The day has come, according to plan, a trip to the river. Don on outdoor recreation. But in the morning there is still free time.

Rise, coffee along the way and at 6.00 with friends we are standing on a reservoir with spinning rods. This time I took with me the Maximus GRAVITY 27M, the Black Side RIOT 4000 FD coil with the wound Power Phantom RAPTOR 1.5. The Black Side HAMMER 2000 FD reel with a Power Phantom RAPTOR 0.6 cord also lay in the backpack.

At the first point from the first casting, a single bite, the next half hour of rinsing the lures did not bring anything.

Second point. On one of the casts from the ejection, bite, hook by. Having dragged a couple of meters bite again, but again by. Two bites for wiring, a long time ago this was not. I make casting and shooting. The coil spontaneously closed, as I did not break the spinning, I did not understand it myself, I examined the coil a little, I understand that it goes 100% TO. This is not the first time this situation has occurred and most likely you will have to buy a new reel under the weight of up to 40 g.

As a result, I make another cast and get two bites, one idle, the second I raise one small zander. We take a photo and drown it in place. After a while, the story of the shooting is repeated, only this time with part of the cord.

Without hesitation, I collect spinning in a case and go to Stas, we gather there and go to Don.

Upon arrival, we fill in wood chips for smoking and put it on the stand, prepare the barbecue, a fire and wait for Nikolai. Upon arrival, lunch in nature and go catching.

The phrase sounds along the way:

– You fish for smoking …

I, in turn, answer – as it turns out, fishing is not unpredictable … You can’t even see bites.

So, as they were catching at the entrance to the pit, I decided to start with a LureMax Yobbo 4 "on a jig head, and the guys started right away with carolina and small baits. Stas caught the first perch, the second also, further Kolya. I decided to put the demarcation only not a carolina, but a diverting one. The bait under the arm immediately caught LureMax Esmeralda 2.5 "in the motorboat and I made the first cast. Just starting to lead the bait with light swaying as it should confident bite. I get a gorgeous perch for 300 grams. I make a second cast, idle bite, third cast, perch sits, fourth cast, perch.

A flock of weighty perches walked along the riverbed and actively ate. On the next approach, they boldly attacked the bait. A little rinse of the lures and the trajectory of the flock becomes clear. A couple of captures and it was necessary to make another throw downstream by 4 meters and another bite should follow.

An hour later, the first cut follows. Guys go to smoke fish, but I still leave. I find another S-59 # 2 hook in the box and put the same bait, only in acid color. The cargo touches the bottom and on the channel an evil bite. Flora 0.257 from Intech. Realizing that not a bad specimen of fish. I bring to the shore and see near the kilos pike. Already being in her hands, she still cuts off the fluor.

By the way, since the coil failed, I caught another Black Side HAMMER 2000FD. Of course, the load on her is enormous, but in force majeure conditions she performed all her functions by 200%. I think that the time of this fishing will not affect the further work of the mechanism.

Yes, this time we took the fish and drank it in place. But we arrived not to stupidly catch, but to relax and we did not have a sports interest. All fishing took literally one and a half to two hours. And we spent all day cooking and pleasant conversations on the fishing theme. This is our first such outing this year. In the end, we had a nice time and the smoked fish was very tasty, although I very rarely eat fish …


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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