How to catch burbot in the winter

For someone winter is the time to forget about fishing , and for someone is the best season when you can take gear and get out on the water. One of the best fishing for burbot is last. This fish is caught from the ice throughout the winter very well, and catches can be excellent if you know where to find it and how to give her the bait.

The contents

  • Biological characteristics of burbot
  • Habitat and catching burbot in winter
  • Behaviour of burbot in the winter
  • How to find the trails and Parking areas
  • Winter fishing on burbot lure arm
  • Fishing on a Squealer
  • Fishing Gerlich and postavshikami
  • Fishing in the winter donkey
  • Burbot fishing on the first ice
  • Useful video

Biological characteristics of burbot

Burbot – fish is very unusual and interesting. The behavior is very different from the other inhabitants of domestic water. It is the only representative unit trnkobrani that lives in fresh water. Ancestors of burbot were well adapted to life in cold Northern seas. This largely explains the features of its biology.

Nalim loves cold. Therefore, the best thing he caught that winter, in contrast to other underwater creatures. In the summer of burbot feeds rather reluctantly, and with a strong rise in temperature of water does falls into a daze and stops to eat. In the autumn of his activity grows, and once the ponds are covered with ice, comes the best time for burbot fishing.

Another interesting feature of this predator is that he loves bad weather. The worse the weather becomes, the more he looks for food. Other fish, which at this time falls to the bottom and almost does not move, becomes the easy prey of burbot. It is a typically benthic predator, and the structure of the body is appropriate.

Burbot feed actively at night. By day he is caught worse. His diet included:

  • other fish;
  • benthic invertebrates (molluscs and crayfish);
  • frogs.

Burbot not only hunts, but also gathers from the bottom carrion. This fish is similar to catfish, not only in appearance but also in lifestyle. The essential difference between them is that one fish loves the cold and the other warm. Som differs sharply from burbot that circulated in the southern regions, and the most active in the heat. In those waters where they are found, these fish compete with each other, displacing each other.

Habitat and catching burbot in winter

Burbot is widespread in all territory of Russia, except southern regions. Quite successfully catch it in the middle lane – the Volga, Kama and Oka and other rivers, and in lakes. Most of the burbot in the North. It is found in all the rivers of the basin of the Baltic sea and the Arctic ocean, Leningrad region, Karelia, the Arkhangelsk region, the Komi Republic and other regions.

In Siberia, burbot greater than in the European part of Russia. It inhabits the basins of the Ob, Irtysh, Yenisei, Lena, Amur and the lake Baikal. The number of burbot, as well as the average size of the fish increase if you move from West to East, until the river Lena, and then again decrease. In Lena was caught the largest burbot weighing up to 20 kg. In the far East, burbot much smaller. But he is caught and Kamchatka, and on Sakhalin.

Behaviour of burbot in the winter

The lower becomes the temperature, the stronger the bite. The best time for fishing is December, January and February. But in the middle of winter, in severe frost, the burbot spawns. Spawning lasts about two weeks. At this time, the fish are not feeding, but after spawning it begins to fatten.

Attention. Despite the fact that burbot is a benthic predator in winter, and pike with the pike may very well be caught, for example by imitation fish when the bait is just 1-2 m below the level ice. Such picture can be observed even in areas with a depth of 5-8 m.
How to find the trails and Parking areas

Nalim loves clean waterwith lots of oxygen. Therefore, it is not to be found in small ponds and small lakes, bays silted rivers. Burbot prefer areas of rivers and large lakes with sandy or stony bottom. On the rivers as it avoids strong currents and standing water.

Blind snags, and absolutely clean bottom, usually not found. When burbot is active, it does not stay long on the rocks, but not rammed in deep pools. To catch it best where the depth is adjacent to the shoal. At the deep stations burbot rest, and small goes hunting.

Help. If you have to fish in an unfamiliar body of water, it is best to find someone who will show the main “burbot places.” If you want to find such a person can almost always. This will help to save a lot of time and effort.

If you know where it is held burbot in selected fishing waters, no one will have to find it yourself. In this case, will the sounder , running through the ice. With it you can quickly find the interesting parts without drilling large number of holes.

When a potentially promising point is determined, it is necessary to drill holes and put imitation fish or trying to catch the bait . If there is at least one bite – then you have found either the trail or the Parking lot of burbot. You can then drill next hole more and more aiming to sh in a neighbourhood of this point, to understand what’s happening around her.

Thus, catching one’s first fish, you can quickly determine by trial and error the best area for fishing where the bite will follow one another.

If you catch on to the imitation fish, first in a strange place it is necessary to set the gear at different points, and then move the disabled closer to those who bring the fish to bite. When catching a ground rod or a fishing rod for trolling need to sh one after the other in different holes, moving across the ice.

The fish finder will take a minimum of time, if you go to the pond with a big company. Together, you can quickly drill large number of wells to sh in a large portion of the waters to see where the fish are biting.

Winter fishing on burbot lure arm

Winter fishing rods for blesneniya can be a good choice for catching burbot. Better suited to spinning a length of 40-50 cm, is equipped with inertia reel, spinning or bait casting reel.

Fishing line when fishing for burbot on blesny and balance weights on the course it makes sense to put thinner. Thread large diameter will strongly communicate the flow of water to perform a good wiring would be difficult. For catching small burbot is actually quite enough monofilament 0,12-0,2 mm, for catching of large – 0,2-0,3, especially if the rod is a coil with good friction brake.

When fishing in still water the fishing line diameter is not as important, but it makes sense to comply with the measure. Bait, even the lightest of used, should easily pull it up straight, it was convenient to post.

Bait you can use almost any. Will fit the rockers and spinners of different shapes and sizes. Good results brings trolling-carnations, Pilcher or the balancer up to 7 cm, rarely up to 10 cm

The most important thing in burbot ice fishing – what bait is used, and the correct choice of location. Posting need a slow and fairly smooth. A decoy that moves quickly and sharply, burbot takes not so willing.

That catches were better on the hook, spinner or balancer you can plant the bait:

  • the small fish (like a dead fresh fish caught from the same pond and capelin or sprat store, the main thing is that this lure was falling apart and well kept on the hook);
  • fish cutting;
  • a piece of meat or liver;
  • a bunch of worms.
  • shrimp.

Fishing on a Squealer

Fishing on a Squealer is one of the ways to hunt for burbot, which involves a special technique of animation. The bait need to knock on the bottom, so she was making a fish attracting sound, and raised suspension.

There is a special bait for this fishing, which constitute a large heavy jig . The best materials for the manufacture of the body such stuelke – brass and bronze. It is made of that bait produce the best sound when hitting rocks. You can also use a jig head and spinner. But in the lower part of the body of the lure had no hooks, which will prevent her from pounding on the bottom.

Below burbot are more willing to take the Squealer, its hook can be baited. The sound of the bait and kind of raised her Muti to attract burbot from afar, and the taste is put on the hook feed encourages him, without hesitation, to go on the attack.

Fishing Gerlich and postavshikami

Zherlitsa , when used properly, becomes the most efficient gear for the winter burbot. If you arrange for a night on the water a sufficient amount of pastamusik, this predator will regularly peck at until the morning. You can also use the imitation fish in the afternoon, although the catches in this case, it will be worse.

For catching burbot is possible to use ordinary imitation fish with check boxesthat apply and to hunt for pike and perch. There are tackles like kolbaska and butting. They are simpler and do not have detectors.

There are two approaches to gerliche fishing – passive and active. In the first case the tackle can be left on the ice unattended, and then check in a few hours or the next morning if they were placed the night before. With the active fishing, for which it is necessary to use imitation fish with tags-detectors bites, you need to constantly monitor gear, approach triggered and immediately pull out a fish.

Fishing in the winter donkey

Catching burbot on the Donk – a kind of intermediate option between fishing with a lure, a balancer and a Squealer and fishing with Gerlich.

To animate the bait here is not necessary, but you need to be always near the tackle, tracking the fish to bite. This method of fishing. It is used relatively rarely. Fishing rod for trolling and Gerlich much more popular, because catches of both these methods bring is more significant.

The ground rod for catching burbot in winter is easy to do:

  • you can use any spinning, equipped with a reel or coil;
  • it is necessary to secure the nod;
  • the basic scaffold if you use monofilament, you can take the diameter from 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm;
  • at the end of the basic scaffold we need to secure the sinker and leash with a single, double or triple hook.

There are two main options for snap donkey for burbot:

  • a sliding sinker is put on the main line, below it is attached to the stopper and then fit a lead with a hook;
  • a sinker is mounted to the end of the main fishing line and lead with a hook fit above it.

The second option is snap is well suited for catching on a current. Also, it will be the best choice for fishing on silty bottom, but the burbot in these areas does not hold and does not feed.

Weight and the weight for the winter donkey on burbot can be any, the main thing – that it securely holds the snap on the bottom in one place, and it is not dragged by the water flow. For fishing on the course are well suited flat, rectangular or square goods. They better resist demolition. In stagnant water great work, and olives, and round or pear-shaped weights.

Burbot fishing on the first ice

The off-season as such for burbot does not exist. Fall fishing smoothly into winter. Start catching the fish from the ice almost as soon as he becomes strong enough. But there is a pause of 1-2 weeks.

But Jora by pervalidus the burbot, like many other fish, does not happen. At this time it pecks, but does not show any special activity. Fatten burbot begins late in December and in January. Thus, pergolide is a good time to hunt this predator, but not the best.

Interestingly, in the first month after the formation of ice at night burbot often rises to the surface and stands there for a long time. At this time he does not feed, but can be extracted with the help of a long wooden beater. She had to beat on the ice, stunning the fish and then cut through the ice of a successfully, to get the trophy.

To find burbot, enough at night to go to the pond with a flashlight to Shine around, looking for the dark silhouettes of burbot under the clear ice.

Thus, in catching burbot in winter, there is nothing particularly complicated. To properly come to it, selecting the right tackle, having learned from others or independently determining the location of the fish in the pond, and then just enjoy the process. If the time and place chosen correctly, burbot will delight you with their bites. This fish is quite tasty, so it will please you not only while playing but also at the table.

Useful video

How to catch burbot in winter in the video below:

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