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Fishing for pike in November on spinning: places and tactics for catching

Table of contents

  • Where to look for pike in November
  • How to catch pike in November on spinning
  • The best lures for pike in November
  • In conclusion

Fishing for pike in November on spinning is not always happy angler stable results. Late autumn is the most pleasant time to stay at the pond. But, with the right approach to the choice of the place of fishing, the use of catchability baits and well-chosen tactics, hunting for toothy predator can until the ice.

Pike – voracious and active predator that before winter tries to eat off. This does not mean that the predator eats the whole of November for days. In contrast to other periods in the autumn, at the end of the season there are often downs in her activity. Fish for a few days to respond to the proposed bait. Article about: how to catch the toothy in October.

This behavior of pike is due to the presence of fodder, which is now concentrated in local areas, and unstable weather. In November, the pressure and temperature are constantly changing, which affects mood toothy. At short-term warming predator’s often a surge of activity, so such favourable days it is unwise to miss.

Fishing in November on spinning is not tied to the time of day. Now there is no clear morning or evening of a predator. Pike can take the bait all day. Moreover, an overcast day or the sun is not so important.

Where to look for pike in November

In the late autumn of white fish slips into the deep areas of the ponds and preparing for winter. Of course, for her pulled the pike, which is located next to the flocks of small fish searching for her the whole of November.

Pike on spinning in November caught in the bottom layer. Before the winter, toothy can not be found in the upper horizon. She rarely comes on the hill, not on top of the crest and Svalov. The best places to hunt for pike in the late autumn are:

  • Deep pits and pools with a slower flow, thus concentrating the small fish.
  • Outputs-inputs into the pits, the bed of the ditch.
  • The lower part Svalov and deep eyebrows.
  • Snag deep locations.
  • Locations with medium depths, where for “curls” and the bottom topography is uneven.

Often suited pike to the confluence of small rivers and streams into the mainstream. It is important that there is decent depth and cover at the bottom, where toothy, it will be convenient to hunt for fry.

How to catch pike in November on spinning

In small streams, lakes, and where promising areas stone’s throw from the shore, use the boat impractical. In November to be on the water uncomfortable, and the pleasure of catching will be blurred. Shore fishing for pike on spinning in November in such circumstances will be the best solution. About the technique and tactics shore fishing for pike.

On large reservoirs: reservoirs, large rivers and vast lakes without a boat is not enough. In the coastal zone can only rely on catching small jacks. All seasoned predator is on the deep drop offs, ridges, pits and ditches where concentrated white fish.

Fishing for pike in November on spinning on the river is mostly jig methods. You can forget about surface lures, teachingby zadniaprouye crankbaits or spinners. Come to the fore such bait for pike:

  • Silicone twisters, vibrohvosta, worms.
  • Spoon lures.
  • Predpolojenie fan.

Rarely used crankbaits deep, able to do a surface dive to depths up to 10 meters. But to fish these lures with a spinning reel in casting uncomfortable, they are more suited for trolling.

Gear, which is spinning in November, no different from a classic jig. The requirements for rods, reels and cords standard. Helpful information on choosing a fishing rod in the article: top 10 spinning rods for jig.

The best lures for pike in November

Going to fish for pike on spinning in November, you must have a minimum set of working baits that will get toothy in all conditions. First you can put a silicone vibrohvosta. Feature on open jig heads, these “silicone” effectively seduce a predator on the uniform bottom and classic speed transactions.

In zakoryazhennyh places better to use the twisters mounted on offset hooks to avoid frequent snags. If the pike is quite passive, you can use silicone worms, but the shipping weight you need to increase the height of the toss bait and the time of its falling to the bottom was minimal.

Unfairly forgotten by many anglers oscillating spinners. To clean the bottom they are still good catches. There are many domestic and overseas lures that regularly catch pike in November, for example, a spinner Mepps Cyclop.

In conclusion

In November fishing for pike is not always successful. But in this period a very high probability of meeting with the captured instance. The end of autumn is considered to be hardened anglers sometimes catching a big toothy smile. So in the course are the large lure, a strong fishing line, thick steel leads and strong hooks.

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