Fishing in the tundra. Only trophies. The harsh land of hungry bears

Hello, friends! I'm a newbie on this resource, so I'm sorry if that … I looked at the forum and saw a lot of interesting things … In particular, the topic with reports looks unusual .. Not a solid text … You can see right away what you want to see … But this so retreat ..

I live on the Kola Peninsula. An inveterate fisherman .. Only time allows and I immediately run off to the next fishing adventure for 3-4 days .. I don’t need fish .. I only eat it in my family, but I need adrenaline and buzz .. I take for my happiness .. looking for him .. So YouTube called "SEARCHING FOR FISHING HAPPINESS"

And lately, I have been very interested in video filming and it helps to make every trip a lot more beautiful, and you can savor the aftertaste of each adventure on cold winter evenings …

Here’s one of the trips along our Arctic tundra of the Kola Peninsula … "

Arctic TUNDRA of the Kola Peninsula. Here, if fishing, then TROPHY, if BEARS, then very angry and very hungry, if insects, then huge clouds of mosquitoes and midges, if the wind, then strong, ate rain, then constantly. A little scared the presence of a large number of traces of hungry bears …

This year is a very cold summer and there are almost no berries .. Bears finding food in all possible ways. Being in such a place becomes dangerous for an unprepared person .. For many kilometers more than one person ..

He took off a little on a quadcopter. The views are stunning and captivating consciousness … They allow you to understand the conditions of fishing, as well as the severity of this land .. All August I look only at the Tundra, its gifts, vast expanses, interesting landscape, clouds of mosquitoes and harsh climate …

The campaign turned out to be interesting and gave a lot of ground for thought! For myself, I conducted an analysis of many baits, oscillators, turntables, various wobblers, conducted experiments with different wiring of baits, as well as their feeding ..

The route is combined, first by boat on the Serebryansky reservoir, and then on foot along the tundra. Set up camp, laid out things, fed themselves and dogs and fish! In three days they did even more than they wanted, looked at many promising places and well caught trout with grayling. Do you often see bears in the tunda? You will see the rest in this film! I hope you will like it!


Video more …

Amanda K. Benson

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