How to catch burbot in winter imitation fish and postawski

Winter is the best time for catching burbot . Unlike all the other fish in the cold season he aktiviziruyutsya fed and very happy. And imitation fish can be called the best tackle for fishing for burbot from the ice . Consider how to make postawski how to tie snap to them, and how to correct them to fish.

The contents

  • Pros fishing on imitation fish
  • Manufacturer zherlits with their hands
    • Korobushka
    • Butting
    • Zherlitsa-nezamerzayki
  • The correct tooling imitation fish for burbot
  • Rigging for strong currents
  • The right bait for burbot
  • Choice of time for fishing
  • The choice of location
  • Tactics for catching burbot in winter imitation fish
  • Fishing technique
    • Setting Gerlich
    • The bite and fighting the fish
  • Burbot during winter postawski: video

Pros fishing on imitation fish

The reasons for the popularity of burbot fishing on imitation fish is easy to understand:

  • The efficiency. This trip brings great results. Of all the Amateur ways of catching garlicka fishing to be best catches with minimal effort.
  • Easy. In the technique of fishing there is nothing complicated: it is enough to put on ice the gear, and then check them in a few hours and collect the “harvest”.
  • Cheapness. Imitation fish-postawski on burbot is easily made with your own hands. They cost mere pennies.
  • Manufacturer zherlits with their hands

    There are three main options for the design of Gerlich on burbot in the winter, from which you can choose and buy:


    To make this imitation fish, you need to:

  • take the wooden handle (a piece of pole, slats or a light Board), which length should be half to two times the diameter of the hole;
  • attach to it a cord reel with a split in which is recorded the scaffold for setting depth;
  • tied to the reel line with a snap, then wind it on motoviltse.
  • How does this kind of imitation fish:

  • after the hole is drilled , it is necessary to wind the fishing line reel as much as you need for fishing in your chosen location and then lock the thread in the split;
  • to omit the snap, fishing line and reel in the water;
  • put the crossmember on the ice.
  • Reel when fishing for burbot on imitation fish-kolbasku does not freeze, as it is completely submerged in water. To achieve this, the length of the cord that is connected motoviltse with a cross, should be greater than the thickness of the ice. When the fish takes the bait, it pulls line from the split and begins to untie her. After the fishing line unwinds fully, burbot pinpoint.

    Kolobochki convenient to catch, leaving them in ice for a few days or for the whole winter. In this case, to check gear and get trophies, it is necessary to drill a second hole next to the one in which postawski. Through this second hole and need to pull, snap, podzeplje its a bent piece of wire with a hook at the end


    The simplest design for a tackle, which, like korobushka, best suited for stationary use, that is, such that when the hooks under the ice all winter holds at one point.

    To make the poke, you need to:

  • take a pole whose length is greater than the depth at the fishing location;
  • tied to her fishing line with a length of up to 2 m with the snap.
  • Butting is lowered into the drilled hole and stuck in the bottom. After that over the water remains the tip of the pole. Because of this you will not lose the hole.


    If kolbaska and butting is perfect for those who are constantly fishing in the same areas near the house, the antifreeze is the best choice for urban dwellers who regularly go to the pond.

    The basis nezamerzayki is the usual imitation fish with a flag that is used for pike. If it is assumed a short active fishing in the afternoon or evening, can you use this rig, not upgrading it.

    For fishing in the cold, if it is necessary to leave the imitation fish on


    in design you need to make additions. Their function is to protect the hole from freezing. The simplest option is to make a screen of foam polystyrene with a hole for fishing line, which will be the imitation fish. In this form the gear will be easy to catch, leaving it on ice for a long time. You can also put on top of the protective casing in the form of a box or boxes to the coil did not bring snow, and it is easy to give the line when poticaj burbot.

    The correct tooling imitation fish for burbot

    To equip the imitation fish for burbot using monofilament fishing line (as the cheapest). Any diameter 0.3-0.5 mm, but you can put more than fat. Generally rude tackle this predator is not deterred. On the line have to wear a slip sinker, and then stop. Standard weight sinkers – 30-100 g standard leash length (the distance from the stopper to the hook – 0.5 m). It remains only to tie the end of the filament, the hook, simple snap-on burbot ready.

    You can also add a leash made of thin fishing line than the main, which fit directly or through a swivel. It will keep the main line at the toe, as it will break under heavy load first. Thanks to the snap swivel will not twist – in this case, it is easier to catch, and the probability of breakage less.

    If the chances for a strike of a pike, is to put a metal leash. It kind of burbot are not deterred. But the use of metal leash is fraught with other negative – it is somewhat restrict movement of live bait.

    Rigging for strong currents

    Sometimes burbot can be caught on a strong current. For such conditions it is possible to use a normal snap-in described above.

    Only the weight of the weights must be chosen a little more to it lay on the bottom motionless, and did not drag the flow of water.

    Also important is the shape – the olives are not suitable, because they will demolish the flow of water. It is necessary to use weights that have at least one flat side.

    There is another variant of snap, which is good for catching burbot on imitation fish in strong current:

    • a sinker is mounted to the end of the main fishing line;
    • above it fit a lead with a hook so that the bait could not sink to the bottom.

    The right bait for burbot

    Fishing success depends on the choice of live bait for catching burbot. Who better to impose on the hook?

    • Eel is a favorite food item for burbot, which he takes willingly. But you should still be able to get that fish. The bait the eel in the winter here. Collect it with the help of trap-lifts, lowered to the bottom. This lift is necessary to apply air bubbles, for example – with the help of the compressor. This will attract the eel, which can then be lifted to the surface, pulled from the water trap.

    • Ruff is also a great bait for burbot, although somewhat inferior to the eel. But it is a plus that it is much easier to catch in winter. Ruff is renowned for its durability and long to be attractive to a predator after fixing on the hook.

    • The bullhead, gudgeon, perch – these fish are also an important part of the diet of burbot and will be a good bait.

    • Any other fish – roach, carp, minnow and so on. These liars will come, if there is no anyone from the list above.

    Important! Live bait is the best bait for catching burbot on the imitation fish. But the use of live fish brings a lot of trouble. So many people use them instead of drowning fry, fish or meat cutting, meat offal (such as liver), shrimp, and other baits of animal origin. These baits also bring good catches of burbot.
    Choice of time for fishing

    Burbot differs in its behaviour from the other fish: the worse the weather the better the bite. The lower the temperature, the stronger the wind and the snow, the better and catches this predator.

    Of course, not everyone wants to go with Gerlich on the water in a strong storm. But, if you do decide to do it, a good catch is virtually guaranteed.

    Catching burbot in winter postawski successful and in good weather, but worse than in bad weather.

    This fish remained active throughout the winter. The pause in the biting happens at the time of spawning. It happens in February. The duration of this pause – for about two weeks. During spawning burbot does not feed, but can beat Malek, who turns around to run him off.

    If this Malcolm is the bait on the hook postawski, the predator may sesekinika.
    Best time of day for fishing – night and evening and morning twilight. Day of the predator or markedly reduces its activity, or even cease to feed.

    Might be interesting:
    Fishing for burbot in the winter Squealer

    The choice of location

    Burbot are very constant in their behavior. For each waterbody has a designated Parking lot, where he is resting, and the routes on which it travels in search of food – trails. You can ask the knowledgeable fishermen, where they reside, otherwise you’ll have to look for them yourself. Putting the imitation fish in Parking lots and on the trails, you can always count on a good catch.

    To find on your own the right point, you need to place as many Gerlich and remember, where was located the tackle that brought trophies.

    On what areas you should pay attention first of all:

  • places with differences in depth;
  • areas near deep holes and deep drop offs;
  • deep areas located near the coastal shallows.
  • Burbot prefer places with a stony bottom. Sandy he loves less, and avoids muddy.

    Tactics for catching burbot in winter imitation fish

    There are two options tactics fishing:

  • The harvest of familiar spots – the best option winter fishing for burbot on the imitation fish for all who know the pond. Just drill holes in places where, as you know, is caught burbot, and place gear. After that you can leave them overnight and in the morning to pull the stranded hook-trophies, or check them periodically, several times during a fishing trip when you got out to the pond day.
  • Tactics search – this option is ideal if you have yet to find routes, which moves the fish in your chosen fishing area. Holes need drilling in a wide range of points and put as many Gerlich. After going the first bite, you can move closer to deployed to tackle those who did not bring trophies. Unlike the first approach, this tactic involves fishing is quite dynamic, with frequent movements on the ice.
  • Fishing technique
    Setting Gerlich

    Imitation fish can be placed on the ice either randomly or in a particular order. Main options:

    • in a line;
    • zigzag;
    • in a checkerboard pattern.

    Live bait can be put in different ways:

    • lip;
    • for the nostril;
    • to the back.

    The first two options are preferred when fishing on the course, the latest in stagnant water.

    Please note! When the bait fish pushed to the back, he is injured.

    This is usually a drawback, since after the injury the fish falls asleep faster. But when fishing for burbot trauma, especially if blood went, plus more. This predator has a very developed sense of smell, and an injured bait fish he finds at the bottom faster. If impaled on the hook the fish will fall asleep, burbot is not confused – he finds her by smell and swallow.

    The bite and fighting the fish

    Burbot usually catch on imitation fish passive way – put the gear, and then periodically bypass them and get on the ice stranded on the hooks trophies. Often curb postawski left overnight to check them in the morning.

    When fishing on imitation fish with tags fish often bite cautiously so that these detectors bites do not work. This point should be borne in mind.

    Burbot during winter postawski: video

    In this video you will learn how to put imitation fish for burbot during the winter:

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