From the kind of Far Eastern sardines.

If I have been catching jig baits more often for the last couple of years, this does not mean that wobblers gather dust in boxes. Yes, there were fewer trips to the small houses, but they exist. The passion to try the new market and / or compare and summarize the proven veteran is always present, especially if it is a classic and universal "plastic" for catching all predatory fish.

Earlier in my reports on fishing I mentioned more than once about Ivasi's Shado-minded boy from Sprut, but I never paid attention to her in my stories, which is why the idea of ​​writing this review flashed, since more than two seasons of open water have accumulated information in abundance.

Let's start a little with the words of the manufacturer, listing the stated indicators and characteristics. With a length of 65 millimeters, the bait weight is about 6.5 grams, in geometry between the class of minnow and shad with a margin to the latter. Suspension, but as often happens – with a string turns into a slowly sinking wobbler. A wide range of palettes of 15 colors, but once again, as natural tones are closer to me, I caught them.

As for the game with a bait, for the entire period it was determined by experiment that for a bite of fish, short acts are better, I would even say “dying” jerks in an amount of 1 to 4 with a pause of 1.5 to 5 seconds. Such entries are on average 2-3 times slower, for example, while I bring one, a friend in a boat finishes the second. Yes, it is not the best fishing strategy in terms of quickly catching a point in order to detect an active predator, but if there is a fish, time is well spent.

I like very much that the perch, especially large individuals from 200 grams, beats the bait, and quite often still catches up and attacks again in the event of a miss, not noticing the trick. And since the perch caught everyone, sometimes only a couple of centimeters more than the bait itself. Often, I use the tactics of searching for fish with a turntable, and after searching for one fish, I switch to wobblers, adding other individuals, Ivasi is no exception, because with its game you can whip up all the fish on the spot.

For all the time there was no edible pike, all the fish are up to 700 grams, yet the size of the wobbler plays an important role. Often, in order not to injure the fish, and of course, holding the pike with Ivasi in the mouth, I tried to throw the fish off the boat by bringing the fish to the candle again and again, thereby raising the level of the toothy. About two times out of three such manipulations helped to avoid tactile contacts with fish, and the photos were no worse than in the hands.

I seldom go out on a night zander, this wobbler also excites him well, albeit on even wiring, although to be honest I prefer 90+ lately. Unfortunately, “eaten” by mosquitoes to exhaustion, the phone didn’t get out of its pocket, and there wasn’t much desire to photograph a pike perch up to 400 grams either, and something bigger is not visible in our place lately.

In conclusion, by the color of the bait, I will say straight out, of the two options, I didn’t notice the difference at all, so if you are in doubt about what to buy, take the one that is closer to the heart and the fish will bite better;


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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