How to catch pike at first ice

Pergolide is the perfect time for going to the pond, which look forward to many anglers. Biting well at this time, the different fish, and pike is no exception.

You may very well catch a toothy predator in the period of the first ice. Consider how to do it, to stay with a great catch.

The contents

  • Features pike at first ice
  • Where to find pike at first ice?
  • The timing of the fishing
  • Tackle and bait for pike at first ice
    • The rod for trolling
    • Imitation fish
    • The pike fishing on the balancer on the first ice
    • Trolling
  • Tactics for catching pike on the imitation fish at first ice and features of the art of fishing
  • Useful video

Features pike at first ice

Pike at first ice are predominantly active. Therefore, it readily grabs the bait, both natural and artificial. But sometimes parvaldu have to get a bad bite, when the fish have to grind, but that rarely happens.

The oxygen content immediately after the formation of ice is still great, and the fish want to fatten fat to better survive the winter. The combination of these two factors explains the activity of the pike. As you approach the middle of winter she will feed less and less.

Where to find pike at first ice?

By pervalidus pike can be caught at depth and in the coastal zone. The most promising locations are different for different reservoirs. If the river or lake where you go fishing, you are not familiar, is either in advance to inquire other fishermen, or to see where they are caught.

Of course, this does not negate the need for independent research: you need to drill holes on different parts of the pond from the shallows to the depths, and to sh them to determine the Parking of a predator.

Typical pike promising points do not change from season to season:

  • borders of thickets of vegetation and window in the grass;
  • irregularities of bottom topography, such as pits and eyebrows;
  • snags.

The timing of the fishing

Before you go out on the ice, you have to wait until he would be strong enough. Safe thickness of ice cover is 7 cm and better than 10. 10-inch ice is a confident person with gear and equipment with a total weight of 100 kg. you Can try to go to 5-santimetrovy ice and successfully with him to fish, but in this case it is necessary to observe extreme caution.

Immediately after the ice cover has gained the fortress and confident person, and should start pike fishing. The burst of activity that occurs after the formation of ice, short-lived, so take advantage of this opportunity.

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Important! Fishing on the first ice it is necessary to follow the safety rules : check the ice cover blow successfully before you step on it, always have a rescue service, also is not superfluous to the suit-float. To go on the ice better company and to move a distance of not less than 5 m from each other.

Pike are biting at pervalidus in the light throughout the day. As a rule, the most active predator in the noon. Also there are bursts of activity in the early morning, after dawn, and late evening, before sunset.

The most favorable weather conditions for pike at first ice will be:

  • stable atmospheric pressure ;
  • cloudy weather;
  • light rain;
  • high air temperature (a small plus or a small minus);

It is in such weather pike can be caught throughout the daylight hours.

Tackle and bait for pike at first ice
The rod for trolling

As pike on parvaldu predominantly active, it perfectly caught the bait for trolling. Such a set consists of:

  • of spinning up to a length of 70 cm;
  • inertia, spinning or baitcasting reels;
  • nod;
  • the main line (usually used of monofil) and resistant to pike teeth of the leash, which is attached to the bait.

As lures are used spinners and balancers. The latter are just the best baits for catching of a predator in the period of its activity. The game they are more aggressive than the spinners. If parvaldu pike can be caught on spinners and balancers, and the latter are often more efficient, in gluhozime preference is almost always to give the spinners.

With the size of the lures can not be trifles. By pervalidus for pike using spinners and balancers of size 100 and 120 mm and even larger. Large piece of mouth happy, and there is every chance that such a heavy bait at the beginning of winter caught a real trophy. Not be refused on parvaldu to attack these baits and medium or small pike. Small rockers and spinners will be invaluable later in gluhozime when the pike is passive, and in the spring when its belly is filled with cream and caviar.

Imitation fish

Good results when fishing for pike in early winter bring the imitation fish. For such fishing, you should use the model with check boxes-alarm bite. They involve active fishing, in which after actuation of the gear should be approached, and even better run to her and carry out the cutting.

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The advantages of fishing for pike on the imitation fish at first ice:

  • These equipment work well in any mood of the pike, and when the predator is active, and on days when she is cranky.
  • Imitation fish you can put anywhere – like in the shallows and at depth, but to catch the bait for trolling on the small parcels is not very promising.
  • Zherlitsa is the most efficient gear for catching pike with ice, and the period of pervolakia is no exception.
  • But there zherlits and disadvantages:

  • Set of gear weighs quite a lot and takes a lot of place.
  • To fish with a Gerlich, we need to catch the bait fish.
  • This fishing cannot be called a sport, which is a significant disadvantage for some.
  • As bait for pike on the imitation fish at first ice you can use any fish feed size:

    • roach;
    • carp;
    • ruff;
    • perch and so on.

    How to use Gerlich, everyone decides for himself. Usually the optimal number for one angler – from 10 to 20. If they are smaller, it is difficult to achieve a good catch, if it becomes too hard to handle. Although some craftsmen manage to cope with 30 and 40 Gerlich .

    The pike fishing on the balancer on the first ice

    Basic techniques for fishing in purworedjo standard:

  • necessary to lower the balancer in the original point of the posting (usually a bottom);
  • to make a sharp stroke with an amplitude of up to half a meter, and then immediately lower the rod to its original position below the balancer freely planned in the water column;
  • wait until the bait stops (which will be noticeable on the frozen line) and repeat the jerk spinning.
  • On the first ice, when the pike are active, such wiring can be performed in a fairly rapid pace. To get point hungry fish, who is determined to attack, enough with 5-6 strokes on one hole . If the fish are fussy, you can stay in one place for longer, trying different techniques of animation.

    For example, when fishing on the balancer well-behaved show a slight shaking of the spinning and tapping it tight line with little to enliven the bait and often cause the predator to attack. Also, when playing in the lower layers of water periodically hitting the bait on the bottom, picking up the dregs (if there is one soft) or causing good to hear the fish the noise (if it is rocky).

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    Please note! Fishing shallow on the ice with rocker often does not bring good results, because pike just frightened by the sight of the angler.

    For such fishing is better to choose areas dusted with snow. If such prospective areas in shallow water no, better to look for fish at depth. The same applies to fishing on the first ice with lures.


    Base the technique of the spinner is a little different from the animation of a stabilizer. The strokes are spinning up to half a meter in height, after which the rod is immediately lowered to the starting position. In order to lure more varied and interesting, it is necessary, as in the case of the balancer, add additional methods of revival spinners – shaking of the spinning, tapping on it, the bumps on the bottom and so on.

    Also, if the standard spinner animation does not work, you can try go more smoothly: in a quiet pace to raise spinning to the desired height, and then sharply to throw him to the lure planned.

    Tactics for catching pike on the imitation fish at first ice and features of the art of fishing

    If you catch a pike at first ice on the imitation fish, the best use of the gear. Fishing rod for trolling, in parallel, with one eye looking after potawotami, too. But it is more correct to focus entirely on one tackle.

    To put imitation fish on the ice in a checkerboard pattern in sight, so that they were located in diverse areas is the best way to determine where today best pecks pike. You can also place a few, about 5, gear along shoreline drop-off, and the rest – so that they go off the rocks at depth.

    When fishing for active pike in early winter is better to react quickly to bites. In this approach, after load check box, you have to run up to tackle and make it sweeps, until the fish managed to spit out the bait. In a fishing trip is not superfluous as it may be a binocular that will allow viewing of any area, although most of galichnik do without it.

    Useful video

    Catching pike on the imitation fish on the first ice in the video below: