How to choose braided line for spinning for pike

Braid, or cord is a monofilament, which consists of several individual fibers. Due to this structure, it has a number of advantages compared to the monofil appeared in a fishermen much earlier.

This line almost does not stretch , even on long casts, it has no memory, and is characterized by high strength with small diameter.

Fiber consists of cord can be woven pigtail or soldered heat through. A method of manufacturing virtually no effect on its working qualities. To choose a good network, you need to pay attention to other characteristics.

The contents

  • Features braided fishing line
    • Diameter
    • Breaking load
    • Color
    • Density
  • Popular manufacturers
    • Power Pro
    • Spiderwire
    • Berkley
  • Fishing methods
  • Braided line for spinning
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • How to choose braided line for spinning for pike depending on the places of fishing and season
    • Color
    • The breaking load of braids
  • Useful video

Features braided fishing line

The main characteristics that determine the performance of the basket are its diameter, breaking load, density and color.


The thinner fishing line, the further you can throw the lure is equipped with her tackle. In addition, the cord is a small diameter has a minimal resistance to the flow of water at the time of posting, and when fishing with him on the course to perform the correct animation of the lure easier. Therefore, the two cords with the same breaking load, it is preferable to choose thinner.

But you need to keep in mind that almost all manufacturers understate the diameter of the braids, and the numbers indicated on the package, usually do not correspond to reality. To accurately measure the thickness of the cord using a Vernier caliper, or micrometer, is difficult because in cross-section most of them are not circular in shape. So first of all when you choose you need to focus on tensile strength of braided fishing line.

Breaking load

The breaking load, or test braided line, indicated on the line reel in kilograms or LiBr. One of the LiBr is approximately equal to 454 g. the Use of more durable cord allows you to catch large heavy bait with no fear that the snap-in breaks during the sharp casting, and to draw out fish of trophy sizes.

Also when fishing with braided line with great tensile load is reduced to minimize the probability of loss of baitsthat can be released when the Circlip on the grass or bottom of obstacles, pulling the fishing line. But ceteris paribus stronger cords have a larger diameter, so you need to be able to choose the right fishing line under certain conditions of fishing.


Unlike the monofil or fluorocarbon, braided lines are opaque. Its color plays a great importance when fishing. From the color depends on the visibility of the line for both fish and angler. If the braid is clearly visible to the spinner, much easier to control the wiring of the lure and track bite.

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You can find the cords for the most different colors from camo swamp green to a bright fluorescent pink. Also has braided lines which change colors every 10 meters. This allows you to track the home range of the lure. They are used for catching in a plumb, spinning and trolling .


Than denser the braid, the more durable it will be. Loose cords pretty quickly start to blossom and become useless. In addition, a dense braided fishing line easily passes through the choke ring coil and has minimal resistance to flow. To determine the density of the basket to fold it in half. Loose cord will begin to bloom at the point of bending, from the purchase of this fishing line should be abandoned.

Popular manufacturers

Among the most popular manufacturers of cords for fishing includes Power Pro, Spiderwire and Berkley.

Power Pro

This network remains the most popular among anglers for many years. Cords Power Pro are different good strength and sensitivity. But sales presents a large number of fakes, many of which are not more than a month.


Under this brand produced a circular in cross-section braid with a smooth surface. Spiderwire cords impregnated with polyethylene and Teflon under high pressure, through this treatment, they become more durable, and their work quality improves.


This company produces a braided line FireLine, which is made of fiber Microdynema, characterized by high strength. Thanks to a special coating this cord has a high rigidity, it is resistant to abrasion and does not absorb water.

Fishing methods

Braid for pike is relevant primarily in the forms of fishing that require long casting and high sensitivity snapspinning and feeder. It is the main type of fishing linethat is used for bottom fishing at distances over 30-40 metres. If fishing takes place near the shore, it is better to use the monofil.

Braided line is also suitable for catching of a predator on the imitation fish , mugs and float zhivtsovy the bait . Special requirements to the cord when it is selected no, the main thing to choose the right fishing line strength, which will allow to cope with stranded hook-trophies. Of monofil fishing for this tackle has the advantage, since it is less visible to the fish.

Braided line for spinning

Braided line has made a real revolution in spinning fishing. It provides very high sensitivity equipment and a maximum of control over bait during posting. Its benefits are particularly relevant when fishing jigs and lures that require a dash wiring. Braid is the most common type of fishing line used for spinning the advanced anglers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of braids:

  • zero elongation;
  • the absence of memory;
  • high strength with small diameter.
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Unlike the monofil braided line almost doesn’t stretch. Due to the zero stretch of the cord all the information from the lures clearly transmitted through spinning in the hand of the fisherman.

Therefore, to perform the correct wiring is easy. After a bite of fish when fishing with braided line you can make a good cutting, while due to the high elongation of the monofil, the force applied by the angler with a sharp stroke of the rod and practically does not reach the hook.

Due to the lack of memory cord is not going to ringand after vanishing from the reel. Therefore, when fishing with it you can do a maximum long casts. Also, due to the lack of memory space becomes more comfortable posting bait.

For the same diameter braided line is much superior to the monofil strength. Due to this increased distance casting of lures, and to perform the correct animation when fishing on the course becomes much easier.

The disadvantages of the braids include:

  • the lack of attenuation of the jerks fish;
  • the visibility in the water;
  • high price.

Because of its zero stretch the cord does not smooths the jerks that sat on the hook a trophy while playing fish, resulting in increased probability of derailment. To avoid this, you need to use a quality coil with a properly configured frictional brake. It is also important to master the technique of the playing technique of playing.

Because of its opacity braid clearly visible in the water fish. When fishing for pike it is usually not a big deal, but the cord may scare away other fish, such as perch, trout or grayling.

For the price of the braided line several times higher than the monofil. As a result, many novice anglers refuses buying it, but you shouldn’t. Due to its advantages of cord provides a comfortable and productive fishing, however, he is much more durable than monofilament.

How to choose braided line for spinning for pike depending on the places of fishing and season

More thick braid you need to use when fishing in snags or among the seaweed. In this case, the strength of the cord will be enough to release the bait after the drop. For fishing in snags, you can put them on the hooks that straighten under the high load. When fishing on open bottom, you can use the cords with smaller diameters.

It is also preferable to use a more subtle braids when fishing on the course and at great depths — line the easiest thing to do correct wiring of the lure. But the breaking load of the cord should be sufficient to confidently get stranded on the hook for the trophy.

For fishing during the second half of the spring, summer and autumn, when the fish has the resistance when playing, it is preferable to use stronger cords. Thin braids better suited for fishing in the winter and in early spring in clear water when the fish are more passive.

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Most anglers prefer to use braided camouflage swamp-green. But you need to keep in mind that in water because of its opacity, the fish clearly visible cord of any color.

At the same time the cords are bright fluorescent colors — yellow, green, orange, pink and more visible to the angler at the time of posting. When used very conveniently to control the wiring of the lure and track the most careful touch of fish to the nozzle. Therefore, many advanced anglers prefer these cords.

In that case, if the snap-in must be the most invisible to fish, you can use a long leash from flurocarbon. In its application the number of bites significantly increased. The use of fluorocarbon is especially important when fishing with spinning in the winter on reservoirs that are not covered by ice, and in early spring.

The water at this time is transparent, and the predator is passive and behaves cautiously. In late spring, summer and autumn , as a rule, a good working snap-in, consisting of braids and metal leash.

The breaking load of braids

When choosing braids according to the size of the alleged trophies can be guided by the following figures:

  • for catching small pike will fit a braided line with a breaking load of about 4-4. 5 kg, with this cord you can confidently draw out the trophies weighing up to 2 kg;
  • if you intend to catch a predator medium size, use with test line 7-7,5 kg — enough to pull out a pike weighing up to 6 kg;
  • if the catches can be pike weighing more than 5-6 kg, fit a braided line with a breaking load of 8 to 20 kg.

The most versatile braided line with a breaking load of about 7 kg. Its strength in most cases is sufficient for playing fish. Also when fishing it’s always a good chance to release the bait from the hook.

Braid has significant advantages in front of the monofilthrough which it became the main type of fishing lineused in modern spinning. It can also be used for fishing on the Donk, imitation fish, mugs and float zhivtsovy the bait. Braid is more expensive than other types of fishing line, but no need to be sorry on it of money — due to its outstanding working qualities, it makes fishing more comfortable and productive.

Useful video

How to choose braided line for spinning on the video below: