How to catch burbot in the winter on the Squealer

Burbot is caught very well in the winter , delighting anglers with their bites for most of the winter fishing season . It is the only fish of species inhabiting our fresh waters, which in winter becomes much more active than in the summer.

So, if you are in the area of accessibility, there are reservoirs with burbot, and you love ice fishing, it’s certainly worth it to catch.

To hunt for this fish are often used imitation fish , also you can fish with spinners or rockers, searching for her as for pike or walleye. But there are special “burbot” method – fishing on a Squealer. This trip is very simple and gives excellent results.

The contents

  • When and where to catch burbot on the Squealer in the winter?
  • The choice of gear
  • Features snap-in for catching burbot on the Squealer in the winter
  • Choice of bait
  • Bait
  • How to make a Squealer for catching burbot in winter?
    • The Squealer from the metal plate
    • The Squealer with two cartridges
  • How to catch a Squealer: tactics and technique
  • Hooking and fighting the fish
  • Common mistakes when fishing for burbot on the Squealer in the winter
  • Video catching burbot in winter for the Squealer

When and where to catch burbot on the Squealer in the winter?

Look for burbot in the winter it is necessary:

  • on the pits;
  • in snags;
  • on the flats located near the wells.

The snags and holes that the fish is resting, and the nearby shallows to feed on leaves.Moves in burbot in the reservoir on certain routes – trails. If you ask other fishermen where they are, or to find them, fishing will bring the best results.

Burbot can be caught on the Squealer the whole fishing season off the ice , with the exception of a break for spawning, which occurs in January or February. Best time for burbot fishing – night , and the best weather is bad weather, snowfall or Blizzard. Burbot are biting very well before sunrise and just after sunset.

The choice of gear

Special requirements to tackle for winter fishing for burbot on the Squealer no. In the simplest case, this can be a wooden plank on which is fixed one of the two studs. Many fishermen use this type of gear and getting good catches, it is important to know when and where to fish.

But more comfortable to fish with a good rod , which consists of spinning a length of 30-50 cm with a reel or coil.

Features snap-in for catching burbot on the Squealer in the winter

As the main fishing line is best to use monofilament. Any diameter – 0.15 mm for catching small cod, of 0.2-0.25, for hunting for large specimens.

Usually enough 25 m main line. But the stock will never be superfluous, therefore, can be wound on the spool 50, and even 100 m.

The Squealer can be knit directly to the main fishing line. But a more convenient option to bind to a scaffold carabiner, swivel with a carabiner or ring clockwork, and by them to mount the bait. In this case, it can be easily replaced by another.

Please note! You can also add the snap leash is made of thin fishing line than the main. Its breaking load should be about 20% less.

Many anglers neglect the leash. But when you open fish or dead hook it is very useful. Only off the leash, while the main line is guaranteed to remain with you. Using a leash or not is a personal choice.

Choice of bait

Stuelke for catching burbot, which is used by fishermen in winter, is a great variety of forms. Main options:

  • elongated bait similar to the balancer, which is placed in the water horizontally, the eyelet for attaching the fishing line located in the Central part and at both ends are single hooks, looking upward;
  • cylinder, triangular, or rectangular bar, horizontal or vertical;
  • the Squealer, like a big jig , located in the water horizontally or vertically;
  • jig head or sinker-Cheburashka, which connects with the hook through the winding ring.

The weight of such lures is usually 15-30 g. Good Squealer on burbot should be weighty enough. Then when playing it will be hard enough to hit the bottom, attracting fish, even the one that is in the distance.

Also for fishing this way it is possible to use conventional rockers and spinners . The main difference between this fishing lure is not used, not its shape, and the method of its posting. But the good rockers and spinners are quite expensive, also they are often heavy enough.

Good results can be obtained using as stuelke dual oscillating spinner. At the time of posting its petals rattling against each other, attracting the attention of burbot.


To burbot bite better on the hook stuelke need to put natural bait. It can be:

  • dead fish or piece of fish – for example, head or tail;
  • a piece of meat;
  • a bunch of worms;
  • giblets;
  • shrimp;
  • frog.

This files most often for catching burbot in winter on the Squealer uses the first three options of the lure, so as to get them the easiest way and will cost they are either free or inexpensive.

Fish, like meat, it is better to use a slightly podturen. An odorous bait is better attracts burbot. The worm can be harvested even in warm months, and then store the entire day in the box to the ground in a heated basement or other suitable cool place, periodically feeding sleeping tea or vegetable scraps.

How to make a Squealer for catching burbot in winter?

Unlike most other artificial fishing lures, make a Squealer their hands very easily. Its shape, as the material of manufacture, can be almost arbitrary. Hand made Squealer – a more advanced version than the jig head that you can use instead.

The Squealer from the metal plate

To make this bait you will need:

  • sheet brass, copper or Nickel with a thickness of 0.5-1 mm;
  • lead;
  • wire diameter 0.5-1 mm;
  • two large single hooks and 15 rooms Russian classification (i.e. the distance between tip and shank should be about 15 mm);

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • should be cut from a sheet of metal plate measuring about 75×35 mm;
  • to make it to longitudinal bending at the center at an angle of about 60 degrees, in the end it should be a design resembling a gable roof;
  • in the middle of this area it is necessary to drill a hole;
  • insert into the hole in the eyelet made of a wire;
  • the two ends of wire to tie the hooks, arranging them so that they stuck out from the bait to the outside;
  • pour the molten lead design, making the core;
  • treating the bait with a file and needle files, removing all sharp edges and corners and burrs.
  • Finished Squealer also can be treated with a polishing cloth with polishing paste.

    Instead of triangular, you can also make square or rectangular in cross-section of the bait. Based on metallic tubes are made of round stuelke.

    The Squealer with two cartridges

    The original version of the bait for catching burbot at the sound of fishing, which brings excellent results. It consists of two parts:

  • on line dress up sawn in half across the two brass sleeves, one of greater diameter, the second smaller – for example, the sleeve 12 -, and 32-caliber – nested in each other;
  • at the end of the snap-in is the usual Squealer – such as a triangular block, the manufacture of which was discussed above.
  • This design is when you post publishes quite a lot of noise, which very well attract burbot. Heavy Squealer hits the bottom and the lighter liner are knocking at her and each other. Thus, this lure combines the effects of normal stuelke and dual oscillating spinners.

    A method of manufacturing the jig-lokalki their hands with a form of postcards for catching burbot in this video:

    How to catch a Squealer: tactics and technique

    The technique when fishing for burbot on the Squealer is very simple. Basic animation of the lure as follows:

  • you need to lower the Squealer on the bottom – the time of its fall will be passed to the hand from which you lost the weight, also it shows up well in the slack fishing line;
  • to make the stroke of a spinning to a height of 15-30 cm and then lower it to its original position;
  • the interval between strokes in such a transaction must be from 1 to seconds, usually 2-3 seconds.
  • With the aggressiveness of a transaction, you can experiment, making as sharper podbrey and lower spinning and more smooth.

    Another option animation stuelke – swinging spinning up and down with an amplitude of about 5-15 cm you Can start with some jetés 5 cm, then go to a 15-cm continue to alternate between these two options.

    You can also run a sharp jerky spinning with amplitude of several centimeters, forcing a twitch bait on the bottom or above the bottom.

    Important! To achieve the best catches, it is necessary to combine different techniques of animation, alternating them to determine the best options for a particular pond in a given day of fishing. This is especially true for situations where the burbot are biting bad.
    Hooking and fighting the fish

    Feeling on the other end of the line confident potico, it is necessary immediately to do the cutting. Often the fish takes the bait immediately, but as it tries it, making light barely noticeable potyczki.

    In such situations, we should play a bit with Squealer else to fish attacked her already confident. But sometimes the best results bring cuttings at the first light poke.

    The fish is cod, who took a Squealer, no difficulties at all. It is pulled by the fishing line, smoothly, giving no slack. Even fish weighing 5-10 kg goes to the hole pretty easily, and the good technique of playing is not required.

    Often fishermen use snap a power that allows you to simply pull the fish to the ice line. If not, burbot can be raised, clutching at the bait or fish lip or use baharicom.

    Common mistakes when fishing for burbot on the Squealer in the winter

  • Some novice fishermen catch burbot on the Squealer with a bare hook. To do so, he feels the smells and tastes, so adding animal nozzle significantly improves the results of fishing.
  • Another common mistake is too fast or too slow cutting. A clear understanding of when you should strike, comes with practice.
  • When playing burbot do not make sudden movements, especially if he was already under the ice. Fish in this situation can make a quick dash to get off the hook.
  • Fishing for burbot to Squealer off the ice quite interesting. It is sportier gerliche fishing and brings better results than trolling. It is unknown when and who first noticed the simple bait that knock on the bottom, very well attract burbot, but now this method of fishing is used by many. If there is a nearby pond where to catch this fish, it is necessary to choose a time and a place for fishing, prepare tackle, Squealer and infusion – and you can go for excellent catches.

    Video catching burbot in winter for the Squealer

    On how to catch burbot in winter, the Squealer, learn from this video:

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