How to pickle salmon caviar at home?

Salmon has many useful properties, one of which is of high nutritional value, it was treasured in ancient times. The main dish on the Royal reception was the caviar, because it’s considered a delicacy. The salting of caviar of salmon at home in those days was almost not possible, not everyone knew how to do it. The Royal chefs passed recipes from generation to generation, for them it was one of the great treasures.

Salted pink salmon caviar

Salmon caviar can be used in a variety of ways, many people like ear with the addition of caviar, and someone is grilling her, but the most common is the salted pink salmon caviar. After the recipes of salting of caviar of salmon long ago was declassified, it has become a fairly common dish. Why pink salmon caviar is of great value only in a salted, and that it generally is – is to learn before starting to learn the recipes of salting.

If you look at the caviar from a biochemical point of view, we can clearly conclude that it is more nutritious in contrast to the meat. One hundred grams of caviar contains 250 kcal, and the meat is 150 calories. Since childhood the known benefits of fish oil, which is very rich in eggs, it also contains large amounts of protein. To normalize the functioning of the organism is possible thanks to the many nutrients contained in eggs – phosphorus, magnesium, b vitamins, and many others. Withdraw cholesterol from your body will help fish oil is one of its features. When cooking or sugarce caviar is protein denaturation, leading to the deaths of minerals and vitamins. There’s only one way to keep the use of this product is a salting. At the moment the salting of caviar of salmon at home anyone can do.

Pink salmon caviar

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  • The salting of caviar house
    • Wet salting
    • Dry salting
    • Storage of red caviar
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The salting of caviar house

If you wish to eat caviar salmon, it can be purchased in almost any store in ready to drink form. But, unfortunately, buy red caviar very hard hit on your wallet, because the price is quite large, as the value of the product. Also, very often in stores, perishable products can be added preservatives to increase shelf life. For people living not far from the habitats of the salmon, is not advisable to buy eggs at the store. Can also happen such that you will not buy the gutted pink salmon and there will be caviar. Therefore, we recommend the following recipe of salting of caviar of salmon. There are two recipe of salting of caviar of salmon: “wet salting and dry salting”.

Wet salting

To do this, prepare a saline solution, which later will be salting the caviar and it is possible to jerk the fish. In a glass of boiled water dissolve two teaspoons of salt and one spoon of sugar, prepared with saline solution. To determine the concentration of a solution using a potato, if she floats, then more salt is not necessary. After cooling the solution, it is poured onto cleansed from the film spawn. Remove the tape on the calf you can use gauze folded in several layers. Caviar is washed under running water through a cheesecloth, while stirring continuously. Caviar is salted for 2 hours, then water is drained and the eggs can be eaten. Shelf life of the prepared calves for several days. To keep such eggs must in sealed containers.

Dry salting

Colander with caviar drops in boiling salted water for approximately 20 seconds, this way we get rid of the film. Then caviar is sifted through a sieve, it separates the foil residues from eggs. Then the ROE is mixed with salt, but it should be done very carefully, that would not damage the eggs. For a kilogram of eggs will need several large spoonfuls of salt coarsely ground. You need to remember that for salting of caviar only need rock salt, iodized for these purposes is not suitable. Mixed the eggs with a wooden spoon. Then eggs laid in jars and hermetically closed. You also need to remember to add a spoon of vegetable oil in each jar, it will improve the taste and prolong the shelf life of caviar. Caviar, salted in this recipe, is stored for about two weeks.

Storage of red caviar
Sandwich with caviar

What would the eggs have survived longer need to add a tablespoon of olive or sunflower, but with no smell, oil. Then hermetically closed and placed in the refrigerator. Thus, the ROE is maintained from 10 to 14 days. Although it is difficult to believe that such a wonderful dish will be so long standing. When visiting the fish Department pay attention to the pink salmon, which is not eviscerated In a single pink salmon female weighing up to 800 grams, contains about one hundred grams of caviar. Actually it goes to you free of charge as you buy pink. And eggs you can pickle it yourself.

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