How to pickle salmon at home

Salmon, Atlantic salmon, or salmon lake is a fish of the salmon family, which meat due to its taste has a great culinary value to prepare many fish dishes. In addition to the meat of this fish is present in large quantities chemical element melatonin, which contributes to the process of rejuvenating cells in the human body and promotes sound and healthy sleep. Also this fish contains substances that help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and promote weight loss.

Salmon (Atlantic salmon)

Recipes for this fish, probably, simply does not count, but primarily the salmon consumed in dried form. A sandwich from the red fish in the morning this is truly an aristocratic Breakfast. But few know that if you pickle salmon house, the red fish will cost You much cheaper than the store, but tastier and healthier. This article will tell You how to pickle salmon at home.

The contents

  • How to choose salmon for pickling?
  • How to thaw salmon?
  • How to fillet a salmon?
  • Salting of salmon
    • Cooking recipes salmon
  • Video recipe of salted salmon
  • Conclusion

How to choose salmon for pickling?

If You are interested in this article, and You are planning to test their culinary skills in preparation of cured products and to cook salted salmon will begin this process right now. Of course, you first need to purchase the fish itself. When choosing salmon, you must pay attention to the following points: meat is to the touch it is smooth, crisp and have pleasant fish flavor, eyeballs needs to be transparent, and the skin is smooth and shiny. Salmon is usually maintained at a temperature of about 2°C. If strictly to observe all the sanitary conditions, at this temperature, the fish retains its freshness for about four days after harvest. Fresh frozen salmon stored at -20°C for about 3-4 months after harvest. This salmon must be covered with silvery scales. Such fish should not be dents or other damage and in the abdomen it should be smooth and white. Meat can be pinkish or red color. Also the freshness of such fish can be identified by the color of the gills. The fresh salmon they intensively-red or dull red color.

How to thaw salmon?

A very important factor for high-quality salted frozen salmon regains its defrosting. Frozen fish should be thawed in a simple refrigerating chamber until then, until it becomes soft to the touch. Defrost usually lasts about two days, but it depends on the size of fish and temperature of the refrigerator. Do not defrost a fish in water, especially if the water is hot. Fish, defrosted in this way are not suitable for drying and salting. The ideal temperature for the thawing of fresh-frozen fish +5°C.

How to fillet a salmon?

Big fish is cut into fillet pieces from one to a pound. Doing it this way. The fish washed thoroughly with cold water, then wipe with a clean cloth or tissue. Begin to cut the fish with the head cut it off with gills. Next, take a long knife and gently cut the fish in half. The output is two fillets. One with the spine and the other without. First carefully remove the knife spine. Remove the fillets from the ribs.

Deletion of edges with tweezers

This procedure will be much easier if and will take a lot less time if you use a medical pair of tweezers or a special tool for removing fish fins. After removal of the ribs, the fillet is ready for salting. Leftover meat can be frozen and later use for cooking fish broth or fish broth.

Salting of salmon

Now explain how salting salmon at home. Usually for salting salmon using one of three methods of salting.

  • “Wet salting” the salting of fish in brine;
  • “Dry salting” the fish, pour or RUB with salt;
  • “Combined, the Ambassador” — first fish grease dry method, and after her for some time kept in saline solution.

The most popular and easiest way of home cooking is “dry salting” of salmon. Salting salmon “wet-salting” is usually used by companies which are professionally engaged in salting fish. Very rarely use the “combined Ambassador”.

Cooking recipes salmon

Scandinavian recipe. (One of the most simple recipes for pickling)

Preparing for salting

Thawed or fresh salmon, have to filaki. The skin with pieces of meat can not be removed. Carefully pour the fillets with sea salt and sugar 50/50. Do not spare zasolochny the mix because the fish are not salted properly.

Pour salmon with salt

Usually take three to four tablespoons per kilogram of filaki. After the fillet is folded into an enamel pan or other suitable for pickling container and leave for 24 hours in refrigerating chamber at a temperature of from 5+ to 10 + degrees.

Put the salmon under the yoke and in the fridge

After 24 hours the fish get purified from salts and safely eat. The rump roast is cut into pieces or slices and serve with mugs of lemon. Bon appetit.

Salting salmon with sugar and spices

The recipe is based on one kilogram of fillet:

  • 1-2 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 4-5 tablespoons of salt;
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • 1 – tea boat of black pepper (ground);
  • 1 branch of parsley;
  • 1 branch of dill;
  • 3-4 Bay leaves.

Sugar mixed with salt and pepper, then RUB with a mixture of fillets. In an enamel pan put a layer of meat and put it the Bay leaf and greens. After the meat is sprinkled with the remnants of salt and stack the next layer of fillets. This method put all the remaining meat and pour it with lemon juice. Put the pan in the refrigerator for two to three days. During this time, two times a day, put the meat from top to bottom. After three days, take out the fillet and strip the knife or brush the seasoning and salt. The fish is ready. Before serving, abundantly watered it with lemon juice.

Salmon with sugar, salt and spices

Salted salmon with lemon

For salting salmon for this recipe usually use a rump roast. Salting produce the salt and sugar in equal halves. Here is a recipe of Ambassador to one kilogram of filaki. First prepare zasolochny mixture. For 1 kg mix 4 tablespoons of salt and 4 of sugar, this mixture pour the bottom, where we salt the fish. Then I put the salmon skin down and liberally sprinkle with juice of one lemon. Leave the meat to absorb the marinade for a few hours, then put the container with the fish in the fridge for two days. Fans of salted fish can use this product already on the next day. Before taking salmon in her food out of the dish with the brine and carefully wipe it clean with a napkin. The lemon has the property of making meat softer, juicier and more tender. If You cook fish this recipe, serve it on the table without lemon.

Video recipe of salted salmon


I think after reading this article, You will easily understand how to pickle salmon in the home and will be able to entertain yourself and your loved ones with delicious dishes prepared with salted salmon. Most importantly adhere to all the rules of Ambassador as outlined in this article, and the result will exceed yourself.

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