For bream at a party

Family trip to relatives in the region where, of course, we take a rest as a family from work, difficulties and hard everyday life. The children are having fun, the wife is taking a break from cooking. well, of course, I always go to water bodies. I love the reservoir very much, I catch both the predator from the boat and the bream from the shore to the picker. In general, we rush to our relatives.

Not the earliest rise, drove through the fields, chose a place and decomposed. I kneaded the light bait for bream, tapped the bottom and measured the distance, all according to the rules. I fish with a Volzhanka Pro Sport picker rod with a length of 3 mestres and a test up to 30gr, a sliding rig with a feeder, a basket and a leash of 50 cm. A worm and maggot bait on the hook began to feed the point behind the edge at intervals of a minute.

The first bite was not long in coming, literally on the seventh feeder the first fish ate 3 maggots on the hook and was spotted confidently. The distance was chosen correctly, the bait attracted the attention of the breeder, which means you need to feed and look at the activity of the fish.

There was more groundbait at the point and more often there were bites, gatherings and captures of a bastard, there is plenty of it here, but all about 300-400 grams. There was no crucian carp as well as roach, although they often walk together.

The side wind began to swell more strongly, which greatly interfered with the casting accuracy, and this slightly smeared the fish on the stern spot. Bites became less frequent, but with an accurate hit to the point, you could be sure of a bite.

After a few hours of fishing, the bait in the bucket ended, I filled the last feeder and at its point. The last breeder pulled in with a bite, but he was caught and was awarded freedom like everyone else, he did not take the cage on purpose, since the fish was not needed for food.

I had a great rest on the shore of the reservoir, I caught a fish and, tired, went to rest to my relatives, there was a table with cold foam.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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