Fishing for catfish in open water. Part 2

Kwok seducing catfish. This is an old way of fishing and, perhaps, the most original. A fisherman sitting in a boat holds with one hand a cord with a bait at the end that goes into the depths, and with the other, he repeatedly hits the water with a crook, causing mysterious sounds that attract a mustachioed predator. And suddenly – a pull from the depths. And after some time, the happy fisherman becomes the owner of a healthy catfish. This is, in short, the essence of the classic way of swinging fishing. The curved wooden stick, with the help of which it is possible to “persuade” the catfish to accept the “Danai gift” of the angler, is the quok. The device consists of a handle, a knife and a heel, which usually ends in an oval groove. It is when it hits the water that it generates sounds that attract catfish.

The best kwok, according to the assurances of old anglers, is from an apple tree, but it is also made from maple, linden, other tree species, and even from lightweight durable metal. However, the main thing is not the material from which the quok is made, but its shape and size. They give the desired sound when working. The working part of the kwok – the recess – is polished very carefully. The shape and size of the quok has many variations. Some anglers refuse to deepen, limiting themselves to an oblique cut; others crown it with a wooden circle nailed at a 35-degree angle.

Modern anglers, when fishing with kwok, use the strongest fishing line, a powerful short spinning rod, a heavy sinker (if the current is strong), a hook according to the intended prey. Attachments: live bait, a piece of fish, shell and crayfish meat, lobe of crawling worms, locusts, bear. An intelligible answer to the question “What attracts catfish to the sounds of Kwok and what do they imitate?” so far no one has given. Some believe that these sounds are nothing more than imitation of the croaking of a frog. Others are sure that kvochenie, albeit roughly, imitates the sounds made by a catfish when it grabs food. Be that as it may, the sounds of Kwok attract the catfish, it rises from the bottom and takes the bait. It is rather difficult to explain the technique of catching with a quok “on the fingers”. It is better to master it under the guidance of a skilled craftsman. Experience shows that frequent kwok hits can scare away catfish. Therefore, they hit the water with a quack 2-3 times, after which there is a pause of 2-3 seconds, sometimes up to 1-2 minutes.

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Spinning fishing. Spinning catfish are caught exclusively from a boat. If you are familiar with catfish pits, an easy-going rowboat is fine. To search for catfish sites in the vast water area of ​​the reservoir, of course, you will need a boat with a motor. With the help of a spinning rod, you can catch catfish both in a cast and in a plumb line. Spinning lures are usually chosen in medium and large sizes. An insufficiently strong tackle is able to crush even a not very solid mustachioed predator, not to mention large specimens. In any case, the tackle will need powerful and reliable. My “catfish” arsenal looks like this: Force Master by SHIMANO (length 2.70 m, test 500 g), Ambassadeur 4600 reel by Abu Garcia, braided line with a diameter of 0.30-0.50, heavy oscillating and spinning lures, silicone jigs (size 8-12 cm), wobblers, tackle with dead fish.

When choosing a reel, first of all pay attention to which hand the handle is located under. As you know, the advantage of the handle on the left side is that after casting with your right hand, you do not need to shift the rod to the left. But if you are right-handed, then, naturally, it will be more difficult to control the line exhaustion and braking with the left hand. In addition, when playing catfish, it is better to release the line with a stronger hand. When fishing in a plumb line after a swing, a pause is maintained for 10-20 seconds (for zander and pike – 3-5 seconds). Most often, heavy baits, large twisters and vibro-tails are used. As practice shows, the color of the bait at a depth of over 10 m does not matter. Load heads are used depending on the strength of the current, on rivers – usually up to 30-60 g, sometimes heavier. With a sluggish bite, the best results are obtained by using live baits and tackles with dead fish. The catfish bite feels like a dead hold.

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There is a special type of catfish water bodies that are rarely visited by fishermen. Usually reed or reed thickets stretch along their shores in a wide strip. It is not possible to pass them on a boat, especially an inflatable one. In such bodies of water, catfish are usually less careful. That is why Western European, the most advanced and mobile anglers increasingly began to include a floating circle in the ammunition of their equipment, with the help of which it is possible to survey the most inaccessible areas of the water area. The floating circle is sometimes called a belt boat or an inflatable tube. The body of these products is usually made of high-strength nylon with triple seams. Each model is supplied with an apron and rod holder.

About other fishing methods. I think that real fish-fish fishermen will agree with me that I catch mustachioed ones on gutters, staves, and lines should be considered passive, with the exception of the process of playing. As for trolling, as I see it, this prey method is most appropriate in the summer, when the catfish is most active. In spring and autumn, however, he often turns purple and is injured after leaving the hook. To fill up a catfish lying at the bottom does not fit in with the sports side of fishing.


Catfish is a predator that not only grows to gigantic proportions, but also provides stubborn resistance after being hooked. With especially large specimens, the situation develops in such a way that the catfish drives the fisherman along with the boat. In this case, it is not recommended to worry and rush to play the game. It is better to hand over 20-30 m of fishing line in order to calm down yourself and calm down the catfish, stubbornly striving for depth. When catching large catfish, safety precautions should be observed. Even a pood catfish can pull a fisherman out of the boat (when fishing with a floating circle, this number does not work for him). In the process of playing, experienced somatniks use the so-called “pumping out” method. And they use a reliable hook, bringing it up to the head from below and cuddling the fish under the lower jaw. But if you fish according to the principle “caught – photographed – released”, you need to have special mittens with you, in which it is convenient to grab the catfish by the lower jaw. It is more convenient to fish from a boat together.

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author V.A. Kazantsev
Open Water Fishing (Complete Fishing Guide)