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Having woken up early with the whole family, after all, everyday work is in full swing, it was necessary to breed everyone in kindergartens, schools and work. And only after that I could enjoy my weekend, well, when the weekend fell on weekdays. Of course, I think where to go fishing, and the weather outside is just fabulous for winter, plus temperature and the sun, although they were waiting for frost and snow. Having taken a micro-jig stick with baits, I went to a small river to visit the minke whale, but I don’t expect it to be too sunny for its activity.

I’m going to marvel at the beauties in readiness, the calmness and level are normal on the water, this means the predator will stay on the coastal zone and the reeds, and here I will look for him.

A miniature bait and 2 grams of cheburashka fly into the water near the reeds, several wires were empty, casting on a dalnyak for a brow with a depth of 3 m. Everything is also quiet, not a jab, somehow strange. I’m moving to another section of the river, with a total river depth of 3 meters, there is an entrance to the pit with a depth of 5 meters and an exit back to 2.5-3 meters. There is always a perch and I start posting, on the hook the miniature bait Hiroko 38 looks like an underwater centipede with a thin tail that likes to bite off a peaceful fish !!!

For a long time he stood in one place and rested until the first minke whale responded, the place is promising and there is always a perch here, but why such a passive is not clear. Only a couple managed to torture. The length of the pit is not long and the crossings are a maximum of 10-15 meters and again I first look for it at the reeds and then at the ejection. But here, just a couple of perches and that’s it.

I also had an idea to go check out the sandy shallow water, but I was more confident in the reed zone and the edge and, as it turned out in vain. Going to this site here he was, he was already caught a little more often and the beam but the whole very sporty size. I even managed to experiment a little with the bait and caught a small tail spinner Mizu 27, an unusual bait playing it like a turntable and as it turned out, it also catches shallow whale.

The walk along the pond was excellent, which I can’t say about fishing itself, I tortured perch more and such fishing quickly gets boring, but I still rested by the water.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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