Fishing for carp and carp in October

In October the behavior of carp and carp is significantly changing due to the lowering temperature mode – it affects the choice fish of places, and its food activity. However, knowing and considering these nuances, it is possible to make the autumn catch carp no less successful than in the warm summer water .

The contents

  • Behaviors of carp and carp in October
  • The best time for catching carp and carp in October
  • What to catch carp and carp in October
  • Where to find carp and carp in October
  • Autumn outfit
  • Feature fall gear
  • Tactics fall fishing
  • Useful video

Behaviors of carp and carp in October

A significant reduction in the temperature of the water in October compared to the summer months leads to changes of the forage base for carp and carp. When the water temperature is below 10 degrees planktonic mass loses its activity and sinks to the bottom.

Also stops the growth and die off of aquatic vegetation and the insects begin to hibernate. This leads to increasing competition for the search feed in a population of carp. Bite of fish in this period are different and more aggressive.

More low temperature has an impact on the carp and carp – preferring warm water, the fish will drift into the pond in search of comfortable places for her.

It can be deep areas where the water temperature remains relatively stable in cold weather, while in shallow water it will cool down much faster, but broke the water will warm up faster when you thaw, forcing the carp to migrate throughout the waters of the reservoir.

Also carp and more demanding to the oxygen regime carp will avoid places in the reservoir, where the concentration of oxygen in water is low – it is covered with abundant vegetation shallow water in pondswhere the dead algae are in the process of decay will saturate the water with carbon dioxide.

More stable oxygen saturation at depth, and that will attract carp and carp. In the waters over this nuance can not be ignored at all, not paying attention to him when searching for places to fish.

Attention. When fishing for carp in October in a familiar pond with no flow, note the places, which in summer was covered with algae. Even if at the moment they are without vegetation, the carp will sidestep them.

The best time for catching carp and carp in October

Biting carp and carp in October is no different regularity, it is strongly dependent from weather and time of day. In the morning a more active small specimens, but larger specimens feed on, from mid-day until dark without losing interest in food and at night.

The special sensitivity of carp and carp showing to the weather conditions – a good biting is observed only in Sunny and windless weather. Even a slight wind or rain can reduce the bite on there, since the fish will go into wintering holes.

What to catch carp and carp in October

With the advent of October the carp and the carp is an increasing demand for animal stern, however, in many reservoirs the fish is offended by the following plant tips:

  • Potatoes ;
  • Canned corn ;
  • Anyway ;
  • Extruded sunflower meal;
  • Semolina.

Slightly reduced interest in carp and carp to steamed grains of wheat and peas . And with the approaching second half of October the fish are completely preference for animal baits:

  • Motyl;
  • Shitworm;
  • Maggot;
  • Cancer the cervix or shrimp meat.

As a rule, the greatest interest the carp takes the bloodworm, but in many places, may annoy small fish. It is recommended to go to the maggots or worm, as well as combinations of different baits. Also in the first half of October the results show excellent sandwiches – for example, corn with bloodworms or maggots.

Help. In October do not make the bait too massive, for example, spitted on the hook a lot of grains or worm – it is best if carp can swallow the hook attachment.

In the preparation of bait mixture, it is necessary to add constituents of animal origin, as purely herbal composition will not effectively attract carp.

Perfect for this chopped maggots, bloodworms or worms, meat and bone meal, canned fish. It is desirable that the flavoring also had the “animal” flavor, but you can use enatural aromas – anise, sunflower oil, garlic, dill.

Attention. In October it is better to slightly reduce the amount added to the bait mixture of flavors for carp, as a strong smell in cold water may scare the fish.

  • Bait for carp and carp
  • How to make bait for carp with their hands

Where to find carp and carp in October

When the cold , the carp will go closer to wintering holes – the deepest in the pond, but in good weather the fish will hold to the following locations:

  • Areas of shallow water bordering the left for depth;
  • The boundaries of the vast pits;
  • Snag deep space;
  • The fallen trees into the water.

Despite the fact that you thaw the carp may enter the warm shallows, most of the time he spends at the depth of 3 to 6 meters. It is at such a depth it is necessary to focus the search sites fish.

Autumn outfit

In the autumn catching carp in the month of October for a long stay in the open air at a low temperature will bring some discomfort. Therefore, it is best to stock the following additional equipment:

  • Carp tent (umbrella). This is a great protection during the day. If the weather changes, he will save from the rain or wind, and in the evening when cold to keep warm. Particularly relevant he becomes in the second half of October, when in some areas is possible even freezing evening.
  • Carp tent. It will be indispensable for night fishing for carp . The main condition for this is two-layer structure. The tent can be originally double, but you can also use an additional coat. This provision is necessary to protect from condensation – especially highly moisture will condense at dawn.

    Read more about carp tents

Feature fall gear

When fishing for carp in October, we must note that in this autumn month, the fish will not approach close to shore as the animals, as the basis for forage, the time spent on depth.

Also with the low temperature stops the algae bloom that makes the water more transparent – in the end, it is quite difficult to disguise so well to careful carp did not notice the presence of the angler and nonchalantly approached the shore. So fishing float swing rod becomes ineffective – with the exception of boat fishing.

It is best for carp fishing will fit the next gear, providing long-distance casting:

  • Feeder ;
  • Maculati;
  • Nipple ;
  • Donk classic design.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of fishing line in clear water it will be easy to notice and can alert the carp. It is best to use transparent or one that its color will be close to the color of the bottom of the reservoir.

How to choose flies for carp

Tactics fall fishing

When fishing for carp and carp in October, be sure to follow the rules of visual masking , even when fishing far casting. You should have the necessary equipment so that everything was at hand and don’t need to move around the shore.

When complementary feeding should be aware that biting usually begins in an hour – the average amount of time you want the fish reacted to the smell attracting her.

It is necessary to take into account as you experiment with different flavoring substances – should not expect an instant effect after the change of flavor.

Help. No need to use a lot of bait when fishing for carp in October – the fish can quickly be filled. The largest should be the starting sakorn, and then added a small amount of bait every 2-3 hours.

Bite carp in October, quite aggressive, so you only need to hook in at a steady pull, but not with small jerks. When playing it is recommended to keep the rod tip closer to the water and not to rush to raise the fish ahead of time with depth.

Useful video

How to catch big fish in the fall in the video below:

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