozen fish

Butchering frozen fish begins with thawing. So she’s not stuck, it is recommended to thaw, wrap the carcass in paper, or leave in the package. But the best option is to place the fish in lightly salted water.

If you bought a fillet, you can fry it not unfrozen, which will keep the juiciness, or to thaw and, if necessary, clean off the scales.

Cut the fins

Often while cleaning the fish there is a need to remove the fins. If the fish is large, together with gutted head can be “put on the ear”.

The first thing you need to cut off the sharp fins, this is done in order to cooked fish looked good, was nicely decorated, easy to cut into portions.

Large sharp fins, you can remove special kitchen scissors before the process of removing the scales, then the job will be more secure. If there is no particular need to remove the fins, you can omit this point. For example, if the recipe requires to cook a whole fish, the fins are easier to remove after cooking.

How to make raw fish fillet

To get the fillet, you need to remove the fins along with the bones that they are attached to the body. To do this, the knife edge is inserted in the bone connective tissue located under the fin. Moving the knife as a lever, easy to remove the fin with the bone.

Make a fillet from a large fish

If the separate gills, to make them cut and pull, in one fell swoop to take out all the insides without destroying the carcass.

Skin removal

The skin of the fish should not be removed if you are going to boil it whole, fry or simmer. Flat fish large size you can start to boil, and then easily remove the skin. But some species of fish according to the recipe or individual circumstances require you to remove the skin from before cooking. For example, to work with the Maritime language is easier: make an incision and remove.

Often it is necessary to remove the skin because some representatives of the marine realm it produces an unpleasant smell. Sometimes it’s easier to first cut the fish in fillets and then remove the skin – everything depends on the individual.

Video about how to clean a fish

What you need for perch

If you want clean bass or other representatives with difficult to spit scales, buy a scaler or make him taranco. If the scaler is to buy does not work, do it with your own hands: nail to the plank next to each other in two rows of tin lids from beer bottles – the device is ready for operation.


In some stores sellers offer to clean the fish for a small fee. This method caught on among Russians, but if your husband back with a good catch from fishing, of course in the shop for cleaning you will not suffer. So roll up your sleeves and clean the fish with their hands – it’s easy, especially after the first kilogram.

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