How to catch perch on poppers? Easy!

Tips for beginners: How to catch perch on poppers? Easy!

The beginning of summer, and in particular the beginning of the boat season, is an excellent period for catching many predators. But for me this is, first of all, the long-awaited opportunity to take large perch to poppers. Water by this time has already warmed up enough, the baby has grown, is kept in small flocks and moves a lot in search of food. Behind him is actively moving and striped. But flocks of fry do not hold everywhere. They choose places where there are thickets of burdocks, water lilies and other underwater vegetation. Oyun adheres to the same places. Other factors are also equally important, such as the oxygen regime, flow rate, warmth, etc.

Tips for beginners: How to catch perch on poppers? Easy!

So it was this time. The lower reaches of the Dnieper, in spite of their scale and large water area, absolutely do not always guarantee huge catches. Huge expanses of water complicate the search for fish. You have to move a lot and catch significant areas. Some old women and ducts are completely empty and fishless. But in some of them you can stumble upon a good concentration of fish and get a good dose of adrenaline from spectacular bites on poppers.


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