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Fishes in the Ob and in the Novosibirsk reservoir become smaller and smaller every year, and you want to catch something worthwhile over the years more and more. Therefore, fishing in Kamchatka, where before spawning, according to reviews on various sites, different fish belonging to the salmon class are well caught, was very attractive.


♦ Road to the fishing spot

♦ Getting to know the place

♦ What do local fishermen catch

♦ Salting and preserving caviar and fish

♦ Transportation of fish home

The road to the fishing spot

On one of the sites I found a camp site inviting people who wanted to go fishing for a fee. Services included lodging, meals, a fishing instructor, and boat trips to fishing spots. And from September 10, I flew to the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where it was promised to meet me and deliver me to the base. The meeting was held at the airport of Elizovo.

I was met by car and on the road, it was a long drive to the place, the sights of this wonderful land were told and shown. We started with a stela of stone, where a bear was depicted holding a real fish in its teeth, which was often stolen by thieves until surveillance cameras were installed nearby. From here an unforgettable beautiful view of the Avachinsky volcano opened.

Further along the road were picturesque mountains and hills. Thirty kilometers from the aeroflot, the Nachikinsky Pass began with thermal springs, where our famous cosmonauts loved to relax in the sanatorium. On the way we stopped at the Sokach village, where famous Kamchatka pies, cakes and coffee were sold. The air temperature here is slightly higher than the sea, as it is the mainland, but sometimes in winter it is cold to -50 degrees below zero.

A series of hills went along the path of movement, in which the sources of two rivers flowing in opposite directions, one to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the other to the ocean. We drove through the Apache terminal springs, where the hotel complex was built, near which there is a thermal power station.

Getting to know the place

So with conversations we reached the base. The houses were warm, equipped with heated floors, in the dining room a varied and tasty food was prepared by a female chef, taking orders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In connection with last year’s abundance of fish, many bears divorced in Kamchatka.

So at the beginning of summer one of the bears at night came to the base where we lived, and had to call the rangers to shoot him.

The manager of the base bought a license for 1 thousand dollars for our money, for which five coho salmon could be caught, and in the morning, after a hearty breakfast, the three of us and our guide went fishing for coho salmon, which, according to local fishermen, took it well on turntables “ Blufoks »No. 5 with a silver petal and orange or red bell color. But with a good course of fish, he took on the petals of copper and brass.

The movement of boats along the Bolshaya River was very intense. The river was not deep, silty, in some places it was difficult to drive through it. Motorboats went at high speed not far from each other and sometimes accidents occurred in their collision. So on one section of the river on the bank stood a monument to a young man who was crushed by a large boat, not seeing the rubber boat on which this guy was fishing.

Therefore, you must have a life jacket and be very careful when driving. There were many fishermen along the route of our motorboat on the shore, in tents and on boats in the water. Sometimes along the coast came across large camps with tents, cars, various belongings.

What do local anglers catch

Having reached the place, they began to fish. Nibble was not important. I was not lucky, because before my arrival there was a strong typhoon for four days and the water was cloudy and there was practically no fish to spawn. The following days were slightly better and managed to catch a few coho. But there was no such move, when 25-30 fish were caught from one place, for all the time I was fishing at the base.

One family of three people, a man with a wife and a son, who drove up to us in a rubber boat with a motor to catch coho salmon, also aroused interest. What is most interesting, his wife caught fish well, catching more than her relatives. I was told that in early September, when the coho salmon was a good move, she caught 26 pieces of decent fish from one place.

One Muscovite, dressed in a wetsuit with a mask, who came fishing with the company, also shot good shots from a speargun. Local fishermen catch fish mainly in a stationary way. They anchor the boat and throw spinning rods from the two ends of the boat’s end, a donka with a good load is obtained, since the current in the river is decent. Instead of a nozzle, there is a weighted spinner.

Salting and preserving caviar and fish

Some fish caught were with caviar. The instructor showed how to properly cut, salted fish and caviar. The eggs were packed in special plastic jars very tightly so that there was a minimum of air. And in the fish all the insides were removed, then it was washed well, cut along the ridge into two

parts, cut out the spine and placed in a special container made of plastic, removing air and sealing the container with a vacuum sealer.

After all these procedures, the fish was placed in a large refrigerator for freezing for the purpose of further transportation home.

Transportation of fish home

My fishing trip was ending and I had to return home. Moreover, the last two days it was constantly drizzling rain and there was a strong wind. On the way to the airport there were two cordons, on which licenses for fishing were selectively checked. The weight of the fish should have corresponded to the number of licenses purchased. A return ticket for the plane was purchased in advance. Goodbye Kamchatka!

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