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On New Year's holidays, my friend and I wanted to have a good time fully, catch fish, so that the soul would sing and we decided to go to one of the lakes in the region.


♦ The road to Lake Yarkul

♦ First fishing

♦ Second trip

♦ Revenge

The road to the lake Yarkul

In the old days, many people from Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk and other cities gathered on the Yarkul lake, which is located near Chanov, in the old days for winter fishing. Fishermen came in their cars, trains, buses. The depth on the Chany was shallow, in winter there was not enough oxygen for the fish and it moved along two deep channels to Lake Yarkul.

Fishing on Lake Yarkul was wonderful. The catches of the fishermen were significant. Fish was taken out in bags in cars or by train. The first time my partner Vasily and I went fishing in the village of Yarkul for the New Year holidays from Novosibirsk. It was inconvenient that the train arrived at 12 a.m. at the station in Kupino, and the Pazik bus from the station to the village left at only 4 p.m. Therefore, four hours had to wait, hanging out at the station.

From the beginning, locals from the village were allowed to board the bus, and then, if there were places left, fishermen with boers and backpacks. Arriving in the village, we began to look for where to stay for the night, as we counted on three days of fishing. Fishermen were allowed to stay for a small fee, several people in the room. By evening, we found a place in one of the houses of this village. Overnight was on the floor on his clothes.

First fishing

In the evening, we managed to go out on the ice and feed several holes with mormysh bought in the same village. I managed to catch a couple of good ides and it got dark. I thought in the morning I would go fishing well on lured holes. In the morning I went to my holes, but a strong snowstorm broke out and I did not find holes. There was no visibility.

I had to drill a couple of new holes, climb into a plastic bag, which was torn from my head due to the strong wind. It got worse and worse with every minute, I had to reel fishing rods and go back. The blizzard broke out in earnest. I had with me a small compass of the old type, but apparently from the cold, the arrow got stuck and it was impossible to determine the direction from it.

Since I was closer to the opposite bank, I decided to go to it and go along the coast to the district to the pipe, where I went on the ice so that I would not get lost in the snowstorm. I walked for a long time, but I managed to get to my landmark, and there it was already clear where the house in which we were staying was located. On the following days, there was a snowstorm according to the weather forecast, and we decided to go back home.

Second trip

The second time it was necessary to take revenge, and Vasily and I again went to fish on the lake in the village of Yarkul, but already in the month of April before the fishing season closed. With the hostess, where we were for the first time, we agreed in advance on accommodation and there were no questions about spending the night. The landlord lent me his rubber overalls for fishing, as the ice was already 20 meters away from the shore, and Vasily hardly crossed the water in his hunting boots to climb on the ice.


The ice has already crystallized strongly and softened, so I advised a friend to carry a duffel bag on one shoulder so that it could be discarded sooner if you fall under the ice. Well, he looked into the water: one of Vasya’s legs failed and he smiled at the ice, arms extended to the sides. I carefully pulled him away from this place, but his mood fell to the point that he decided the next day not to take risks, but to return home.

We drilled three holes each, fed them with mormys, lowering the feeder, since the depth in this place was about four meters. It was getting dark quickly, I had to postpone the main fishing until the morning and return home.

In the morning, I, alone in a suit, went fishing for holes fed from the evening, and Vasily still went home to Novosibirsk, he was very scared to see and did not take any chances. The bite started right away, a good, oily, decent-sized patch was caught. When in one hole, after the capture of 8-10 individuals, immediately ceased to bite, I switched to another and the bite continued with the same strength – eldorado, diverted my soul! After collecting some time after the whole about 40 holes in the hole, I figured her weight was about 20 kg.

There was no point in catching any more, since with my backpack behind me my overall weight was added and it was easy to play under the April ice. Yes, and it was unlikely that more than 20 kg would have entered the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, which the hostess politely gave me for a while, and the snow had already melted and the temperature was freezing in the afternoon. In the morning I had to return home. This fishing on Lake Yarkul was long remembered in my memory and left a good memory of this wonderful lake.

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