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You can catch plumb from the side of the boat at any time of the open water season. True, closer to freezing, and even when a big wave is walking on the pond, the fishing conditions become extreme. And then it is wiser to engage exclusively in coastal fishing. When fishing in a plumb line, especially at depths of less than five meters, it is necessary to remember that any knock on the bottom or side of the boat is perceived by the side line as a danger. Therefore, it is better if you use a wooden boat or inflatable rubber. It is advisable to cover the side of the metal boat from the inside with a soft cloth. At the fisherman's workplace, everything should be at hand: fishing rods, hooks, lures, baits, etc.

This will save you from moving in a boat. During the day, the weather can change in one direction or another. In the early morning there is a complete calm, by noon the wind rose, a wave started, and then the excitement of the water may intensify. In such a situation, it often happens that the wave begins to strike the boat abruptly and loudly, which, of course, repels the fish. Therefore, the choice of the boat and its installation must be approached with all seriousness. In general, the rule here is one: if you are fishing with point bait, it is better to put the boat on two anchors (from the stern and the bow) in extension so that it does not wind from side to side with its current or wind. On-board tackle, as a rule, catches schooling fish – bream, bream, sopu, perch, and on the Middle and Lower Volga autumn sabrefish. However, you can also successfully hunt for carp (carp), large zander and pike. Naturally, taking into account the size of the intended prey and the type of fish, you will need appropriate gear.


In the middle zone of Russia, already at the end of August – beginning of September, many peaceful fish begin to hatch in flocks and leave coastal shallows, where water is becoming colder. Preparing for the winter period, the fish feeds intensely, occupying mainly the deep edges, where it finds enough food. Since fishing is carried out with bait, lowered from the side of the boat, fairly short float and nod fishing rods are used so that the bait is located exactly in the place of feeding. The choice of gear depends on the strength of the current or its absence, the activity of the bite, weather and other factors. I remember that on some lakes in the Novgorod region, for example, a large bream was best taken by a fishing rod. At the same time, I caught in calm, calm weather. When the wave began, bites were extremely rare and had to switch to a nodding rod.

For fishing with a bobber and bait, a short side fishing rod with a length of about 80-100 cm is suitable. It is better if it is equipped with a wire reel, on which at least thirty meters of high-quality monofilament are wound. The rod must have a cork handle and be unsinkable. You can catch with a float both for blind mounting and sliding. As for equipment, its choice depends on what kind of fish you are going to catch. For hustlers, sops and bream, for example, classic bream equipment is used. A leash in the equipment of such a fishing rod is required. Personally, I have a set of leashes with hooks for different fishing conditions, depending on the attachment and the type of fish.


In the period of open water, most predators move along the body of water after fodder fish. I prefer to fish from a boat on a plumb line in the fall, when almost all predatory fish concentrates on dumps in depth, using various bottom irregularities for ambushes. At this time, predators take throughout the day. Over the summer, they significantly strengthened and gained weight, vigorously and stubbornly resist when fighting. Therefore, the tackle for plumbing should be strong enough. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account that the fishing rod should be equipped with an inertialess or multiplier reel, with which the fishing line could easily escape under the weight of the bait. This allows you to quickly catch attracted sites and not stay long for one place, if there are no bites.

They are usually plumbed from a boat on well-studied ponds, marking catchy places with foam buoys. In the wind and in the course of the boat anchor and, from time to time, towing the cord, catch underwater nooks and crannies. If it is in motion, the fishing line will not occupy a vertical position. I am especially careful to catch bottom areas where there is snag. Along with pike, you can find large perch and pike perch here. In such places it is always useful to linger longer. The only condition is that you need to have a couple of reliable cut-offs with you.

As a side fishing rod, you can use a short spinning rod. The coil can be wired, inertial, inertialess or multiplier. The supply of fishing line is up to 50 m. Such tackle can be quickly adjusted to any depth, and the reel allows you to use a thinner fishing line, which you can successfully snatch out not only underdeveloped, but also quite large fish. I would like to emphasize that spinning rods with such fishing are becoming more and more popular. The choice of lures and fishing technique depend on the intended catch. Different types of fish require different approaches to fishing. For perch, zander and pike, for example, balancers are used. There are vertical spinners, soft baits, as well as live and backed small fishes, cutting, pearl barley meat, etc. In a word, the scope for experiments when fishing for predatory fish is plumb. The main thing is to go fishing more often and gain invaluable experience.

author: Kazantsev V.
Open Water Fishing (Complete Fishing Guide)

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