Garmin's new nautical charts show where more fish

Garmin has expanded the capabilities of navigation instruments and Quatix 6 with new functions that allow you to create a water route based on data on depth, patency, degree of fish abundance, etc. BlueChart g3 and BlueChart g3 Vision, LakeVu G3 maps can now be downloaded using Garmin Express.

BlueChart g3 and BlueChart g3 Vision are designed for use in coastal waters and offer a route to follow, relying on data on the desired depth, display up to 10 depth ranges, which allows you to immediately recognize the target depth. BlueChart g3 and BlueChart g3 Vision provide a more accurate definition of the bottom structure for fishing and navigation support in wetlands, canals and marinas. These chartplotter functions display nautical charts in the form of areas surveyed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in which individual points of interest are marked with relevant information about longitude and latitude. Map functions are available all over the world, each region is loaded separately as additional maps.

LakeVu G3 is an extended map for fishing in freshwater bodies with a coverage of more than 17 thousand lakes, which provides a clearer display of the bottom topography of the lake and, therefore, helps to find places of fish accumulation, which allows to quantitatively increase the catch. Auto Guidance technology allows you to quickly calculate the proposed route using the desired depth and tolerance. It covers up to 10 depth ranges, which allows you to immediately see the target depth and get a clear idea of ​​the shallow water that should be avoided.

The BlueChart g3, BlueChart g3 Vision g3 and LakeVu G3 cards can be downloaded directly using Garmin Express, making sure in advance on the Compatible Devices tab that you can install the selected card on your device.

About Garmin:

For over 30 years, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigators, wireless devices, and apps designed for people with an active lifestyle. For the fifth year in a row, the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has awarded Garmin the title "Manufacturer of the Year."

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