For those who like it hot.

Undoubtedly, every detail of uniforms and equipment is important when fishing, and in order to have a comfortable pastime and success in fishing, every year we wait, meet and test new products on the market. Often they come across something that soon fails, losing its functionality, or simply falls “ into the far corner ” due to loss of trust, and as a result, is soon forgotten. Today we will talk about such an important component in everyday life of many and will try to reveal the maximum of those possibilities and ideas that were laid down in the new design of a thermos from Biostal.

The Biostal thermos with a sieve is made of stainless steel and has 3 types of volume: 0.5, 0.75 and 1 liter. Since I like to drink tea, and often go fishing with a company, and also referring to previous experience of use, my choice fell on a model with a volume of 1 liter. So what are the distinguishing features of the design of this thermos and why is it better than other and previous models ?!

For those who like to enjoy fragrant tea with herbs and with other ingredients for its preparation, a sieve is added to the design, which completely excludes the entry of the tea leaves into the cup. The strainer and the plug have a threaded connection, thereby reliably fixed to each other, cases of falling out have not been recorded, and I am sure that this is excluded. The size of the sieve allows, in addition to herbs, to put large additions, such as lemon, prunes, rose hips and others.

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Reviews: For those who like hot things.

The only drawback of the sieve is that during use it has lost its original shiny appearance, but I think that this is solved with a cleaning agent, it remains only to find out which ones. Perhaps some of the readers share a cleaning method and I will definitely try it.

Reviews: For those who like hot things.

There is one trick for the cork, it is hollow and inside there is a place for welding. This suggests that it is possible to re-brew without having to find a place and container to store tea and herbs – that is, everything in one place. To be honest, I have used this know-how only once, and then when traveling on a business trip on work issues. But even on fishing trips, this is applicable, for example, when it comes to fishing for several days, and you are a lover of delicious tea brewed and infused in a thermos.

Reviews: For those who like hot things.

As for the most important thing in a thermos, in my case it is the preservation of the warmth of the drink, then initially there was no doubt, since the Biostal company has been on the market for a long time and has earned the trust of many users with its quality. I will not say that the testing took place in particularly harsh conditions, the classic temperature for our region with an average temperature of -18 degrees, although there were days when the thermometer showed a mark of -40, but in such cases I preferred to spend time with my family.

Reviews: For those who like hot things.

In general, and without exaggeration, the thermos is worthy of attention, and taking into account the addition of new functions to it, and even at a low cost, it will give a head start to competitors. That’s all, everyone NCHNKh, with respect, Sergey Egoist!

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