Fishing for tench on the pole – its equipment and choice of bait

Tench, a fish that loves weak currents. Can be caught in the lakes and bays of rivers that are overgrown with soft vegetation creeping along the banks. As a rule, Lin prefers to stay at high banks, where there are reeds and cane. You can also find and white bream.

How best to catch this fish?

To better Lin was caught, it is desirable that the rod was moderately long, flexible, durable and very importantly, easy. Fishing line is preferred to use a rod less than 6 metres.

In this case, by way of attaching fishing line float rods there are 2 types:

  • With blind tooling;
  • With begoca accessories.

The best tackle for fishing is undoubtedly the poles and the ground “rubber.” Choosing the tackle you need to pay special attention to the fishing spot, and also the time of year. These factors are quite important. In addition, the gear need to be selected carefully and thoroughly.

But, nevertheless, the best method is considered to be tench on the float rod. For preferred fishing line — monofilament and flurocarbon for a leash. The main line should be monofilament diameter 0.25-0.3 mm.

The diameter of the leash is equally important. It needs to carry less tensile strength than the main fishing line.

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