Fly fishing. Where to start and how to catch on the fly

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  • Features of fly fishing
  • Advantages
    • Disadvantages

Fly fishing is a way of fishing on the artificial fly, and with the use of cord, special rods and special techniques of fly casting.

Fly fishing requires radically different tackle than float rod or spinning. It is necessary to study the techniques of casting, methods of selection of equipment for the weather conditions, the basics on care and maintenance for the equipment.

Fly fishing as a form of fishing, has technical differences, advantages and disadvantages. So below covers the main aspects of fly fishing, informed choice investigator or a novice angler.

Features of fly fishing

Casting takes place by means of a cord

The fly caught on the fly, that is an artificial bait. The fly is delivered to the desired location of the reservoir by means of a cord, which in flight is a weightless fly-inertial force. Other ways of catching bait throw due to its own weight or special weights. Therefore, the success of the techniques and tactics of fly fishing has a special method of casting and subsequent management of the cord in the water. Therefore, the cords are classified into many models by weight, length, form and temperature of the intended region of fishing.

Minimalism tackle

Consider two separate classic fly tackle for trout and pike, of the same length at 9 feet or 2.70 m. the rods have different weights, but usually they are arranged into 4 parts, and with cover and tube, they occupy about 75 cm space. Consumables – pedestrian scaffold material and wound into compact coils. Replacement undergrowth (synonym “ends”) with a length of several meters, easily rolled, placed in a bag or a special purse with sections and fit in a pocket. Same goes for fly boxes, spare cords, small tools, etc. that you can carry in an appropriate pocket of a jacket or compartment tactical vests. The minimum set of items for the trip fishing for trout or pike fly fishing consists of a tube and a backpack.

The tackle adapted to contact with water

Often the angler-fly fishing is waist-deep in water. If you caught a big pike or trout, the angler will have to make considerable efforts to get the trophy in the net or dragged to shore (slang for “down to earth”). At such moments, the coil is immersed in water, the rod falls from his hands or put it on the sand, i.e. the gear is exposed to the environment. Therefore, to use closed coils disc brakes, chrome rings made of metal resistant to friction, joints parts of the rod firmly push the blank are coated with a special waterproof varnish. Fly fishing takes place in any weather, for example, in the pouring rain on the Kamchatka Peninsula, where it can last a few days and sometimes a week. So tackle this region the manufacturer testing under extreme conditions and provides the required quality, one of which is the protection of the environment on the water.

Artificial bait

In fly fishing are caught only on the fly. No live or dead heads (bait) are applied. And there’s a simple explanation, everything that is not attached to the hook with thread and varnished will be off the hook at the first casting. And ethical side of the issue are also important, the leaders of the fly movement advocating respect for nature, and it resonates the majority of fly fishermen.

The sensitivity of the bite

After casting flies, in the most techniques of fishing, the angler keeps his finger on the cord or the hand selects the cord (slang “stipulate”) to create the harness, and the slightest contact fly fish passed on the cord. You can feel the “tychek” if the fish just recaptured the fly tail. Even on the massive salmon rod 10th class you can feel the attack on the fly fry petrecki. The bite in fly fishing is perhaps the most exciting and coveted the moment, you feel your hand or finger.

System action fly fishing

Legislators in the world of fly fishing are the Americans, the British and recently the Scandinavians. Therefore, in this midst of cultures angler can see the different models of the cords, the weight of which will be shown in grains in the same package, and in grams on the other. In addition, the length of the cords and the understory is most often measured in feet and the length of the backing in the yards. The length of the rods is indicated in feet and inches. Therefore, when choosing a gear prepare to the international system of measures and remember the math, Oh and the translation table presented widely on the web.


Fly fishing is a versatile tackle!
It can be used on reservoirs around the world! Locations for fly fishing, you can choose boldly relying on his imagination. In General, enthusiasts from the world of fly fishing and do just constantly looking for new unusual places to attract tourists there. What is rainbow trout 9 kg of fresh-water lakes of the Jurassic period (eng. Jurassic Lake), formed by the constant melting of glaciers, located 700 m above sea level in the mountains of Patagonia, (approx. Argentina). Other freshwater bodies of water are streams, pits, ponds, and rivers that already have studied tactics and techniques of fishing. You only need to be open to new information and practice.
The seas and oceans, i.e. water bodies with salt water is also good for fly fishing. Manufacturers of gear use special materials for rings, katushkoderzhatelem the coils, varnish, increasing protection from exposure to salt water. Other elements of fly fishing tackle, cords, understory, backing also adapt to the different conditions, as the temperature of the water, trophy size and geography of the region.

Fly fishing catch different kinds of fish!

Fly fishing catch different types of fish. The size and type of fish you can restrict your fishing ambitions. For example, in our country, we can confidently assert that in the middle lane, you can catch most species from minnows to catfish. The only question in lure selection and fishing tactics.

Peace fish “Bel” better fish to simulate its typical food – beetles, winged insects, aquatic larvae (nymphs), amphipods, etc.

Predators caught on a fly (streamer) – imitation of fry. These flies, all colors, different sizes, different levels of immersion require the class to tackle more than peaceful fish, but the size of the trophy is impressive. In addition to the aforementioned pike, you can count on a large Chub, ASP, perch and even catfish!

Fishing Northern regions of our country even more exciting, because most species of fish there are predators, more strong fighters and are caught on flies of all types is sometimes striking, such as plowing flies in the Siberian Lena.

Worse studied the experience of fly fishing at sea. Sea fly fishing as a separate type of fishing, which developed relatively recently, with the advent of technologically advanced equipment, as well as tourism infrastructure. Anglers from different regions and then reported a new marine fish caught on a fly closely imitating a food item typical of the place. Already there is evidence of catching cod and lyura in shallow areas of Norwegian vierdag, flounder in the sandy bays of the Barents sea, white sea herring, sea trout in the White and Baltic seas, etc.
If we talk about the most exotic regions of the world, honorable to catch a fly for his career in sea salt water: albula (bopis), Tarpon, permit, giant trevali (GT) and even Marlin!

Fly tackle will last a long time!

Compared to other gear it is possible to designate the timing of operation of elements of fly fishing with regular care. And cords can last up to five seasons. Backing as woven strands of synthetic material, and longer. Your fly rod, a fragile thing, but in experienced hands it can last for more than 15 years and even get new life after the restoration of the ring, coating fresh varnish, to make a new cork handle to replace the old rotten.
Fly reel generally a thing of the cult – technical care, it can last for a lifetime and to pass a legacy to your son! In England there is even a community of collectors that collect old fly reels, released at the beginning of the 20th century.

Fly fishing will never get bored!

This passion for life. If you started from scratch, the first 5 years is the necessary period for getting a experience, the performances of the cast, master the technique of fly tying. After gaining experience you can move on to catch other fish, or lower the class of the rod, can change the region of fishing, and this is a new round of your development. If you feel that become an expert, you receive a certificate for training the other casts. If you take a good look at your region, you can arrange trips flyfishing from other regions on your best place.

The next stage of development, if knitting flies, will be the creation of their “secret” models. For example, you can knit salmon flies from animal materials in Murmansk region fur of the moose, reindeer, brown bear, Fox, hare and feathers of the goose, grouse, partridges, etc., the highest stage of development of the knitter is making the classic pen flies legends of the British masters, have their roots already in the 19th century! There are examples of keen fly fishing people opened their private manufacturing company of gear or equipment, and technologies, as we know, are not in place, there will always be new materials.

If You like to remove the camera, take unique pictures of nature, catch rare footage of candles salmon, make movies about adventures in distant places. With experience felt that your tackle is something not satisfied? Not a problem! Buy components and application form, read technical literature and collect their own bait, the only one in the world, and only your!

Fly fishing and fine arts is evident, there are artists, painting pictures of nature, of the relationship of fish and flies. A man who loves continuous development and training will find a lot of chance for a decent self-expression in a favorite pastime of fly fishing!

Fly fishing develops respect for nature

Fly fishing is primarily getting pleasure from the process of fishing. The ultimate goal is to find the key approach to fish in a particular situation, to use all the knowledge and experience to get fish to bite in spite of everything! The more experienced the fisherman, the more chances he has to feel the bite.

In the rules of many countries and private reservoirs in the world have a point about the amount of fish that can be collected for food, or even there is a ban on killing fish. Experienced anglers understand the beneficial impact of such norms, accept them and pass on to their friends. The rule of “catch and release” of course does not work in the case of a fish of a serious injury, but this approach reduces the pressure on nature.

In some cases the rules of a reservoir require single/double hooks with curved barbs. That’s how the magic of fly fishing, at a certain point a beautiful strike to become nicer to the maximum number of trophies gone with him. In addition, the popular rule to “leave nature only traces of the legs”! Decided to take it with all the garbage, all the trim woods, etc.


The need to have free space
When selecting a location for the pond will have to find space to throw around. When fishing a two-handed rod, to the rear you have should be at least 1.5 m free space to build the D-loop. When fishing one-handed rod space behind or around should be much higher. It is clear that the bushes and securezone places disappear immediately. You can go in the water with uncomfortable side locations in zapadnyh pants, but the bottom is muddy, then help fly the raft or boat.

It’s hard to catch fly fishing in temperatures below -3C

Rings constantly freeze, cords also become hard. Time comfortable catching enough for 10 minutes. Then just the cord shoots out of the rings. Not yet found any fundamental solution to this limitation.


If in a confined, distance, trees, topography location on the pond and even a headwind is blowing, sometimes the cord will not deliver the fly to the desired distance and it will be a key factor in unsuccessful. Fly cord helps the wind. A side wind gives the minor interference that you can adjust the throw or place.

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