Fishing for sturgeon – laws and fishing on the Donk

For anybody not a secret that such a rich taste of the fish as a representative of the sturgeon family sturgeon, have always been fishermen a strong desire to rather possess a wonderful production. And this is not surprising, because in addition to incomparable flavor, the use of such fish virtually eliminates the possibility of suffering from opisthorchiasis. In addition, despite its apparent “no size”, sturgeon is one of the strongest fishing items among their relatives.

Although sometimes, the length of the body of the sterlet may reach 125 cm in length with a maximum weight limit of 16 kg. However, the average fish length is 30 to 55 cm with weight up to 2 kg. Unlike other species of sturgeon, sterlet before anyone reaches maturity. The female able to produce offspring in the amount of 100-130 eggs already in the 6-7 year of life. Caviar has a strong adhesive property, so it is on any rocky place. Sturgeon is not picky about food, its victims are invertebrate organisms living on the bottom of the river. In addition, it does not shrink ikenami deposits other fish species.

In the fall of the year, the sterlet inhabits deep areas (pits). Here she spends the whole cold snow season, hardly moving and not eating anything. The maximum age of life of this fish is 30 years. The main factors that provoke the strongest numerical decrease in fish is the pollution of water waste industry and human activity.

Is it possible to catch sturgeon?

Sturgeon brought in the Red book of the Russian Federation, therefore its extraction is strictly regulated by the legislative documents of each specific region of the country, and controlled by the organs of fishing supervision of Russia. Catching this fish can be realized only on the basis of specially issued license. If to speak about regions of Siberia, the sterlet fishing allowed in almost all areas of its habitat. This is due to many factors, including Handicrafts. The indigenous people of Siberia, for many years engaged in fishing, and I do not see anything terrible. According to experts sterlet in these places quite a lot, the fish population is increasing, as evidenced by the special credentials of the region. The problem lies in the other, the size of the fish often small, but to catch this prey, is strictly prohibited by law. Issued a license for one-time fishing permits you to fish in number of 10 pieces, the minimum length of 31 cm, with a weight of 250 gr. Single document allows you to fish more than two days from 6 am to 11 PM. Fishing at night is prohibited.

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Within the licensed fishing is allowed to apply only one of the three fishing tools:

  • network (fixed net) in the amount of 2 pieces with a length of not more than 25 m with the strength of the cells in 40 mm;
  • “muzzle” in number of 2 pieces with a hole in proiling parts of 40 mm;
  • zakidushki in the amount of 5 pieces with a maximum number of hooks 5 pieces;
  • bottom network with the strength of mesh 40 mm and a length of not more than 25 cm.

License line assume correct start catch sterlet, which determines the possible start of the fishing season in the period from mid-July until 1 September.