For porcini mushrooms LOTS OF WHITE MUSHROOMS!

For porcini mushrooms LOTS OF WHITE MUSHROOMS! It is the last warm days and I got out into the forest for porcini mushrooms. Having reached the first mushroom site, I found the first porcini mushroom. Examining the mushroom places, I also found several porcini mushrooms. Then I decided to check the old mushroom place and as soon as I went there I saw a lot of porcini mushrooms! They grew very densely, and literally a few meters away, I picked up a sea of ​​porcini mushrooms. Walking a little further along this mushroom place, I again found several porcini mushrooms. You will see all the most interesting by watching a video about a quiet hunt. Find out new mushroom places that I have scouted. The adventures of the mushroom picker continue!

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