Fishing in Udmurtia!

Caraculino day 1.

The trip planned for two months has finally taken place. Most of all on this trip I wanted to meet and chat with friends Maxim Pystogov and Ivan Utrobin, catch zander and break my record.

Rise at 6:00 in the morning, an hour for training.

I complete the spinning rods, took two of my new sticks:

1. DRAGON Nano CORE spinn 35, test 14-35g + TEAM DRAGON FD 1035 IX coil.

2. SAVAGE GEAR Black savage, test 20-60gr + Okuma EPIXOR xt 55M coil.

We start at 7:00. Went downstream. The weather, of course, let us down, but it did not stop us, well, really crazy people].

We are at the first point – there is silence …

On the second, third and subsequent ones the same thing. We are beginning to actively search, here, of course, Ivan is a mega-search engine, there is something to learn from him.

It can be seen that the fish is standing, but does not show activity. And to get it out of some snags, you can not break off sickly.

We decided to check the area of ​​the river. White. We did not catch a pike perch. But they removed a few bershets, and LEGEND MINNOW from YAMAN worked for me. There was one gathering of not a big pike.

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

It’s already lunch time, they began to advance towards the base, it was necessary to pick up Maxim, along with checking a couple of places along the way.

There were some slurred bites.

But still, Ivan takes two pike perches on RELAX KOPYTO 6 in violet. I have a pike gathering again.

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

We take Maxim and move forward already upstream.

At one point everyone catches zander, the Savage Gear Cannibal Shad fires at me.

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

We move on.

We get to the next point. The course is tough, all the time there is a change of baits and loads from 30-60 gr.

To be sure, I hang 50 gr and a 5.5-inch GREEDY SHAD bait in grape colors from YAMAN. I use Black savage with my wand, I make a couple of casts silence. On the third cast, I have some kind of striker bait, well, that's all, I think, probably a hook. Ivan yells that I hooked a log. I just thought that it was necessary to throw off the bracket from the reel and remove the wattle fence, maybe over the course of the bait and unhook it.

And then it starts to crush sharply, I say some kind of living log. Guys yelling pull …

I’m starting to pry, but in my head my thoughts would not have come down, since I did not have time to hook them up.

The zander turned out to be a living log! Ivan quickly reacted and takes the fish in the net. Yes, this is a trophy! I am breaking my second record for zander in this season, the scales showed 6115g. A smile from ear to ear, adrenalitis rushing. Zander released back home.

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

We shoot, move forward in search.

For all the remaining time, Maxim caught a couple more zander, one test in the region of four kilograms. Ivan also caught a zander, a pike, and also raised a not large necklace. I didn’t have any bites anymore.

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

Reports from ponds: Fishing in Udmurtia!

It was decided to withdraw and advance back to the base.


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