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Fishing for carp in winter – to choice of fishing baits and tackle

Carp is not typical for winter fishing fish. Usually in the winter catch roach, perch or bream. But in slow waters, especially in thaw you can find the same and the fish. They are common inhabitants of these waters.

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  • Place carp
  • Tackles for catching carp in winter
  • Bait for carp
  • It is not recommended to engage in fishing with the onset of frosts, as the carp slow-moving fish. So — cold water feed is inactive. The fish for the entire winter season, you can catch mainly in the southern regions of the country. There winter is softer, and therefore the period of freeze-up short.

    Place carp

    When fishing first, choose a convenient and suitable place. Since carp are inactive in the winter, to find her in deep reservoirs vain thing. The habitat of the fish you need to look at the depth of 1 to 3 metres along the banks of the pond. To determine their exact location on the external features is difficult. Because carp are unpredictable. So it is necessary to pay attention to the unevenness of Vodianova relief, or some underwater spring. And best of all fishing from the remains of aquatic vegetation. So, when the ice has just seized the carp love to stand at the shore, this means that you will only drill in a chaotic, or preferably staggered holes and thus to verify the presence of fish in this place.

    If your fishing takes place in the midst of winter and frosts take their toll, you should know that carp love to hide in the silt and sand, and this means that they will be at the bottom of the pond where you catch fish.

    And if you managed to find anywhere a family of feeding carp with probability 100% fishing at that place will be successful.

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