How to catch bass in winter on the edible gum and silicone

For perch ice jigs are usually used with a planting and besttelki , spinners, and weights. But should not be limited only to them.

There are more original options to which you should pay attention to.These include silicone lure out of the ordinary or edible rubber.

They can yield very good catches, so they should definitely add to your Arsenal. Instead of bloodworms, maggots and other natural landing on the hook of the lure or lures you can use their artificial counterparts.

And reservoirs which are not covered by ice, good results will bring the perch fishing spinning reel for jig installation rubber.

The contents

  • Tackle for perch in the winter on silicone ice
  • Equipment for winter fishing with rubber
  • The choice of baits for fishing from the ice
  • Fishing technique ice
  • Silicone microfinance
  • Winter spinning
  • The choice of gear
    • Fishing line
    • Snap
    • Bait
  • Especially catching equipment
  • Useful video

Tackle for perch in the winter on silicone ice

For perch from the ice on the silicone fit the usual winter gear.

You can use marmeladnyy lightweight fishing rods – balalaika, Morrisey spinning open reel and other options structures.

They are well suited for winter fishing with a small silicone lures and light agroseme.

If you want to catch medium and a trophy perch, it is better to use the gear used for fishing with light lures and balancers.

This rod is usually from spinning with a length of 20-40 cm, equipped with a plastic retractable. Suitable metal inhertiance, and bezynertsionnoj, but little need to use them there.

The best option of fishing line – monofilament. Diameter matched to the size of the perch, typically used monofilament thickness 0,12-0,15 mm.

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Equipment for winter fishing with rubber

There are 4 main options of the snap-in to perch on a conventional silicone or the edible gum from the ice in winter:

  • Installation jig-head. By the end of the main line (or leash made of thin strands) is attached to the jig head, on which is placed the bait. Better to mount it through the carabiner or ring clockwork, in this case, it will be easy to remove and replace with another.
  • Installation of Cheburashka. This snap-in is similar to the previous one, but at the end of the line is eared sinker, to which via one or two connecting circles mounted hook.
  • Drop-shot. At the end of the main fishing line is a sinker and a hook tied directly to the above. This is one of the best rigs for catching on the rubber in the plumb, which is used for fishing in open water from boats, bridges, and other structures or with high banks.
  • Snap-in with sliding hook. Similar to drop-shot, but the difference is that the hook is not attached to the main fishing line, and freely slides on it up and down. The advantage of this installation is that the bait gets more freedom.
  • Attention! For perch the silicone plummet in winter, it is better to use double hooks. They are best caught fish. But you can apply conventional dinamiki or avseniki.
    The choice of baits for fishing from the ice

    From the variety of silicone lures for perch in winter, you can use practically any. Most often used:

    • twisters;
    • vibrohvosta;
    • crustaceans;
    • a variety of fancy lures.

    Help. Some silicone lures are frozen at subzero temperatures and are poorly suitable for use.

    You can find the special winter tires, edible or unscented. But the fit and normal summer soft lures. Just have to pick up experimentally, which manufacturers rubber retains its performance characteristics in the cold.

    It is better to use for perch fishing in the winter edible gum. The aroma and taste of these baits much better attract passive fish. But ordinary non-edible silicone lure good catches.

    Fishing technique ice

    The transactions are the same as when fishing with other lures:

    • variations – in one place or elevation, as when fishing on mormyshka;
    • smooth lifting and lowering equipment;
    • podbrey to a height of 20-30 cm and a sharp discharges, as if fishing with a lure;
    • tapping on the bottom.

    Optimal wiring for perch in the winter on tires with ice it is necessary to select experimentally for a specific bait and mood of the fish. Small silicone need to spend more as a jig, and large – as spinners .

    Silicone microfinance

    There is an interesting variant of silicone for perch in winter, as microfinance. It can be:

    • artificial bloodworms;
    • maggot;
    • the worm;
    • eggs and so on.

    They can be used as replanting on the hook of the jig, spinner or balancer instead of natural baits. Another option is above the main bait, which is located at the end of the fishing line to bind one or more leashes with hooks and stick them to the rubber.

    The advantage of silicone baits is that they deliver much less of a hassle than natural bait. If you use such microneedle of edible rubber, they will attract the perch not only by their appearance, but also smell and taste just like the real thing bloodworm or maggots.

    But nice effect and brings the usual silicone, no added flavors. In hunting perch plays an important role in vision, and attractive appearance of the lure is quite enough for him to rush to the attack.

    Artificial silicone microfinance for perch it’s easy to cut yourself. For example, it will approach a damaged pike teeth vibrohvosta or twisters.

    Winter spinning

    If in range there is a pond, not covered with ice, it can successfully catch bass in winter on silicone lure spinning.

    The choice of gear

    For such fishing would be a regular “summer” gear. But the quality of spinning increased demands. This applies first and foremost to the coil. Even those cheap bezynertsionnoj warm time allow you to regularly fish at low temperatures may begin to fail. If the native lubrication coil freezes in winter, it will have to be replaced by suitable for fishing in the cold.

    Fishing line

    Of the woods for perch in the winter on the silicone in open water the best fit network. Because of its low stretchability it will provide tackle maximum sensitivity. This is an important moment in the bottom fishing. The drawback to braids is that at temperatures below zero it freezes. To avoid this, it is necessary to impregnate with antifreeze. Suitable mineral oil, which you can buy at any pharmacy.

    You can also use the monofil. It is well suited for fishing on small distances. A monoscaffold at low temperatures does not freeze.


    Of snap-ins for perch in the winter on tires for spinning used:

    • montages jig with jig-heads and gruselle-Cheburashka – standard basic equipment;
    • drop-shot and discharge leash to hunt for a passive bass;
    • Texas and Carolina rigging is a good choice for fishing the deaf snags, where at any time of the year often holds the trophy bass.

    Read more about the snap-ins for perch in the winter with ice on the use of silicone in this video:


    Of baits, and when fishing from the ice, you can use any. Preference also is to give edible rubber. The size of the lures for fishing in the winter should be less than in warm water – about half.

    Especially catching equipment

    Fishing technique is the same as in spring, summer or autumn. But the wiring should be slow and smooth. This game allows you to seduce the passive for cold water bass to bite. At step the transaction it is necessary to reduce the number of turns of the coil in one step, to slow down the pace of the winding and to increase the pause. When fishing outlet leash or drop-shot you a long time to play bait on a single perspective point, or to slowly drag the sinker along the bottom.

    Soft lures are very effective in catching perch off the ice. Few people know that they can be used for such fishing, but they should pay attention. Adding such a decoy in the collection, you will significantly increase your catches. If you have the opportunity to catch in the winter on the unfrozen pond, never too late to try the winter spinning. A rubber in this situation would be the best lures to hunt for bass and other predators.

    Useful video

    About how to catch, what to catch and when to catch bass in the winter, you will learn in this video:

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