How to make big carp to bite

Today I want to tell you about the way of catching big carp on the feeder, but with a little improvement. The way I felt at the time when the fish stop biting and it was full backlava, that’s when I decided to experiment. I just read about the fact that the fish responds well to lures that are raised from the bottom and slightly raised above the grass. First, a lure can best be seen, a second large carp, behaves differently than small, it is hard to take a vertical position, thus hanging over the bottom bait him to “gobble up” easier.

So I decided to try this method, on the hook I attached a Styrofoam ball and planted the worm, and below as a depth stop made a pellet, at a distance of 8-10 cm, at a distance of 8-10 inches. Such snap almost immediately began to respond carp and large, a long wait for bites not had a carp bite both during Jora. Here’s how you can remedy the situation for fishing, one small action and change bellevie, active nibble. Then I just used the foam when fishing for carp and he has always proved himself better than just a head lying on the bottom.

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Amanda K. Benson

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