How and where to find fish in winter

To find a suitable place for winter fishing for the novice fisherman, it is quite difficult. Here everything depends on the knowledge of the reservoir and habits of fish as well as the experience that will allow you to accurately determine the Parking location of the fish at the pond. Today, the same “luck” of the fish catch. So let’s try to figure out where to look for fish in winter.

Initially, you must determine the kind of fish you plan to catch, so, for example, pike loves to attack right from the grassy thickets, Sudak, on the contrary, prefers to watch from behind snags and large stones. So before you go fishing, a novice fisherman, you only need to know minimal information about the character and the lifestyle of this or that fish. And also know enough information about the various fishing tackle, for example, about the snap of the winter fishing rods. And again, this information will develop into the invaluable experience for any angler.

A real fisherman has to fall, it begins to look to the places of the reservoir, which he will have to catch in the winter. And paying attention to almost everything: depth, nature of bottom, flow velocity, vegetation, shallows, shoals and more. Everything should be noticed, and based on the data he selects the best place to catch this or that fish in the winter.

Where to find the fish?

On each pond there are thickets and cannot be combined into one overall category. Here, for example, near the pesky cane is unlikely to catch any big fish, another thing in the reedbeds can be found, such as predators (pike, perch) and roach. But if you continue to talk about the vegetation, the most favorite place to be considered the horsetails. In their thickets almost always possible to find fish, especially love this place perch, of various sizes.

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Remember that the ice in areas with such vegetation does not have the same durability as, for example, in the middle of the pond. So be careful, follow the rules of conduct on the ice.

Roach and white bream is more commonly found on smooth slopes, or small differences of depths.

To detect the fish as possible and in the shallows, especially in the period after freeze-up. In these area the fish had no problem finding food, predator, too, he stuck around. Many fishermen, while not trusting this fact, but making a few holes on a fairly small plot, in the hope of a good catch.