So it turns out that fishing has recently been chosen very rarely. Even the city embankment, which can be said to be close by, and there is no time to visit it, not to mention full-fledged trips out of the city to large reservoirs. So, I expected the planned family trip to the recreation center in the end of June with honest impatience.

It should be noted that, in anticipation of the fishing weekend, for some reason I did not think at all about possible captures. I probably just wanted to escape from worries, walk like a boat on the Vyborg gulf and admire its beauty.

For me personally, this body of water is somehow special and, perhaps, the most interesting so far. Picturesque islands, clouds, hurrying across the sky, large birds of prey, impressively floating over water and land, and, of course, promising bottom relief. All this is undoubtedly curious and happy eyes tired from the bustle of the city.

The day of arrival turned out to be saturated, and fishing really did not work. But during a walk with the children on a boat around the bay, it was possible to dig deeper into the echo-sounder settings and evaluate the necessity of this purchase. During the gatherings, conversations and evening float fishing calmed down only at three o'clock in the morning. I note that this evening, the youngest daughter caught her first fish without any help, which caused a storm of positive emotions from her parents.

The morning began with coffee, but at five in the morning. I was dying to sleep, but the desire to fish overcame this need. First of all, we went with Julia to the stone ridge noted from the evening. It turned out to be interesting, but small. In addition, the territory was owned by small perch, catching which we soon became bored, and we hurried to set off.

Now we must pay tribute to the echo sounder. Wandering around the water area in search of pasquids, we came to a depth of thirteen meters with an abundance of leucorrhoea standing in the half of the elbow. The displacement to the coast of the nearby island showed: a smooth decrease in depth, and at a height of seven meters, very close to the island, a disorderly, tasty relief was read, and all the same bel. Zakoravshis near, I changed the wobbler, and the spouse spinner, on the jig.

No more baits other than silicone, we did not dive into this trip into the water. And I very much regretted that the large silicone stayed in the city, because during the gathering I really wanted to throw out, damn it, wobblers. But, the truth, with Sprut Kagami 90 and four-inch Tsunekichi Power Shad Tail also did not have much to be bored.

In general, rested great! Despite my initial skepticism about this fishing, as we went to a new base for ourselves – Podborove, everything went well and was very interesting. But we know: the best, of course, lies ahead!


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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