Four fishing on the Oka

Four fishing on the OkaYou are very attached to your fishing spots. How else! After all, everything was familiar to you there and so much was there – fishing, interesting meetings and acquaintances. Here, perhaps, from these considerations, before the New Year, we rushed to the Oka to Pushchino. And this despite the fact that the ice situation is difficult there, and higher up the river, to the Meadows, in general, you can not name an ice nightmare – the whole river is in hummocks. But still under the city itself and a little higher you can catch almost the entire river. The only question is how many spare sets of knives for the ice drill you have. On December 27, I personally “buried” three pairs of knives, and one pair cannot be corrected on my own anymore. The whole ice with suspensions, in places it is sand dust, and somewhere sticks, stones and shells from the barley. Knives can be "killed" immediately on the very first hole – this is how lucky. And still we went there. I repeat: fishing there is familiar and in many ways predictable, although not without surprises.

27th of December
We were lucky with the weather: there is no wind, a pleasant frost at 12 degrees. The pressure, however, fell all day: in the morning of 763, and by evening it was already 755 mm. Valera and I immediately decided in the morning to catch perch under the shore in a familiar deep creek with a twist. The perch nibbled, but unlike last year it was small – up to 100 g. They tried to catch in the center of the backwaters among hummocks, in small smooth fields, but nothing came of it: the whole backwaters were crammed with sludge and ice. Nothing to do, went down the river to our third companion, Gennady. He just sat on low traction and tried to catch with a balancer at three-meter depth. There was always a good perch here in the morning, but on that day, apparently, he was not there. We decided to go even further down the river to a place we knew where, 40 meters from the shore at an 8-meter depth lies an “eternal” snag. From time to time, pike perch appears near it. They came, drilled three holes each, and began to catch them. But pike perch that day we never caught.

4 January
The next year, January 4, at 8:30 we are again drilling ice over the same snag. The fishermen on the river obviously got better, but at our point nobody, and even after us, obviously no one was catching here. It is understandable: the knives of the rotor fly here like seeds. On this day, the weather was already completely different: in the morning it was clear -16, for dinner -12, light snow, and in the evening it was clear again. The pressure is low – 738 mm, grew slightly. The wind blew northwest, about 3 m / s, and did not interfere with fishing at all. And the team was a little different: instead of Gennady, Vova joined us. He, like Valera, caught the hell with replanting bloodworms, and I caught mormyshka. An hour later, Valera caught the first fish, and it was a bershik for 400 g. He caught almost above the snag, and we are five meters lower. After half an hour, Valera fished out a 700 gram gnarliness, and after him there was still a bite on the lobe, but the fish went down under the hole. By weight – obviously the same fuss. And I had a bite stuck, but I did not cut fish.

Then we began to drill around driftwood and upstream. As a result, 4 pairs of knives were completely killed. The search for new holes yielded nothing. A small white-eye was regularly observed on the stanchion. By dinner I was tired of all this, and I crossed the river and went upstream along the right bank. Met a fisherman from Serpukhov, smoked, chatted a little. In the morning, on the first brow with a depth of 6 m, he caught two small creatures a pound and a half, one to hell and the other to the balancer. I walked along the river to the familiar coastal pit. There were already hummocks in front of the pit. Somehow drilled four holes – knives in the trash. I drilled right at the entrance to the pit – 2 m, 3.5 m, 4.5 m and 5 m. The current here is weak, which made it possible to fish for tungsten in 1.5 g. Mormyshka found a bottom, held it and crawled weakly over it. The first perch (300 g) pecked at the third hole while dragging mormyshki along the bottom. At five meters a mormyshka occasionally tugged a ruff.

He replaced the knives and drilled six more holes in parallel with the first holes, focusing on a depth of 4 m. These six holes, in general, worked until 15:00. Perch pecked on a fresh hole with three wires. He just hangs on the mormyshka, but not at the bottom, but 30-50 cm from the bottom. At 14:10, someone gently nodded, I hooked, and ten-hundredths of a line could not stand the instant jerk of the fish. It's funny: for several years I have not torn a fishing line of such quality and cross-section like this on fish. My hands froze, and I just did not have time to release my finger from the coil in time. In general, until 15:00, the perch at least pecked: from one hole, one or two bites – and that’s all. For 1.5 hours I saw a dozen bites, and caught only 8 perches. Weighed at home – pulled under 2 kg. Around 16:00 I came back to the guys. They, without leaving, caught the morning place. Vova is empty, and Valera, right before my arrival, “slammed” another lump for 500 g. It’s small, of course, lump, but this is a tendency all over the river. Many talk about this. Pike perch of 2 kg is already considered large, but for a dvushnik – this is already a match for the record.

January 6
This time we came near Kashira, to the confluence with the Oka River. Mutenki. The ice here is much better, there are practically no hummocks and there is not enough rubbish in the ice, but you can still screw the knives right away, especially if you hunt for perch along the coast. Many fishermen come there, and mainly hunt zander and bersh. Among the fishermen scurry about and also “kerchiefs”. Why fishermen themselves do not drive them – it is not clear! The weather would be a miracle if someone turned off the SW wind, which blew 6 m / s. At -12, such a wind burns your face and hands like fire. And so everything is fine, and the pressure is normal – 748 mm.

I did not want to sit among the bershatniks, and I went along the right bank from the mouth of Mutenka to the old bridge. After 250 meters he ran into a big backwater with a twist. By the way, I did not take bloodworms and made a bet on all sorts of "dope". When you do not know the place of fishing, it is bad, but not fatal. There is little snow on the river and the border of quiet water and current is very well “read” by small hummocks. Most often, the perch stands precisely on the course, and not on the inside of the hummock line. So I drilled a chain of holes with depths from 2 to 6 m at the entrance to the backwaters parallel to hummocks.

He began to fish holes with a tungsten "ant" with one large yellow bead ("watermelon"). On the sixth hole, from a depth of 4 m, I finally caught a perch at 250 g. But what it looked like! More than thirty different postings of the game – and only after that, with a sweeping rise, a slightly noticeable glitch in the nodding game. Usually, when a perch bites, even badly, ten entries in the hole are enough to understand whether he is there and if he wants to eat. I demonstrated everything that I know and can, and the perch stood nearby and looked. At some point I probably just bothered him with this flickering of Mormyha – he took it and quietly pinched it. I’ve been fooling myself for many years and understood everything at once: the perch doesn’t want to eat!

For order, I still drove a rewind, but to no avail. I changed the ant to a 2-gram trait, drilled holes in the center of the backwater and began to catch them. The result is one ruff, but indecently large, almost from the palm of your hand. I also tried to catch a nymph on the shore, and left the backwater down the river – not a single bite. Already in the evening he came to a thinned crowd of bezhnikov and found his fellow travelers. They caught nothing but three small white-eyes. Bersh was not caught, although I admit that someone had a good catch on this day, as there were many local fishing piles on the river.

January 9
And still, Vladimir and I came here again on January 9th. Night and morning were cold, down to -18, and comfortable during the day: almost no wind, light snow at -10. There were many fishermen, as always. Who is on the river, and who came specifically to catch a quarry. Vova went into the crowd in the middle of the river, and I went from the mouth of Mutenka up the Oka on the right bank. Somehow, he “hooked” on a small small galley up to 100 g. I drilled holes along the coast at a depth of 1.5 to 2.5 m and began to catch them with a small nymph on fishing line 00.8, fortunately, there are almost no currents under the coast. Here, at 2.5 m, the roach was marked. I have not caught roach for a long time, so I sat on it with pleasure, since I consider it one of the most interesting fish when fishing without a nozzle. From the hole, as a rule, one, well, a maximum of two bites – and that's it: either "smoke" or change the blende. In general, I drilled the whole square where the roach was caught, but it was "noted" only at a depth of 2.3-2.5 meters.

By 11:00, the nibble subsided. I had a bloodworm with me, and I tried to experiment with it for the sake of experiment. Roach did not respond to bloodworms, only a very shallow ruff pecked. But from one hole near the shore from a depth of 1.5 m two perch pecked in a row – 50 and 250 g. I drilled everything there, but without result. By the evening I went back to the mouth of Mutenki. The people were still here, but were about to go home. I understand from conversations that someone caught, and someone did not. One man in his quarry in the morning caught the line of two carpentries 500 g each, but then a trifle, like mine. Bersh pecked, but only in a tangible course at a depth of seven meters or more, in the "lulls" he did not act.

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